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Tokyo 2020, World

Simone Biles is at the women’s all-around gymnastics final as she cheers on Team USA

Simone Biles is in the stands at the women’s all-around gymnastics final, cheering on her fellow USA teammates #Tokyo2020

7/29/2021 2:55:00 PM

Simone Biles is in the stands at the women’s all-around gymnastics final, cheering on her fellow USA teammates Tokyo2020

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are underway after the Games were delayed for almost a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Olympics.\n

Team Great Britain's headquarters in Tokyo may have some of the strictest Covid-19 measuresFrom CNN's Bex WrightTeam Great Britain's headquarters in Tokyo. Bex Wright/CNNCNN visited Team Great Britain's headquarters in Tokyo and found some of the strictest Covid-19 safety measures in place, which go well beyond Tokyo 2020 and International Olympic Committee guidelines.

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The team has taken over an elementary school along the waterfront overlooking Tokyo Bay for athlete training and medical services. They have emblazoned the Union Jack design over the walls of the four-story building, and even have a rooftop garden with Union Jack deck chairs for the athletes to relax.

There is almost a blanket ban on in-person interviews until after the athletes have completed all of their events.This is partly for preventing a potential infection, which could force athletes to drop out of the Games. The other reason for this is so the athletes can stay mentally focused.

To access the waterside complex, the CNN team went through a rigorous testing process.Members of the media team took a rapid antigen test, also known as a lateral flow test, which give results within 15 minutes. The tests are not as accurate as PCR tests, but provide a quick indication of positive cases.

CNN interviews Team GB swimmer Tom Dean. The interviews are kept to under ten minutes. Bex Wright/CNNThe test is self-administered, guided by a member of the Team GB contingent. The media personnel has to swab their own throat and nostrils with a long cotton swab, which is then dropped into a fluid solution in a tube. That solution is then dropped onto a small plastic testing device. After 15 minutes the results appear, showing one line for negative or two lines for positive -- similar to a pregnancy test.

After the CNN team tested negative, it was allowed to continue to the fourth-floor rooftop, where media teams are lined up to speak to their medal-winning athletes. Interviews are conducted in the outdoor rooftop space, with the reporter and athlete standing two meters apart, maintaining social distance.

The interaction lasts under 10 minutes, a sign that even though Covid-19 cases are going up rapidly at home in the UK, the team on the ground in Tokyo is taking every precaution. Read more: CNN »

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Y2 She already looks happier CNN should stop giving continuous unwanted importance to her. There are lots of others also cheering for the contestants of USA; is CNN going to publish all of them too? She quits for medical reasons; end of story. There is no need to drag on to this for ever Whoa, isn't that too much pressure?

Simone, go home... And heal your wounds. I salute you Simone for putting yourself first. Mental health is so important. I'm happy to see so many people speaking up about their struggles with mental health, the more who speak the more the stigma disappears. Protect your mind and body always! Should of stayed at home , had enough time to get her brain together.


Aly Raisman's Important Reminder After Simone Biles Exits Team Final: 'Simone Is Human'Aly Raisman supports former teammate Simone Biles after her sudden withdrawal from the team competition.

Simone Biles Has Dropped Out of the U.S.A. Gymnastics Team FinalIt’s unclear whether Simone Biles will be competing Thursday for the all-around title or in any of the individual finals she qualified for.

Simone Biles' Olympics exit devastates Team USA fansNews of Biles' exit is circulating on social media where Team USA fans are sharing their disappointment for the gymnast and her team.

Watch Hoda cheer on Team USA gymnasts after Simone Biles withdrawsSimone Biles or no Simone Biles, Hoda is there for Team USA! Let’s realize the coaching staff’s ability to coach up a team that loses Simon and still win Silver at the Olympics!! Did u guys leave the wardrobe manager in US?

Kerri Strug shares her support for Simone Biles and rest of USA gymnastsStrug famously completed a vault on a broken ankle to help Team USA win gold at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. 🗝🇺🇲🏃‍♂️❤🏃‍♀️🎶☎️🌶🐸👌🦅⏰🌕🌑🗡 Go USA. All are class acts!!! I couldn’t be prouder. Proud of you all no matter who wins or not! You rock!

U.S. women win silver in team gymnastics final after Simone Biles withdraws 'due to medical issue'The U.S. won silver Tuesday in women’s gymnastics after star Simone Biles withdrew from the team final in Tokyo. The Russian Olympic Committee won gold and Great Britain won bronze. The U.S. was hoping to clinch their third straight championship 😰😱😢