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Shooting revives criticism of Israel's use of deadly force

The shooting death of a Palestinian at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank has revived criticism of Israel's use of deadly force. His wife, who was wounded by gunfire with him in the car, says they followed orders and posed no threat. By @josephkrauss

4/23/2021 9:58:00 AM

The shooting death of a Palestinian at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank has revived criticism of Israel 's use of deadly force. His wife, who was wounded by gunfire with him in the car, says they followed orders and posed no threat. By josephkrauss

JERUSALEM (AP) — Hours after Israel i soldiers shot and killed Osama Mansour at a temporary checkpoint in the occupied West Bank , the military announced that it had thwarted a car-ramming attack — but the facts didn't seem to add up. By all accounts, Mansour had initially stopped his car when ordered to do so. His wife, the mother of his five children, was sitting in the passenger seat. And after the soldiers sprayed the vehicle with gunfire, killing him and wounding her, they declined to arrest her as an accomplice. Witnesses say the soldiers killed Mansour for no apparent reason, part of what rights groups say is a pattern of fatal shootings of Palestinians by Israel i forces under questionable circumstances. The debate over the soldiers' conduct echoes that over the high-profile police killings of Black Americans in the United States.

in recent years, in which Israeli forces said they opened fire to prevent car-ramming attacks, killing or wounding Palestinians, only to later back away from the claims without making arrests or pressing charges.“There’s a very trigger-happy approach in the West Bank in which Palestinians are guilty until proven otherwise,” Yellin said.

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The army’s suspicions are not always unfounded.In recent years, Palestinians have carried out a series of stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks that have killed or wounded Israeli soldiers and civilians. Military checkpoints in the West Bank are a frequent target. Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 war, and the Palestinians want it to form the main part of their future state. Defenders of the military say soldiers must make split-second decisions in life-or-death situations.

International law and the Israeli military’s rules of engagement say lethal force can be used in life-threatening situations. But rights groups say Israel often falls short of that standard and rarely punishes wrongdoing by its security forces. B’Tselem says it stopped referring such cases to military authorities in 2016 after concluding that doing so was ineffective.

Yellin says Israel only prosecutes wrongdoing in rare cases in which there is overwhelming evidence. Even then,soldiers often get light sentences.The military said it investigates every incident in the West Bank in which a person is killed. “In cases where a deviation from the rules is found, steps are taken according to the circumstances of the case,” it said.

The military pointed to an incident in March 2019 in which a soldier shot and killed a Palestinian after mistaking him for another individual suspected of throwing stones at passing Israeli vehicles., the soldier was sentenced to three months in prison and demoted, it said.

The International Criminal Court will likely scrutinize Israel’s handling of such cases as part of. Israel has condemned the investigation, which was requested by the Palestinians, and says the court is biased against it.Earlier this month,Israel said it would send a formal letter to the ICC rejecting its mandate

. Israel denied committing any such crimes and said it was able to investigate and prosecute any violations by its forces. That was two days after Mansour was shot dead.Israel is not a party to the ICC, but Israelis could be subject to arrest in other countries if the court hands down warrants.

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In the meantime, with little hope for accountability, Somaya is left to raise her five children alone.“After Osama, what am I supposed to do with my life?” she said. “It’s over.”___Associated Press reporter Jelal Hassan in Biddu, West Bank, contributed.

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