'Simply not true': Prosecutor disputes commuters 'callously' recorded rape on SEPTA train

The Delaware County district attorney pushed back against the narrative that commuters in Pennsylvania recorded video of a sexual assault but didn't intervene.

10/22/2021 4:02:00 AM

Pennsylvania prosecutor says it's 'simply not true' that Philadelphia riders 'callously' did nothing to stop a woman from being sexually assaulted on a commuter train.

The Delaware County district attorney pushed back against the narrative that commuters in Pennsylvania recorded video of a sexual assault but didn't intervene.

.The attack last week on a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, train made national headlines as commuters werewho not only failed to intervene, but also stopped to record the rape with their phones.However, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer insisted that that version events isn't accurate.

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Oct. 19, 202102:18"There is a narrative out there people sat on the El train and watched this transpire and took videos of it for their own gratification," Stollsteimer said, using a local nickname for SEPTA's Market-Frankford line."That is simply not true. It did not happen. We have the security video from SEPTA that shows that was not the true narrative," he said.

Stollsteimer blamed SEPTA for painting an inaccurate picture."I think it really came from SEPTA officials," Stollsteimer told reporters."I saw the video where they talked about 'these people,' acting like there was a group of people just callously recording this incident."

A SEPTA spokesman declined to comment Thursday.Fiston Ngoy, 35,in Upper Darby, officials said.Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt and SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch bothsquarely blamed ridersMonday for not coming to the woman's aid.Stollsteimer conceded that some riders might have caught a glimpse of the assault but didn't realize what they were seeing.

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While there is no action on reigning in the gun epidemic/passing heavy gun control, only a fool would intervene in any such scenario. Unless that person wants to cease existing for all time from a blink-of-an-eye gunshot from yet another mentally ill conservative gun fetishist. I don't believe his erection would last longer than 4 minutes with someone kicking him in the head. 🤷‍♂️

The video are all over net. Now your saying it never happened. Be sure to install security cameras in vehicles and stations in each public transportation system so that such incidents will not be repeated twice. In such a situation, citizens are forced to use their own cars a lot. Amen Prosecutor ≠ Decider of truth

Well...they didn't do enough. - страна бездушных, алчных урод.в (-только личная нажива). 'callously'... 'Stollsteimer conceded that some riders might have caught a glimpse of the assault but didn't realize what they were seeing.'... oh really? That's what I was saying. Didn't sound like all the info was out.

so what did they do to help then

Everyone probably afraid of being shot by the rapist. That's what happens when guns are legal. Not gonna happen. You can't force people to endanger themselves. You don’t need a law they should’ve help from within themselves that’s sad no one even tried

Charges unlikely for riders who saw Philadelphia train rapePHILADELPHIA (AP) — Prosecutors pursuing the case against a man accused of raping a woman on a commuter train last week don’t anticipate charging fellow passengers for not intervening, a spokesperson for the suburban Philadelphia district attorney said. I am disgusted that they did nothing. Shame on them. Change, people! Their names should be released to the public... That's too bad they won't or can't charge them but at least they could publicly thank them by name as I understand the video evidence is valuable to the investigation

Riders held up cellphones as woman was raped on Philadelphia train, police sayAs a woman was raped on a public transit train in Philadelphia last week, riders held up their cellphones and pointed them in the direction of the sexual assault instead of calling 911, authorities say. What’s wrong with people👎 I've learnt a lot from a mentor who were instrumentally in shape with me, and I want to share what I've learnt. Investing with you has changed my life Geoffreypreud These days folks are more concerned about their likes in tiktok than actually being decent people

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