Small yield of Florida oranges could mean higher juice prices

Small yield of Florida oranges could mean higher juice prices.

1/20/2022 7:05:00 AM

Small yield of Florida oranges could mean higher juice prices.

The USDA reported production of oranges from Florida was down 16% from last citrus season.

Incurable disease hitting orange trees blamed for orange juice price spikeThe orange crop in Florida is expected to be its smallest since 1945, sending prices even higher amid the pandemic.Mark Elias/Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILEIt's peak citrus season in the U.S., but Florida orange groves had a bitter yield of the beloved sweet and tart winter fruit.

STOCK PHOTO/Getty ImagesAn orange is seen in this undated stock photo.Thereported that orange crops are projected to be down for the second consecutive season, which could send prices that were already high due to the pandemic, even higher.The historically low production could be 16% less than last season's final count, the USDA found.

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Thanks POTUS I like orange juice better than vaccine juice, the tastes are not to be discussed... California's first orange tree | Bartell's Backroads via YouTube time to plant citrus trees. Trumpers will blame Biden lol You forgot your usual 'Biden's fault' byline. Could the high rate of Covid in Florida, be a factor in farm output. Do you think covid could be spread by oranges? I mean orange people....person.

Inflation What isn't overpriced the supply chain issue is not the farmer's fault

Hong Kong to kill 2,000 small animals after pet shop hampsters test positive for COVID-19Authorities acknowledged that there is “no evidence” that pets can transmit the coronavirus to humans. It’s forgthe greater good 🤡

Let’s see how they blame this on Biden

Hong Kong to cull small animals after hamsters test positive for COVID-19Hong Kong authorities said Tuesday that they will cull some 2,000 small animals, including hamsters after several of the rodents tested positive for the... Mask mandate for pets! Or trumpsupporters

Hong Kong Will Cull 2,000 Small Animals After Several Hamsters Test Positive For Covid-19People who recently purchased hamsters from a pet store where nearly a dozen tested positive will have to hand over their new pets to authorities for euthanization. not the hamsters!! Prima scappano i cavalli, poi chiudono le stalle... There are many animals that can be infected with COVID-19; how long before it mutates in one of them into a version that’s deadlier to humans?

2,000 small pets including hamsters and chinchillas to be killed to curb COVID spreadOwners have been told if they bought small pets from a Hong Kong pet store after January 7 they will need to hand them over to be culled. BrothersHELP !!!!! I Need 60 Dollar i'm missing emergency aid help PayPal skymoon emmanuel denmark usa china germany ENGLAND netherlands finland switzerland canada Poland spain football France HelloWorld Austria Hawaii Japan Hong kong govt tells hamster owner to hand in their pet (then killed Although no evidence showing the animals are connected with the virus spread, HongKong government just simply kill them all to relief “potential threat” and public sight from the birthday party group.

COVID-19 live updates: City to cull 2,000 small animals after hamsters test positiveLATEST: Minnesota man severely ill with COVID-19 is transferred to a Texas hospital, after his wife was granted a temporary restraining order against the Minnesota hospital where doctors informed her they would take him off a ventilator. I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent Michael90078 guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my cash app, I recommend you to meet her now and also be a beneficiary of good work Omicron killed Delta It’s more important now than ever to be vaccinated and protect yourself. There are animals getting Covid now, and children being effected more by this variant. Stop with the games, and GetVaccinatedNow.

Hong Kong authorities to kill 2,000 small animals after hamsters test positive for COVID-19Hong Kong will stop the sale of hamsters and stop imports of small mammals after several small animals and an employee tested positive for COVID-19 at a pet store in the city.