Sisters Charged For Allegedly Stabbing Store Security Guard 27 Times After He Told Them To Wear A M

Sisters Charged For Allegedly Stabbing Store Security Guard 27 Times After He Told Them To Wear A M

Sisters charged for allegedly stabbing store security guard 27 times after he told them to wear a mask

Two sisters are being held on attempted first-degree murder charges in Illinois for allegedly stabbing a store security guard after being told they needed to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer

10/29/2020 3:15:00 PM

Two sisters are being held on attempted first-degree murder charges in Illinois for allegedly stabbing a store security guard after being told they needed to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer

Two sisters are being held on attempted first-degree murder charges in Illinois for allegedly stabbing a store security guard after being told they needed to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

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Pair of charmers Criminals See what the Dems and Repubs cause, rage and irrational behavior that is pouring out of people everywhere. Too many lies, not enough answers can drive a person nuts. You should be taking better care of the citizens with whom you've been entrusted. Truth Who are they listening to thinking this is acceptable. It isn’t hard to wear a mask and now they have ruined their lives plus the guards. So very sad

BlackLivesMatter where are you right now I can't hear youuu... I can't see youuu.... When and where are the white riots So stupid!! What kind of liar do you hate most? B-liar Let's see if anti-masker Trump comes to their rescue 😱😱😱 BlackLifeMatters not the Gaurd ! Do u understand? If not you failed 😔 Throw the book at these bitches 🔑🗝🪒🔓🔒

realDonaldTrump just lost 2 votes 🤣🤣🤣 The irony here is the sister on the left has a mask on her neck I hope they rot in jail. This is why cops carry guns and shoot people. Do you get it now Guess they're not voting.. They love biden and cake They look like men. Sad! Chicago’s finest Something tells me they’re gonna wear a mask in jail

They must've had some built up anger in order for them to snap like this! Thought this type of behavior was wypipo shit! Pukes You both really got that angry over being asked to wear a mask? Who raised these two thugs? Definitely Biden supporters Omg !! THUGS That photo is ironic.. Biden voters Throw the book at them. This is a pandemic,not fun and games. 'Let's stab this guard for telling us to doing his or her job.' Common sense should tell you, masks sanitizer and SD is the way...but no...😠😠

BLM. Really? Clearly victims of systemic racism. It’s stories like this one that just Write themselves. StephenKing NewIdea Story Joke Sisters Black Their lives matter less than most others. In a very real sense, refusing to wear a mask is a form of manslaughter. This is the next level of the same pathology. I am going to stop reminding people in the elevator or on the bus though. I won't even put a bumpersticker on my truck because some fanatic will take issue.

Give them LIFE Wow I blame white cops I don’t know. Stabbed 27 times. That’s pretty vicious. The charge is only attempted not murder. Now they will be in jail the rest of there lives. If they were two men this story wouldn't have made national news. It gets crazier and crazier Good jail them please 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Throw the book at them. Unbelievable. Stop blaming Systemic crime, Looting, Racism, Savage behavior & Lack of responsibility on others! The upside here is they will get their share of food in prison. Neanderthal... Good! EXPERIMENT: Type “bobulinsky” into the CNN search engine. It returns ZERO search results. I kid you not.

Black lives matter They're look criminal anyway take them away Yikes, Yep They Are Sisters Alright.... Jfc!!! If you do the crime, you do the time. Its that simple. Dumb bitches. Well yall some bad asses. Yall dont have to worry bout shit anymo. Lifers. All I see are fellow freedom fighters. The racism is on the left

😢 Thanks to DT for fostering this kind of attitude and behaviour. Let them rot in prison. Because black lives matter 😂🙄🙄😂 Hahaha, that worked out well. Now they will have to wear one most of the day.... in jail. Idiots. WillieDLIVE TeeLee701 AfrDiasporaNews ANIMALS And a new season of 'Twisted Sisters' just premiered! goals

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27 STAB WOUNDS A customer threatened a lady I work with, with a GUN, when she was asked to wear a mask. People are so quick to form an opinion without all the evidence. I see signs everywhere saying face mask is required for entry, I haven't seen one saying you must use hand sanitizer. Why is a security guard telling someone that🤔

I don’t understand what happened here Am the black people: 'But, but, but... if they were white.' It doesn't matter if they are black, white, green, or purple. Stabbing someone is not justified in a modern society! You All MAKE SURE You Post Crime Involving Blacks But Skip ALL Crime Involving Whites, You Spent Little Time On The Racist Whites Plotting To Kill The Michigan Governor, But You All MAKE SURE You Post Blacks, Right In Line With Donald Trump's Racial Rhetoric!

The world has gone mad. Wonder who they’re voting for... What lovely citizens!🤬 Fatherlessness 75%, 56% of the violent Crime. stats of 2020 Keep their sorry asses in jail and then put them away for a long long time. With their piggy nose I see....🤣🤣🤣🤣 PRISON THEM Wtf😂😂😂 The Twisted Sisters? Minimum 27 years each. What is the intelligence of these people. Not high.

And? What did they do wrong? Dumbasses I have never seen an African American “Karen”!!! And here we have two!? SMDH What is wrong with America? Please be kind to one another! Wear a mask! So sad. They need to be locked up with the young woman who was interviewed while she stood shivering after being left at the Trump rally who said yes some older ppl were passed out on the ground, but she'd walk 700 mi in below temps just to hear him talk. They deserve each other.

Ok but why ? Why is everything turning violent ? Will follow back immediately Let me guess.... They are voting for Biden? Hope they early voted cause I don't think they will make bail anytime soon. Scum bag thugs It’d be news if they were white Is it hate crime? Looks like it might be. Put them away for good

They needs to punished severely for this crime! Another article states they don't have criminal histories, suffer from bipolar disorder & did this act in they know dang well this wasn't self-defense but premeditated murder, stabbing him 27 times. Going off those mug shots these two should have been wearing masks long before COVID was about

Stabbed 27 times , damnnnn, they should be behind the bars forever. No matter what . Poor guy , god bless him . So was it worth it? Over a stupid mask!!!! Got dayum! Those sniffers! B.....s ain’t 💩 Tell that to the Dodger bball player. Bangi I hate racism!!! Especially anyone who mentions that highlight inter-racial IQ differences or the fact that 13% of the population commits 56% of crimes!!! People shouldn't talk about this!

Over a mask and hand sanitizer? Did I read that correctly It’s a culture thang! I'm tired of assholes like these two coming into my store and threatening me and my teammates for asking them to comply with county mandates. Why doesn’t it say two black sisters? Everything is written in their face... Gosh, I'd be scared of them.

These two should've be wearing masks even b4 Covid... Not surprising at all. CNN is driving this country completely crazy with the mask BS. All in their failing effort to get Biden elected. Awww look .. Black Demons Animals “Became physical” takes a special kind of parenting to raise special kids like these. 🙄

obvious Trump supporters. But they'll get away with it due to the color of their skin. Worst of both worlds If this spurs someone to this level of violence, they were going to do it somewhere sometime to someone else for another stupid reason. Lock them up and throw away the keys. Horrible news! Boy they showed him huh

Violence is not the way to respond! The poor security guard on minimum wage was just doing his job to help slow down the spread of the virus. Now the girls need to pay the price! Hope realDonaldTrump helps them b/c he encouraged this (not to wear masks)! WhiteHouse ChrisCuomo Black lives ma... Oh wait.... Well.. White don't apparently.

Trump’s America. So sad. Another big example why we need the DEATH PENALTY in every state in America asap! Way past time to clean streets and protect good citizens of all nationalities. Does anyone not find it ironic that the one sister has a mask around her neck in her mug shot? I thought attacking someone with a knife was no big deal.. right Philadelphia?

Hell hath no fury like a slightly inconvenienced American. This Is a lie. They were peacefully protesting having to wear a mask and use dangerous chemicals. They did not stab the clerk, they thought they were at home eating a steak as the clerk smelled of beef. CNN are a bunch of racists.. I’m going to go loot my local 7-11.

How to spot a black conservative: they hate being told what do to. This though is unbelievable. Completely ignorant, simply because of how serious and deadly this virus is Disgusting

Sisters Stab Security Guard 27 Times After Being Asked to Wear a Mask: Police21-year-old Jessica Hill and her 18-year-old sister Jayla face attempted murder charges after the frenzied attack at a Snipes shoe store in Chicago on Sunday. TooFab 21 and 18? they look like at least double that. TooFab Black lives matter!! TooFab you can see the crazy

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