Six Summer 2021 Approved Ear Piercings

It's time to spice up your ear stack.

7/28/2021 1:20:00 AM

Time to book your next piercing appointment. 💫

It's time to spice up your ear stack.

, and this year, experts are predicting a summer season filled with piercings.The stickiness of summer always gives you an excuse to wear your hair up, meaning there’s no better time to show off some new jewels hanging from your ears. If you’re excited to embrace statement-making ear stacks, NYLON has you covered, with expert advice on all things ear piercing. As some COVID-related precautions are still in effect, the piercing process might not be business as usual, but this guide is here to help.

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First thing’s first: find the piercer. “Always do your research and find a reputable piercer,” Laura Bond, founder ofLaura Bond Jewellery, tells NYLON. “They should be happy to answer all your questions and explain the aftercare your new piercing will need.” Next, make sure that your piercer uses a needle, rather than a gun. Bond notes that the use of a piercing gun is outdated as well as unhygienic, and can cause real damage to your cartilage.

Speaking of cartilage, if you’ve been thinking about adding some bling around your conch area — the upper or top part of your ear — it’s important to note that cartilage can take anywhere from 9-12 months to heal, according to Svetlana Hristova, head of piercing and retail at

.Courtesy of Laura Bond JewelryOnce the piercing is completed, it’s time to take care of the area. “Although a piercing is a relatively harmless procedure, it has to be treated like any other open wound,” Hristova says. “Infections can occur during the healing process if the customer is not careful and doesn’t follow the aftercare advice given on the day of the piercing. Over-touching and cleaning the new piercings more than necessary will make the healing process a lot longer and may also cause infections.”

Lisa Bubbers, cofounder & CMO ofStuds, also notes that you should “always eat before a piercing and don’t drink alcohol before or immediately after.” She points out that not all ears are made the same, and you should take the time to figure out if you can, in fact, get the piercing you want. “Not all piercings work for every ear anatomy,” Bubbers says. “Make sure you have a piercing expert that can help plan your ear-scape based on your own ear anatomy.”

If you’re ready to take the piercing plunge, up ahead you’ll find the ear piercing trends sure to be everywhere throughout summer 2021.Summer 2021 Piercing Trends: Stacked LobesSage Royal Read more: NYLON »

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