'SNL' town halls: It was 'WrestleMania' between Savannah Guthrie, President Trump

Thursday's competing town halls provided the perfect inspiration for the cold open on #SNL.

10/18/2020 9:30:00 AM

Thursday's competing town halls provided the perfect inspiration for the cold open on SNL .

Thursday's competing town halls provided the perfect inspiration for the cold open on 'Saturday Night Live' with Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin and more.

"I'd like to start by tearing you a new one," she said before asking about white supremacy and criticizing his Twitter habits: "You're not just someone's crazy uncle."It became too much for Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris when a zealous Black Trump supporter, shown over his shoulder, kept nodding enthusiastically and, at one point, got out of her seat and began dancing.

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Rudolph's Harris said: "Somebody has to ask: what the hell is happening with that woman back there? 'Cause I only nod that much when a waiter asks if I'll be having mimosas at brunch." She felt it was some"Jordan Peele-nonsense."

Meanwhile, Carrey's Biden soothed a small audience while putting on a cardigan and singing,"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" And later Carrey's Biden adopted a Bob Ross persona, with paintbrush and all.Over on NBC, it was"WrestleMania," where McKinnon's Guthrie hit Baldwin's Trump with a folding chair.

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I wonder if SNL will ever be funny again

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