Sid Owen, Eastenders

Sid Owen, Eastenders

Sid Owen 'proud to still be alive' after drink, drugs and wild partying past

Sid Owen 'proud to still be alive' after drink, drugs and wild partying past

7/31/2021 6:59:00 AM

Sid Owen 'proud to still be alive' after drink, drugs and wild partying past

The EastEnders star has committed his life to the page with a new autobiography called From Rags To Ricky which is set to be released in the coming week and includes shocking past experiences

The 49-year-old soap star – who played Ricky Butcher on the BBC One soap between 1988 and 2012 – has shared details of his past battles in a new autobiography.Sid – who was born in London, raised in then-working class Islington in the ‘70s, and whose real name is David Sutton – also shares heartbreaking details of his childhood living in fear of his abusive father who beat his mother and siblings.

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The star reveals all about his £200-a-night cocaine habit and how he enjoyed having female fans throw themselves at him after finding fame on EastEnders. Sid’s autobiography is titles From Rags To Ricky, due for release on August 5th, and is set to be serialised in The Sun next week – while the star has been interviewed by the publication ahead of the pages being shared.

Reflecting on his cocaine habit, Sid explained how the drug took hold, saying: “It’s recreational then all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Hang on, I’ve got to get through pages of scripts, and then go to work’.“You think you can do it and get away with it. I thought I could juggle the two, but I soon realised it was a silly idea.”

He claims he once drove to the BBC studios in the 1990s: “coked up to my eyeballs and way over the drink-drive limit’’.And he went on to say he sought professional help to beat his addiction, adding: “It worked. Drugs are a life experience that luckily I’ve put behind me.”

The star is now a fitness fanatic who swims and runs six times a week.Other details shared in Sid’s book are set to include the fact he had sex in a Tesco store toilets with a girlfriend, and that he had smoked cigarettes since the age of four – and drank from the age of 12.

He also broke into a school at the age of 10, at which point he was arrested by police and given a police warning. Sid explains that his difficult childhood included seeing his father, David, beat his mum, Joan, and his three brothers.While the death of his mother when he was just seven-years-old deeply affected him – with the process of writing the book finally helping him confront his troubled youth.

Last month it was revealed Sid will not be returning to EastEnders this year after it was teased he was being lined up to be involved in an explosive storyline.A dispute over fees has been blamed as the reason Sid won’t be reprising his role as Ricky soon.

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A source said last month: “Sid was in advanced talks to return to EastEnders earlier this year. Bosses thought it was an ideal time for him to go back to Walford as his on-screen sister Janine has been written back in. “Obviously Sid jumped at the chance but when they started talking about cash things hit a rut. Sid’s expectations for pay were well out of sync with what the BBC were willing to give him.

“His character is an Albert Square stalwart and having Ricky back in Walford with Janine would be a dream come true for scriptwriters. But all talks of a comeback have been pulled and Sid is back to square one.” Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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