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Should I Eat in an Igloo? How to Navigate Restaurants’ Outside Dining This Winter

Is dining in single-table igloos, yurts and dining pods safe? Experts weigh in.

11/22/2020 2:15:00 PM

Is dining in single-table igloos, yurts and dining pods safe? Experts weigh in.

Eateries are adding outdoor structures and cleaning protocols, but public-health experts say risks of Covid-19 infection remain.

Nov. 21, 2020 7:00 am ETFrom single-table igloos to communal tents, restaurants are counting on an array of outdoor structures to keep customers coming through the winter as the coronavirus pandemic continues. But are these enclosures safe from Covid-19 infection? We asked public-health experts.

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Is it safer to eat in a tent than a dining room?It depends. A fully enclosed tent isn’t much different than a room indoors. The key to preventing the spread of Covid-19, medical experts say, is a lot of air flow to avoid a buildup of droplets that carry the...

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What it feels like to get an mRNA coronavirus vaccine

As the United States inches closer to authorizing a Covid-19 many people may now let themselves start wondering what it will feel like to get it.

If they die they die The so called evidence provided so far for a natural origin of COVID-19 comes from a single highly biased study in Nature, the Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2. At least two authors are getting money from China. One is honored by CCP. The virus was made & leaked from a PLA lab. Omg fucking cook a meal or get delivery wtf people. Next, can eating under water stop coronavirus

Just as safe as walking through Walmart am I right, do you people realize this is the internet, and everyone in the planet can see how stupid this is? Just wondering Umm...NO Would be cooler if we used these for unhoused Americans Yes. It’s all safe. Stop the fear mongering. Imagine if WSJ editors were actually responsible and weren't trying to clickbait

That’s also called a Petrie dish. No, thanks anyway. This doesn’t seem safe. In fact, it might be worse than dining in a restaurant especially if the restaurant has HEP filters. This keeps contaminated air in the bubble and the next couple is exposed to it. hahahahhahaha.... hahahahhahahah... hahahahahaha

Ohhh...experts. I just love it when they 'weigh-in'. How about a plastic bag over your head? it's not difficult to argue that being in a tent inside a garden is equivalent to being indoors, unless you're only allowed to dine there with people you already live with... The answer is no No it’s Stupid No More good news please(((