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Since Covid-19 Hit, Research on Viruses Has Exploded. Is it Safe?

“The pandemic was an extraordinary wake-up call about what biology can do.” Many scientists are experimenting with viruses. Are they being safe enough?

9/24/2021 6:40:00 PM

“The pandemic was an extraordinary wake-up call about what biology can do.” Many scientists are experimenting with viruses. Are they being safe enough?

Experiments can get under way without facing the highest-level review of their benefits and risks, some taking place in countries that lack a rigorous oversight system. Biden administration officials are pushing for stronger global safeguards.

A technician works on genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2, the pandemic virus, in a lab at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Man builds rotating house so his wife has better views - CNN Video

Vojin Kusic from Srbac in Bosnia-Herzegovina says his wife was undecided about the view she wanted to see from their window, so he came up with a solution - a rotating house.

Post this but then ostracize people who decide to abstain. Causing confusion and serving two masters... NO

Covid-19: NI records eight Covid-linked deaths, 1,030 casesThe total number of deaths with coronavirus in NI since the start of the pandemic is 2,533.

COVID-19 live updates: States with low vaccination rates have much higher new death tollsLATEST: States with the lowest vaccination numbers are experiencing weekly death rates nearly four times higher than the most vaccinated states, according to an ABC News analysis of federal data. Sounds made up Oh well. It's not like we haven't been beggibg them all to do the right thing and get vaccinated. Shrug. Bulls...ts!

Police in Quebec seek man for punching nurse over wife's COVID-19 shotPolice in the Canadian province of Quebec are searching for a man they suspect of punching a nurse in the face for giving his wife a COVID-19 vaccine without his consent, a police spokesman said on Wednesday. The man confronted the female nurse on Monday morning in the office of a pharmacy in the city of Sherbrooke, about 155 kilometers (96 miles) southeast of Montreal, where she was assigned to administer vaccines, police spokesman Martin Carrier said by phone. 'Our suspect went directly into the office and began to yell at the nurse,' Carrier said. Yahoo Very bad journalism!! You can't explain his reaction if it was in his wife's defense and opposition, if it was a religious objections. He shouldn't assault someone but a forced shot can be considered the same.

DeSantis names doctor skeptical of Covid-19 measures as Florida's new state surgeon generalDr. Joseph Ladapo has been critical of many public health measures, including mask-wearing, lockdowns and vaccines, and his appointment comes as public health experts urge Florida to take a more serious approach to the pandemic. The GQP can NOT govern! DeathSantis strikes again!!! 💔🙏💉😷 Naija no dey carry last. Congrats Oladipo. Well why would DeSantis have anyone who wanted to do anything and everything to get control of virus. Just let it go is the prolife moto now? Of course these men are not really prolife, just for votes

12-year-old boy gets vaccine for birthday after dad died from COVID-19 last yearCharles 'Rob' Roberts, a Glen Ridge police officer and the 12-year-old boy's father, died of COVID-19 last May. He was 45. Did anyone tell the kid he can still get and die from Covid? Smart young man Saw this on news. His dad was a cop who died of Covid last year before vaccines were available.

Emmy Producers React To Seth Rogen's 'Deeply Frustrating' Remarks On COVID-19 SafetySpeaking to Variety, producers Reginald Hudlin and Ian Stewart said the 'Knocked Up' star was fully aware of the night's logistics ahead of time. I think Seth was commenting on the glaring double standard that would be noticed by us common people. It's only cool to go out and live life again when celebrities say so. But Seth DID attend, invalidating his protest. So he's not as badass as he thinks he is. Why doesn't the 'Elite' have to wear masks and social distance? [Asking for a Nation?] Without mask (and with new glasses, bow tie, and haircut), Seth is hard to recognize.