Simone Biles, Aly Raisman & More Blast USA Gymnastics In Emotional Testimony

Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols, and McKayla Maroney offered powerful testimony during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

9/16/2021 9:38:00 PM

“I don’t want another young gymnast, Olympic athlete or any individual to experience the horror that I and hundreds of others have endured before, during and continuing to this day, in the wake of the Larry Nassar abuse,” Biles said. Simone_Biles ❤️

Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Maggie Nichols, and McKayla Maroney offered powerful testimony during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

Maroney’s teammate Aly Raisman also expressed frustration with the investigation. “It disgusts me that we are still fighting for the most basic answers and accountability over six years later,” she said. Raisman also said it took more than a year for the FBI to contact her even though she made multiple requests to be interviewed about Nassar’s abuse.

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Raisman, too, ultimately felt like the FBI just wanted to wrap things up. “I felt pressured by the FBI to consent to Nassar’s plea deal. The agent diminished the significance of my abuse and made me feel my criminal case wasn’t worth pursuing.”She also explained that she felt USA Gymnastics put money and power ahead of the safety of the girls and young women Nassar was preying upon. “Why are we left to guess why USAG and USOPC deliberately ignored reported abuse? Was it to protect the value of its sponsorships? The LA28 bid? Their own jobs? To avoid criminal liability?” As the girls reiterated over and over again in their testimony — there were so many missed opportunities for someone in a position of power to stop Nassar — and those chances were missed time and time again.

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Live Updates: Congress to hear testimony from Simone Biles and others over FBI's Larry Nassar investigationSimone Biles and other elite U.S. gymnasts will testify before Congress over the FBI's investigation into sexual abuse by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest. What is odd is that this isn't a federal matter at all. These sexual abuse crimes are issues of state criminal law.

In an emotional statement, Simone Biles blames 'an entire system that enabled and perpetuated' sex abuseIn emotional testimony before a Senate committee, star US gymnast Simone Biles blames 'an entire system that enabled and perpetuated' sex abuse. 'The organizations created by Congress to oversee and protect me as an athlete... failed to do their jobs.' More talk talk talk… how many years has it been What's the point listening them read something that was Scripted for them !!!! Simone_Biles All adults who were told about the abuse LarryNassar perpetrated and did nothing are complicit. Every person who knew about CSA committed against all of these young girls are a part of the systemic sexual abuse. You are incredibly brave Simone. My heart breaks 💔 Justice

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Simone Biles ties mental health struggle at Tokyo Olympics to Nassar sexual abuseWhen U.S. gymnasts Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Maggie Nichols and Aly Raisman testified before Congress, they painted a portrait of a system that failed them when they reported sexual abuse allegations against Larry Nassar. She was so emotional If every parent is not outraged by this event then I don’t know Remember they were young teenage girls when this abuse started. How could anyone ignore the impact on them? Anybody believe Nasser was unique? How many more Nassers are still out there?

Simone Biles Wants Answers About the FBI’s Larry Nassar Investigation“Nassar is where he belongs, but those who enabled him deserve to be held accountable,” Biles told senators on Wednesday. Wow

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