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Sheriff: 'Glee’ star Naya Rivera saved son before drowning

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Glee” star Naya Rivera ’s 4-year-old son told investigators that his mother, whose body was found in a Southern California lake Monday, boosted him back on to the deck of their...

7/14/2020 2:29:00 AM

“Glee” star Naya Rivera ’s 4-year-old son told investigators that his mother boosted him back onto the deck of their rented boat and prevented him from drowning in a Southern California lake, the sheriff says. The actor was unable to save herself.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Glee” star Naya Rivera ’s 4-year-old son told investigators that his mother, whose body was found in a Southern California lake Monday, boosted him back on to the deck of their...

’s 4-year-old son told investigators that his mother, whose body was found in a Southern California lake Monday, boosted him back on to the deck of their rented boat before he looked back and saw her disappearing under the water, authorities said.“She must have mustered enough energy to get her son back on the boat, but not enough to save herself,” Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub said at a news conference.

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The boy, Josey Hollis Dorsey, was found asleep and alone in a life vest on the drifting pontoon boat about three hours after they launched on Lake Piru northwest of Los Angeles, setting off a five-day search that ended with the discovery of the body of the 33-year-old floating near the surface early Monday, authorities said.

The mother and son had gone swimming, which was permitted in that part of the lake, Ayub said. She was not wearing a life vest.Authorities believe that Rivera drowned accidentally, and that her body was most likely trapped in the vegetation under the lake for several days before floating to the top, Ayub said.

Divers had already thoroughly searched the area where she was eventually found, but shrubbery that had grown wildly in the area, which was recently dry, must have kept her hidden in the murky water.Family members chatted with Rivera via FaceTime when she was on the boat, and search crews watched those videos for clues to where she might have gone down, Ayub said.

“It has been an extremely difficult time for her family throughout this ordeal,” Ayub said “We share in their grief.”Rivera played singing cheerleader Santana Lopez for six seasons from 2009 to 2015 on the Fox musical-comedy “Glee.”She is the third major cast member from the show to die in their 30s.

The announcement of her death comes seven years to the day after co-star Cory Monteith died at 31 from a toxic mix of alcohol and heroin, with the series losing one of its leads while it was still on the air. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Sad. We've been told to never swim alone since we were toddlers. Practice water safety everyone. evinbdya Why did she not hold on to the boat? Why did they go swimming in the middle of the lake? Something is not right. Undertoe takes anyone. Live near Susquehanna river. Drowning is part of the history. We don't know with her, except she got him back in boat.

Unquestionably tragic, but where is the part of the story that details she saved his life first? Maybe she did, but what are the details around the danger he was in. She possibly brought him back to the boat and continued to swim some more before whatever accident occurred? GREAT MOTHER This is so sad.. but if the lake was known for under currents and whirlpools why would she be swimming in it with her four year old? Without a life jacket and without having anchored the boat properly?

This breaks my heart. osnapitzevelin Don't see why she couldn't hold on and call/yell for help Suicide... Ki Rest well MUM swearimnotpaul Absolutely heart breaking DoreenGLM mynxxx 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I call BS Sad God bless her saving her child's life Mothers are great 👍 She should not have gone by herself. So sad.

My God, RIP Rest in peace. I will remember you and your great performance as the role in Glee. Devastating. SethAbramson 😢😢😢 SethAbramson TMZ where are you peddling that BS conspiracy theory again? I think there are unanswered questions cinderellaicius She loved her son and so she saved his life. She did a heroic act of love. May the road rise up to meet her 💕

my baby always asks which is the wildest animal in the world and I always answer that she is a mother when they touch her baby ... she proved it Heartbreaking. Prayers to the family. 😢 SethAbramson This is so tragic Tragic Such a beautiful life gone too soon. Hopefully it brings her family, friends, colleagues, and fans some comfort to know that she died saving her son. Condolences to everyone who has been affected. RIP Naya

But, I don't get it, was a drowned body supposed to appear around eight days? So sad, :( Let's start the public judgement before the police we no longer trust can do their job. Truth be told Mr Abrantes is best account manager online, with investment of $2000, i just got a whopping sum of $15,000 that was far beyond my expectations. Connect with Mr Rene today and you would never regret it. 👇 👇 👇 abrantesrene

May Naya “The Hero” Rest In Peace. Not everything is a conspiracy, some people just die. RIPNayaRivera At least she is happy in heaven knowing her son is safe This is so heartbreaking 😪💔 'The actor was unable to save herself,' sounds like third-grade level English. And that's probably being generous. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Omg that is heartbreaking. 😞 si sad This was not what the son originally was quoted as saying. Seems like a pretty dangerous lake tbh 11 other people have drowned since 1994 That’s terrible spooky__jay Wait so how do you go on a lake and or know how to swim ? Let alone get in water unless kid fell into the water and she jumped in to save him ?

This is sad for the family but some thing don't make sense they said previously the keys her phone were in the car (here they say she was face timing with her family ...the kid was wearing a life vest means he was not in danger for drowning... 😔😔💔 What a sad story 😢 'now her watch has ended' Wear a life vest. Don’t ever swim in unknown water. If I can’t see what’s under me I am not getting in the water. I will stick with a public pool. I was on swim team doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get a cramp or something. RIP. What a heartbreaking tragedy

Did anyone else see how she pulled into the parking lot and parked? Very weird. Something was definitely off. SethAbramson Umm... Okay. This is tragic, but what makes it worse is this was preventable. Why wasn't the child, at a minimum, as well as the mother wearing a life vest? purplesgem A Mother's Love is paramount. She saved her child. Parents, most of them are Unbeatable. May Naya Rivera💔💔 Rest in Power.🙏💪🙏

Galveston_Rose So sad. So very sad. Rest In Peace Naya Rivera. 💔 A mother’s love... abbjones98 stacie_reardon xx ah yes their worst enemy small or medium sized bodys of water Omg 😥🙏 Profound, Heart Wrenching and Tragic! News like this puts it all in perspective...all that really matters in this life is LOVE !! There is a special place for you in the next life Naya!!!

Voy a necesitar un grupo de apoyo. Que molleja de triste Kath_Diaz_28 Aw man this is so sad and tragic. 2/2 One other thing: please remember if you ever get exhausted, a cramp while swimming - roll over onto your back and simply float. Float and catch your breath. Practice and teach your children! That 1 simple move can save your life 💖 Take care everyone!

The ultimate sacrifice. May she Rest In Peace I pray for your soul...R.I.P♥ This is all 🙄 Fuckin brutal. RIP This is so sad! I didn't watch the show but the thought of her being too tired to pull herself out breaks my heart. I hope her son is safe with his dad or her family or both! *Please* everyone, when you go out on a boat, even if you're an Olympic swimmer, wear a vest!! 1/2

She would have gotten back on that boat despite of whatever circumstance if she was only taking care of herself but she had a son. Therefore she had to prioritize his life over hers. NayaRivera Such a tragedy 😔 Damn Luke 17:34 I’m not crying 😭 🥺🥺🥺 RIP Naya😭 Still don't understand why people like swimming knowing the risk. Just not worth it in my opinion.

😭 What a sad story. What is doing there alone in the first place? Sadly if the little guy had thrown her the extra life jacket it might not have ended this way! It’s almost impossible to pull yourself back into a pontoon boat from the water. Impossible without help from a person or rope onboard!! BoatingSafety

😂 SethAbramson So sad. 😭😭😭😭 Ahh, this hurts 😭 I don't know what to say. She's so young to die and leaving her son alone. Very tragic death for Naya. Prayers for her family, friends and celebrities for supporting her. And she will be missed of her acting legacy, Naya Rivera. RIP Naya Rivera. That's tragic, rip

apple should have a drownometer on iPhones. It just gives(doesn't alert just records) the police the last known location if your phone's sensor detects a certain water depth. They might be able to check up. Yeah I know she probably didn't have her phone with her. She wasn’t wearing a life vest? She rented a boat for her and her son? This isn’t adding up!!!!

So they knew already And thats why they made it a recovery mission so quickly. Instead of wanting to search im the wood like many demanded they knew she was down there and kept looking. Sure that's it.....riiight.....i believe it till that bear said oh sh*t alexmacapugay arviinjoseph 😔 Anybody sense a Final Destination curse here?🤔

Was there any scars or injury on the body? Anything? That’s why one should always wear a life jacket in lakes. They drop off from shallow to deep water and there’s trees, rocks, etc. and it startles the person into losing breath and panicking. Happens to many people but most are able to save themselves or get help.

Why do I feel like this story is changing... Oh my, so sad. Still glad she was able to save her son. In her memory, wear life vests on or in the water, people. Even if you know how to swim. Exhaustion, cramp, hypothermia happen. Heartbreaking 💔 Heroic mothering instincts....A selfless act that will be her legacy. A mother's love.... May she rest in peace and may he be comforted by those around him. Such a sad outcome for a talented young lady.

Just like a mom. Some boats are very hard to get back into from the water. I pray that doesn’t scar him for life bless his little heart🙏🙏🙏🙏 Awful LoreCarrillo10 Nothing stronger than a Mothers instinct. I’m glad her sweet son is ok, I just wish she was ok with him. God bless her and her family Sad 😞 Sad 😔 Sad 😢

She can't swim and out on a boat without a life jacket? Tragic. Why didn't they have on their life jackets? Such a terrible tragedy! Omg the 4 year old saw her die? Jesus.

Sheriff: 'Glee’ star Naya Rivera saved son before drowning LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Glee” star Naya Rivera ’s 4-year-old son told investigators that his mother, whose body was found in a Southern California lake Monday, boosted him back on to the deck of their... May her soul rip 😭🙏

Body of missing 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera found in California lake, sheriff saysA body recovered from a lake in California is that of missing ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera , Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub confirmed Sad So sad. Sedih bnget, so tragic :(

Heather Morris Asks to Join Police Search for ‘Glee’ Costar Naya Rivera'Glee' alum Heather Morris said she wants to help police search for Naya Rivera , who went missing while boating with her son on a lake in California — details Grab some scuba gear and get to work... is she a good diver? if not maybe cook a meal for those who can. I truly hope searchers are using sonar equipment to recover Naya Rivera.

'Glee' Star Heather Morris Asks to Join Search Efforts for Naya RiveraRivera's former 'Glee' co-star and friend Heather Morris tweeted to Ventura County Sheriff's Office that she's hoping to 'conduct an on foot search and rescue mission': 'We are feeling helpless, powerless and want to help in any way' It wont produce anything why not contact them directly? looksm like cheap publicity stunt doing it via twitter. just like they bashed Lea for attention. you'd shoud be grateful you didnt push her to drown in a river. Sorry to say it looks hopeless and next is for body to be discovered. Very, very tragic.

Glee Star Heather Morris Organizing Search and Rescue Mission for Naya Rivera“I understand your team is doing everything in their power, but we are feeling helpless, powerless, and want to help in any way' I’m here to help. Heather Morris 😍 is a Beautiful chic 🥰 I’mma let the Hood Know y’all found a stunner 😘BLM BlackLivesMatter 🐃 it’s a recovery mission - not a rescue

‘Glee’ Co-Star Heather Morris Offers To Mount Search Effort For Friend Naya RiveraAs the search for the body of Glee star Naya Rivera stretches onward, frustration is growing on the part of her friends. Today, Glee co-star Heather Morris tweeted out to Ventura County Sheriffs an… Well she does seem to be highly trained for this... They should search for her career while they're at it.