Showjumper 'Who Should Never Have Been Born' Sues Mom's Doctor — and Wins

The 20-year-old has won a landmark 'wrongful conception' lawsuit (via @toofab)

12/2/2021 3:20:00 AM

The 20-year-old has won a landmark 'wrongful conception' lawsuit (via toofab)

The 20-year-old, who suffers from spina bifida, has won a landmark 'wrongful conception' lawsuit.

"It is her evidence she would have read up on it and wouldn't have attempted to become pregnant until she was satisfied that she had protected herself as much as possible," Judge Rosalind Coe decreed, adding that had she delayed conception, she would have had a"normal, healthy" baby.

Instead, she gave birth to Evie in November of 2001, who was diagnosed with the spine defect lipomylomeningocoele, which would increasingly limit her movement as she grew older; she also suffers from bowel and bladder problems.Dr. Mitchel's attorneys had argued that he had given"reasonable advice" on the benefits of folic acid, adding that while he may have said supplements were less important if enough was in her diet, he never said they were not necessary.

They also tried to argue Evie's mom may have already been pregnant at the time of the consultation, but the judge wasn't buying it.Unless the parties settle on an amount out of court beforehand, the judge will next decide damages; either way the figure is going to be"big", per Evie's lawyers, as it will have to cover her extensive medical needs for life.

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