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'SNL' Mocks Third Presidential Debate in Politically Charged Cold Open

Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin returned to guest star as Joe Biden and Donald Trump over the weekend.

10/25/2020 7:17:00 AM

Maya Rudolph played moderator during this week's debate sketch, as Kate McKinnon's Giuliani returned to the spotlight.

Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin returned to guest star as Joe Biden and Donald Trump over the weekend.

-- and she pointed out the main attraction from this particular debate: the highly anticipated mute button."Tonight we have a mute button, because it was either that or tranquilizer darts, and the president has a very high tolerance for those after his COVID treatment," Rudolph's Welker joked, before introducing the two candidates.

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This is the fourth time in four episodes ofSNLhave opened the show, and like the third presidential debate itself, there wasn't much going on. The pair traded slightly exaggerated barbs and mocked the candidates idiosyncratic tendencies for several minutes until it was time to start the show.

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