Apple, İphone 11

Apple, İphone 11

Skip the Avengers marathon and watch students dance to 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame'

Now *this* is the most ambitious crossover in history.


Skip the Avengers marathon and watch students dance to 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame'.

Now *this* is the most ambitious crossover in history.

. To be clear, that doesn't account for breaks to eat, sleep, pee, and go outside. That's

You could do that, if you were a truly depraved soul. Or you could skim Wikipedia summaries and then watch this delightful 7-minute video of a high school homecoming dance that sums up

) Tony Stark's death. Standouts include Thor's platinum blond wig, the characters from

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Those Students from Arizona were SPECTACULAR 👏👏👏 Avengers AvengersEndgame ILoveYou3000

Skip school for climate protests, New York tells kidsSwedish environment activist Greta Thunberg will join a protest in NY on September 20 that is taking place as part of coordinated climate demonstrations held around the world while authorities gave their blessings to children who want to join it.

Venezuela's Maduro says he will skip U.N., but envoys will slam U.S. sanctionsVenezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday he will not travel to New Y... *Venezuela's President.... The people are the rightful rulers of the world! Our party represents the people. We will rule in their name. Any attack on us is an attack in the people.

Skip school for climate protests, New York tells kidsNew York authorities gave their blessings Thursday to children who want to skip school to join Swedish environment activist Greta Thunberg in a climate protest due next week. Thunberg, 16, has spurred teenagers and students around the world to strike from school every Friday under the rallying cry & Good advice..don't worry about your FREE education rather worry about the weather changing this fall

Watch an incredible flash dance form at a wedding party - CNN VideoAt Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones' wedding, they surprised their guests with a choreographed flash dance. Disgusting to say the least, homosexuality should not be praised. Everyone deserves their dream dance... even if it's by a different drummer Nice 👍

Here’s what surprised us about Thursday’s Democratic debateFrom the most cringe-worthy moments to who had the worst night, here’s what surprised us about Thursday’s Democratic debate I'd Biden can't take hits from Castro (and the press slaps down Castro...see MSNBC ) it's once again shows how the press will let Trump slide and NAIL the slightest mistake from the Dem. Cringe is cheating Tulsi from being on that stage None of you caught it, but Biden revealed how much he's been ignoring the gun control movement that started with the MillionMomMarchforGunControl on Mother's Day - May 14, 2000 on the National Mall in D.C. that took place a little over a year after Columbine. Sandy Hook was 2012

You Have 13 New Netflix Treats To Binge — Here's What's Worth Watching ASAPNetflix is debuting so much buzzy content on Friday, September 13. From Unbelievable to Tall Girl, here's what's actually worth bingeing ASAP.

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