Shooting near Beverly Hills steakhouse leaves 1 man hospitalized, police say

8/17/2022 8:03:00 AM

The shooting happened late Monday night on North Canon Drive in front of Nusr-Et Steakhouse Beverly Hills next to Spago.

Beverly Hills Shooting, Nusr-Et Steakhouse

A man is gunned down outside a posh Beverly Hills restaurant as terrified diners run for cover. Now witnesses who watched the gunmen get away wonder if their swanky city is safe. The attempted murder rattling restaurant-goers. Tonight at 11 from ABC7

The shooting happened late Monday night on North Canon Drive in front of Nusr-Et Steakhouse Beverly Hills next to Spago.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KABC) --Police are investigating a shooting near a steakhouse in Beverly Hills that left one man hospitalized.It happened late Monday night on North Canon Drive in front of Nusr-Et Steakhouse next to Spago, the famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

Police say the man was taken to the hospital where he's in stable condition.It's unclear what led up to the shooting, but police say based on a preliminary investigation, this wasn't a random shooting and there is no active threat to the Beverly Hills community.

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AndreaW61278835 if chicago isn't safe, they why should they be 🤔 Beverly Hills isn't even safe these days. But hey Gascon got to keep hi job. These people vote for demoncrat chaos and scum like Gascon. Then are shocked by the explosive crime rates. Well ya voted for it… With SB-918, none of those diners will be allowed to carry concealed, either. But you'll feel safer with 'less guns on the street', right?

Keep voting Democrat if you want more of the same! Straight Outta Beverly Hills Who runs that state? Thanks, GeorgeGascon! The citizens of LA County owe this all to you! i really could care less...LA is as LA does. its ur vote. Gascon thought we were “feeling” unsafe. A BIG F**K YOU GeorgeGascon LADAOffice DAGasconRecall FireGascon GasconMustGo

New school year begins for LAUSD on MondayOver the last three years, there's been a lot of changes to the educational experience but this time around one thing has remained the scene, the anxious rush to get everything prepared for the first day of school. Our masks required in Los Angeles Unified School District this year? School should start in September.

Omg how could this happen: “there were 692 mass shootings in 2021, and 610 in 2020. And these numbers don’t include the roughly 20,000 other gun homicides, 25,000 gun suicides and 115,000 non-fatal gun injuries—including the 18,000 children shot and killed or wounded every year.” And they didn’t Don't allow the Coloreds in. They'll bring down the property values.

You get what you deserve when you worry about the wrong things like BLM and social justice issues. Keep defunding the police and see if it gets any better. The wealthy there vote for policies that increase crime then are shocked when it makes its way to THEIR neighborhood. 😉 Now, if a few there 'concealed and carried', this 'may' have turned out differently. Just an opinion, I could be wrong.

LA is a true blue city I ain’t seen nuthin Weird we were told that crime is down and that everyone supports Jorge Gascons policies and mayor bicycle pants' defund police initiatives

Your Monday News Catch-UpThe Espionage Act investigation into Trump, the Crimea blast without a confirmed cause, and the return of polio in the US.

Keep voting blue PoshBeverlyHills! 🫠 Mostly peaceful shooting SomeAsianGuy_1 Vote Blue, No Matter Who. wow! JennyChachan Thanks JB - defund those police quick This is what Katherine McFoster was complaining about. Blaming the wokes. SoCalValleyGal Good thing Gascon and his buddies cheated their way out of his recall, otherwise criminals wouldn’t get their gift baskets and Get Out of Jail Free cards.

How can it be safe if everyone only concerned for themselves. Everyone watches and videos. 😠 Someone was up to no good and had revenge done to them.

Jury Selection Begins Monday in R. Kelly’s Child Pornography Trial in ChicagoJury selection begins Monday morning at the Dirksen Federal Building downtown, where the 55-year-old Chicago native will stand trial, nearly a year after a New York jury convicted him of sex trafficking and other charges.

There’s that picture of a guy wearing a bandana in the entrance. That’s must be the reason why they shot him. Ah yes the Gascon special No where is safe in LA. So stop asking visitors!!! Gun rights advocates...where are you? It appears BH hiring a private security contractor is a failing. No DA. good lord Sheeeit!

NO CITY IS SAFE Until California voters begin educating themselves and START voting for the republicans, nothing will change. The extreme wealthy remain behind locked gates with private armed guards. Now, the criminals are getting around to Beverly Hills as well. smh

R. Kelly federal trial in Chicago opens MondayWeeks after being sentenced to 30 years in prison for his conviction in a separate case, R. Kelly's federal trial in Chicago starts today with jury selection. Here's more on the charges against him.

Good thing Gascon got recal…oh wait. Constitutional carry would have been a benefit in this situation. Beverly Hills not so peachy they cant be watching in horror if they are still standing there , people are zombies Black excellence Ain’t the 1st time this happened but let’s keep playing the game nowhere is safe y’all gotta stop living in that bubble

Gascon will do nothing. cosita 🤦‍♂️ Confirming Beverly Hills is in LACo? And LACo voters rejected recalling DA Gascon? Live with the consequences of your ballot decisions. 🙄🙄🙄

Bitcoin mining stock report: Monday, August 15Here's how crypto mining companies performed on Monday, August 15. I can't believe I finally got the right contract for me!? Aren’t you surprised that everybody is silent about this?

'This is Los Angeles, Gang Capital of The Nation' Tom Brokaw NBC News report on gangs, July, 1989. Remove the guns! Simple. Dr Gordon is in that white building , good doctor you know i hate when people (especially white people) do this. like a man is bleeding out in front of you lol have some tact. he’s acting like this is a nature documentary

This is what Gascon has brought to your cities. And you won’t fire him, you can’t even recall him. Pathetic. Just imagine if they talked about who is doing the shooting, robbing, looting? The protected class runs war clans while everyone isn’t allowed to criticize them. I get it tho, if we criticize them that’s far worse than anything they could do to the civility of living in the west.

Lmao Wow. It's almost like Beverly Hills is surrounded by the rest of LA or something. GeorgeGascon 'following the science' Wait, that neon lighting and giant salt bae picture and the place is 'posh'?

Alaska News Nightly: Monday, August 15, 2022 - Alaska Public MediaThe federal government could take over management of silver salmon at the lower Kuskokwim River. Also, a former Mat-Su Borough Assembly member says Representative David Eastman shouldn't hold office. And electric vehicle drivers head to the northernmost point on the road system.

No one is safe in Los Angeles county. When there are no consequences there is no safety. Nobody is safe with the amount of guns in America. Wasn’t that how Be Cool started? Beverly Hood humans who live in cities - seem to get guns very easy. I thought gun control would make this not happen... oops If we would just outlaw guns, this would be avoidable.

BeverlyHillsPD and CityofBevHills with even the help of extra security and cameras everywhere couldn’t prevent 2 high profile violent crimes in a few square blocks in the same week…shameful They banging in Beverly Hills now? Who got shot? And who shot them?! The racial reckoning will come with some discomfort. blacklivesmatter

I don’t know what these black guys are doing in thr lives but it’s best to stay clear away from them wherever you are. It’s not safe anywhere. Oprah, Lebron, Jay Z, Diddy & all the others need to form a coalition to try & stop this bs. Welp never checked out salt bae & never will .. be careful out Chea

Swanky? lol Just stood back and watched in horror, did they? Probably mumbling somebody should do something. Need to vote out the Blue and have the Red come change the BS laws that protect the criminals Woke sjw liberals policies Repeal Prop 47 and recall the DA That's what happens when G.G. is the District Attorney

I’m sure Gascon will clean things up nicely HadEnoughCA1 Outrageous. You can thank George Gascon for this massive increase in crime along with criminal coddling defund and disable the police democrats Ask yourselves was that recall signature verification legit ? .27 % rejection rate .08 % for 2020 election

Gun control 😳😟🙏 HadEnoughCA1 GeorgeGascon keeps saying his reforms work though… HadEnoughCA1 Where the hell have they been up to this point? Weird, there's cops all over there. It's almost like police don't prevent crime or something Swanky What the fuck is that black dude with a white tee a shorts in a 'posh' restaurant doing there?. Sounds fake. This black dude will come out later like trench in the Sopranos to gain Street credit. Guaranteed

did they at least get free validated parking at this posh BH restaurant? and hello ABC7, come to the unposh parts of LA & the SFV, you have stabbings, shootings, rock throwing, & various forms of mayhem daily!

TIL that 'gunned down' doesn't always mean 'killed' but between MerriamWebster and urbandictionary, I gotta trust MW. Democrats ruin everything. Where are the safety ambassadors? LACountyBOS do you see what’s happening? Possibly another job by Gascon's Goons...THR TMZ LADAOffice GeorgeGascon abc7leanne People still go to that overpriced garbage steakhouse?

Stop voting for Democrats IF I say what I want to say Twitter will give me that 7 DAY BAN so I will just say Keep voting for democrats!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mexico 2.0 Yes BeverlyHillsPD is exceptionally incompetent. Please keep reporting on how bad they are at their job

Good thing Gascon didn’t get recalled. Only in a white does this happen and everyone is outraged, yet thats a normal night anywhere else in LA 😲 It was targeted! He knows who shot his ass!! No robbery attempt. Seems targeted. Prolly gang related. These dudes ain’t scared anymore. Doing this shit even in posh areas. Gotta thank Gascon for this shit lol.

And LA County voters declined to recall George Gascon. You folks are amazing down there. The ghetto has arrived.

Police are investigating a shooting near a steakhouse in Beverly Hills that left one man hospitalized.02:55 By Monday morning, classrooms at Los Angeles Unified School District campuses will be filled with students and teachers., similar to the way smallpox was wiped from the earth thanks to vaccines, but stubborn pockets of infection still persist in Pakistan and Afghanistan.2019 indictment that alleged he sexually abused five separate minors and recorded some of those acts on video.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- Police are investigating a shooting near a steakhouse in Beverly Hills that left one man hospitalized. Winnetka, CA - March 11:Students in Isabel Reyes kindergarten class at Stanley Mosk Elementary school wear masks while indoors Friday, March 11, 2022. It happened late Monday night on North Canon Drive in front of Nusr-Et Steakhouse next to Spago, the famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant. You know Diet Coke people. Police say the man was taken to the hospital where he's in stable condition. David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images The classrooms at Carpenter Community Charter School will be filled with eager and likely nervous students. It's unclear what led up to the shooting, but police say based on a preliminary investigation, this wasn't a random shooting and there is no active threat to the Beverly Hills community. Prosecutors further allege Kelly and McDavid paid one of the minors and another individual to help recover and return the videos.

One man who was eating at one of the nearby restaurants posted video of the aftermath. Mom and teacher Elizabeth Maikowski spent her Sunday shopping for school supplies with her son. This week marks 40 years since Diet Coke was introduced in the US. "I just watched someone get shot, like 10 feet away from me," said Pedro Pertile. "Me and my two business partners, we were about to check out. "Yes, because I get to see my friends again. We were walking to the door and four consecutive shots go off. Empires end. Everybody's . I get to sit in a desk and not in front of a screen," Dylan Maikowski said. It’s a case about violence, cruelty and control.

.. "This is the year. Should that day come, Diet Coke people will greet it with the necessary dignity: calm, stoic, and reassured in the knowledge that we will have engaged in unhealthy hoarding behavior to prepare for that exact moment. scrambling, people are screaming." Details regarding a suspect or suspects and a motive were not immediately available. They get to enjoy their program, sports, extracurricular activities. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Beverly Hills Police Department at (310)285-2125. The identities of jurors who are selected to hear Kelly’s latest trial will remain confidential, following a ruling earlier this month from U.

Anonymous reports can be made by texting TIP BHPDAlert followed by your tip to 888777. LAUSD is the second largest in the country. Copyright © 2022 KABC Television, LLC. All rights reserved. But LAUSD superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced on CBS' Face The Nation that the district has hired over 1500 teachers to fill the local void. Related Topics .