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Family Focused

Sir Tom Jones makes a heartbreaking confession about his late wife Linda

Sir Tom Jones makes a heartbreaking confession about his late wife Linda

6/3/2021 2:56:00 PM

Sir Tom Jones makes a heartbreaking confession about his late wife Linda

Tom Jones makes a heartbreaking confession about his late wife Linda following her death in 2016 after cancer battle

The Voice star, 80, appeared on The Joe Wicks Podcast this week and was asked if he thought he would find love again."No, I'll never love again," he replied."There was one love of my life, and that was Linda.MORE: Tom Jones' family photo album: a rare look at the singer's life with late wife Linda

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WATCH: Tom Jones moves Alex Jones to tears as he discusses late wife Linda"I'm glad we had our lives together but I wish she was here now; we would be old together."READ: Sir Tom Jones reveals truth about 'romance' with Priscilla Presley following wife's death

MORE: Sir Tom Jones' £2.6million mansion with late wife Linda is like a villageHe also shared that he had fallen in love with his childhood sweetheart when they were just 12, saying:"I was in love with my wife as a kid. We grew up together and we loved one another ever since we saw one another."

Tom and Linda were married for 59 years before her death in 2016Sir Tom and Linda were married in March 1957 and welcomed one child together, son Mark. She sadly passed away in April 2016 at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA after a"short but fierce" battle with cancer.

READ: Inside Tom Jones' 59-year marriage to wife LindaMORE: Tom Jones: The Voice judge's controversial love life and children revealedFollowing her death, the singer decided to sell their LA mansion and relocated back to the UK, purchasing a flat in London.

The musician described his late wife as 'the one love of my life'Speaking to The Sun, the Welsh star explained:"I started looking for flats in London while Linda was still alive but then she got worse and found it was cancer and she said, 'We've left it too late for me, but not for you, Tom'."

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READ: Sir Tom Jones admits shock after reaching incredible milestoneMORE: Tom Jones makes surprise confession about US life with late wife LindaSir Tom has spoken openly about his heartbreak following Linda’s death after battling cancer. He previously told The Observer magazine:"Losing Linda five years ago was the lowest part of my life. I honestly didn't think I was going to get through it.

Sir Tom has spoken openly about his heartbreak following Linda's death"I had to go and see a grief therapist because I kept thinking, 'Did I do enough? Was I on the case? Did she slip away without me really realising what was happening?'

"But the therapist said, 'No, she had lung cancer, there is nothing you could have done.' Now every time I step on stage, Linda is with me. Before she died, she said, 'Don't think of me dying, think of me laughing.' That's how I remember her."

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