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Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

7/23/2021 7:00:00 PM

Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

When it comes to infidelity, sometimes actions speak louder than words. Here are the most important signs to watch out for if you think your significant other might be cheating on you.

like an owl holding the underwear of your partner’s tennis instructor in its beak.AdvertisementThey’re Cast In The Film Mr. & Mrs. SmithList slidesThey’re Cast In The Film Mr. & Mrs. SmithIf you value your relationship,you’ll do anything possible to keep your partner from being cast in this 2005 action-

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romance film.Their Penis Falls Off Due To OveruseList slidesTheir Penis Falls Off Due To OveruseIf your SO’s genitals slide straight off of their groin, there’s a chance it’s because it withered up and died from too much activity between you and their extramarital lover.

AdvertisementStops Charging Their Sex Robot On The Bedside TableList slidesStops Charging Their Sex Robot On The Bedside TableIf your partner stops charging their sex robot next to you, then it’s probably because they’re probably both having sex with someone else.

AdvertisementYou Find A Tooth On Their CollarList slidesYou Find A Tooth On Their CollarAnd you’re just supposed to believe they have no idea how that got there?AdvertisementFBI Sends You Phone RecordingsList slidesFBI Sends You Phone RecordingsMuch like MLK, if the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacts you and plays you a recording of your partner speaking with a secret lover, then your days together could numbered.

AdvertisementWhen You Ask Your Significant Other If They’re Cheating On You And They Reply “Yes”List slidesWhen You Ask Your Significant Other If They’re Cheating On You And They Reply “Yes”Could be a dead giveaway. Read more: The Onion »

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Why she sniffin her hand for? Looking for urgent flight? Book a flight ticket android anywhere anytime flight lastminute ticket This new Onion direction is kinda lame That their genitals don't belong to them? But, from someone else's loan? They can't look you in the eye for too long... bam! As long as it is fingerprint enabled, then it's ok.

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Password = password. lowercase p of course The only real way to tell is if his penis drops off from overuse.

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I actually know someone like this. An old female friend. Caught him cheating on her multiple times, LITERALLY in the act of having sex with another woman in THEIR bed TWICE with two different women. She's still with the idiot to this day from what I know. I kinda gave up on her Invited to a taping of Maury 😹😹😹

You would think he was the guilty party in this one wouldn't you Don’t be paranoid, Onion. She didn’t cheat, ok!? Bath test never lies Also, trust your Institution, the one where you've hoped to send your significant other if they cheated... You ok baby? Hahahahahaha The MLK line lol Tracker and Divorce cosplay😭😭💀💀

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The finest source of news. “Out Of Cum” 😂 I agree 😷 I love ur mind CateSJewels FYI marilynmanson She laughs if you say 'bawk bawk boom' 1: Their picture features in a Twitter post entitled 'Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You' In truth he had never questioned why she had six contacts that were all some variation of 'daddy.' He suspected they were all her dad getting new phones. he realized the truth when he recognized his dad's cell number

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Um, a giveaway is when they call you by the wrong name. Yikes! 🤣🤣🤣 'Have you ever thought about a threesome?' Picture is more like 'why do my fingers smell like ass?' iddqd She asks you to sleep on the couch so Tyler can have your spot. It simple, go with your gut feeling. Thanks onion very informative and I was able to determine I was cheating on my partner

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