Rust, Alec Baldwin

Rust, Alec Baldwin

Sheriff: Alec Baldwin Discharged Prop Firearm That Left Director in Critical Condition and Cinematographer Dead

An active investigation is underway and no charges have been filed according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff.

10/22/2021 5:42:00 AM

Alec Baldwin discharged the firearm that killed the director of photography and put the director in critical condition on the set of Rust

An active investigation is underway and no charges have been filed according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff.

THR. “Production has been halted for the time being. The safety of our cast and crew remains our top priority,” the statement said.Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Bonanza Creek Ranch set at 1:50 p.m. MST after a 911 call indicated an individual had been shot on set.

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Ríos said an active investigation was underway and no charges have been filed in relation to the incident.According to a tweet from KOB4 evening anchor Tessa Mentus and local reports, a church set was blocked off while security locked down the location.

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that's so unfortunate. It's unfortunate about the prop firearms accident's on movie sets which occurred with Actors Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee R.l.P. 7 of the film’s camera crew walked off the job, “We cited everything from lack of payment for three weeks, taking our hotels away despite asking for them in our deals, lack of Covid safety, and on top of that, poor gun safety! Poor on-set safety period!”

So far - it sounds like exactly what the film unions in the USA are working toward in their new Iatse master agreement. Safety, respectful workplace… Very sad news. All prop guns need to be test fired on set at a location to confirm there’s no projectile departing. By a prop gun?! Wtf So, are you saying Alex Baldwin murdered her?

Senile mutha _______a! MAXIMUM SENTENCE The Shadow knows ... 🤨🕵🏼‍♂️ Hollywood needs to ban all prop guns. There’s no reason in this day and age that the effects of a gunshot can’t be added in post. If they can make an actor look 3 years younger, they can easily add a boom and some smoke. The story is going to grow.

Sheriffs Respond to ‘Incident’ on Set of Alec Baldwin Western ‘Rust’The Santa Fe, N.M. Sheriffs Department is responding to an “incident” at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, where Alec Baldwin and Frances Fisher-starring movie “ Rust ” is currently sh… Eu nao entendi NADA... U can't make this sh*t up! Well he was the torchbearer of Democrats on nightly comedy show cheerleading the calls impeach and jail President Trump.. fast forward couple of years and my my, how the fortunes have turned around. Karma !

How do they even use anything that is remotely like a gun on a settle this? Why can’t they just add the booming sound etc in post? That's one heck of a prop. There was an actor years ago who fired a gun loaded with blanks and it had the leftover piece of bullet left into it from a previous round, which turned it into a live round essentially and he died. Could have been a malfunction.

Did he say YOU'RE not FAKE GUN in Trump accent Jeez Omg……condolensces to their families. This is crazy. This is the same thing that happened to Brandon Lee on “The Crow” decades ago , just wow 🙏🏼 Holy holy!!!! Who was in charge of the props?!?!?! Wtaf 😱 So sad! Condolences 💐 BaldwinsTemper Omg How can a prop firearm kill someone? This is awful!

Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Film “Misfire” Accident Sends Two Crew Members To Hospital In New MexicoDEVELOPING: Refresh for updates A potentially deadly accident involving a prop gun on the set of the Alec Baldwin star Rust at the Bonanza Creek Ranch outside of Sante Fe, NM has seen two crew memb… beesarecute02 I hope Jensen is okay I hope they are alright Terrible what happened on the set, a thought for the families of injured victims. JensenAckles Are you OK? Let us know that everything is fine.

💔...Goodness... Beyond tragic 💔 It feels really wrong to 'like' this tweet, this is so tragic, just awful. Tragically, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed in the incident involving a prop gun that was fired by Baldwin lookner Prayers to the families and for Alec Baldwin at this time of unimaginable grief over this horrible accident.

Tragic 💔 How on could this possibly happen after Brandon Lee?! Who wasn’t following protocol? Whoa! 👀 What a tragedy

Woman killed on set of Alec Baldwin film 'Rust' after prop gun incidentWoman killed on set of Alec Baldwin film ' Rust ' after apparent prop gun misfire 😲😥 I was impressed by the professionalism of Mr Dereck0111 From the moment of my first free consultation,to the moment I got my profit,She's trustworthy,reliable and understanding... Dereck0111 That’s how Brandon Lee died

Yikes my condolence Halyna Family and Friends This is so tragic. holy fuck what That’s how Brandon Lee got killed Unmnnn Prop guns are dangerous... Jesus, Alec. 🙄😥 WTF damn

One Dead, One Injured on Alec Baldwin Movie, Loaded Gun Incorrectly Fired Alec Baldwin was filming a scene for a movie that required someone to fire a gun loaded with blanks ... but when the gun discharged either shrapnel or a bullet hit 2 people on set ... one of whom had to be airlifted to a hospital. I hope everybody is okay dats crazy TMZ did him dirty with that picture of him! 😂😂 we thought that was the cool hairdo in like 2001. why would there be a loaded gun? don't they use blanks for that type of stuff?

Oh my god Jail him murder 😔😔😔

Prop Gun Misfire On Alec Baldwin Movie Set Kills 1, Injures AnotherThe shooting took place while filming the Western feature ' Rust .' this is terrible news That almost happened in the making of the film 'Sweet back.' Someone mistakenly put a confiscated loaded pistol in the prop box.

Alec Baldwin Fired Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, Injured Director Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a set in New Mexico on Thursday, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza. The incident occurred on the set of “R… Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed in an incident involving a prop gun on the set of “Rust,” an Alec Baldwin film that was shooting in New Mexico on Thursday. the irony remains, the guy used to call Trump a murderer, but he became a This is so sad — poor woman lost her light. Poor Alec has to live with this 😌😌😌😌😌😌🥺