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Election 2020, 2020 Presidential Election

Showbiz Activists Make Final Push In Remaining Days Of 2020 Election

Biden’s presidential campaign continues to draw on heavy support from the entertainment industry #Election2020

10/31/2020 1:35:00 AM

Biden’s presidential campaign continues to draw on heavy support from the entertainment industry Election2020

The final few days before the 2020 presidential election will see phone banking, music videos and more cast reunions as Hollywood figures make a last push, largely for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamal…

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign on Saturday is dispatching Amy Schumer to North Carolina, where she will appear with Jill Biden at rallies in Charlotte and Greensboro. That same day, Saginaw native Stevie Wonder will appear with Biden and former President Barack Obama at a rally in Michigan.

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A group of industry figures will be phone banking through the weekend. On Saturday, Barbara Hershey, Lana Parrilla and Sean McGuire, cast members from the seriesOnce Upon a Time,will reunite virtually to mobilize phone banking volunteers. On tap for Sunday will be Kevin Kwan, author of the

Crazy Rich Asianstrilogy, along with Keith Carradine, who played the president onMadam Secretary. Monday’s phone bank will include Helen Hunt, and Tuesday’s will feature Rosemarie DeWitt and Ron Livingston.Mathew Littman, a Los Angeles political strategist who has been organizing industry creatives for a weekly Zoom meeting with the Biden campaign, said that he is “very cautiously optimistic.”

“Polls don’t mean anything if you don’t get people to the polls,” he said, adding that the feeling of anxiety can be traced in part to the last presidential cycle. “Everyone has PTSDfrom 2016.”He sees an uptick in industry engagement in this election, given the number of people who have shown up for organizing meetings and the phone banks. Among those who showed up at a showbiz-specific phone bank on Wednesday was Don Johnson. Justin Timberlake “Zoom bombed” volunteers at a different phone bank in a video that will debut this weekend.

“People want to do something. They don’t want to just be yelling at the TV,” Littman said.Lara Bergthold, principal at RALLY Communications and a political strategist, has been volunteering for Biden’s get-out-the-vote efforts. Normally, at this point in the campaign, that would mean canvassing neighborhoods in swing states. Because of COVID-19, she has been texting voters to remind them to drop off their ballots or get to the polls.

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I remember Jay-Z & Beyoncé doing “free” shows in order to pack any sort of semblance of support for then candidate Hillary. Where are they now? Meanwhile - Trump gets 20-30,000 people regularly just to see Him. Truly the president of the people and not the corporate celeb goons This is true that communist haters of USA band together to support each other. No surprises. God forbid anyone speak up their true feelings or they will suffer censorship and banishment the true way the Communist Chinese People would be SO PROUD of their loyal minions.

God knows why, under liberal elite the entertainment industry only employ their own few specialists

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Trump, Biden Turn to Florida in Campaign’s Final Days — Election 2020 Live Updates - WSJ.comPresident Trump and Joe Biden are turning to Florida in the campaign's final days The president will hold a rally in Tampa before heading to North Carolina, while the former vice president will speak at drive-in events in Broward County and Tampa. .please no more far right op eds 一切都是刚刚开始 Nearly all of Trump’s routes to 270 electoral votes go through Florida. If the president wins that state and Ohio, Biden’s hopes of defeating him could depend on Wisconsin. Map each candidate’s paths through battlegrounds.

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Best Term Life Insurance Companies 2020Primerica is 1 Term. Thanks to all you Trump haters who thought it would be a good idea to “vote” him out. Under Biden’s lockdown I won’t be able to go away during Christmas time. I don’t l care about the election but my whole Christmas week is now ruined. And liberals wonder why nobody likes them!