Should You Tell Your Kids You're in Marriage Counseling? A Licensed Psychologist Weighs In

'It is OK to say, 'Mom and Dad are going to see a doctor who helps parents who want to learn to get along better.''


'It is OK to say, 'Mom and Dad are going to see a doctor who helps parents who want to learn to get along better.''

It's normal for the nature of every marriage to ebb and flow — sometimes things are great, and sometimes, not so much. Although some couples (like

How You Should Approach Your Kids About Marital Issues, If Applicable

How to Tell Your Kids You're in Marriage Counseling

Although being transparent with kids is important, it's normal to want to protect them and ensure you're not making them nervous or scared about the future of your marriage, and thus, their family unit. However, going to marriage counseling is an important step for many couples going through a rough patch, and because getting help and trying to make it work are positive things, looping in your child could help assuage their worries a bit, until you're more certain things are going to be OK (or on the flip side, if they aren't).

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