Shelf Life: Ashley C. Ford

The podcast host and author of ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ takes our literary survey.

6/6/2021 7:21:00 AM

Ashley C. Ford on Fran Drescher, ‘The Color Purple’, and the Book that Changed Her Worldview

The podcast host and author of ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ takes our literary survey.

at the beginning of the pandemic.The Indianapolis-based Ford, who lives with her writer husband and their chocolate Lab Astro Renegade, is a Capricorn, was the captain of color guard in high school, and played bass drum in marching band. She can put nanny and

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on her resume, and learned to shoot a crossbow. Likes: Kenny Loggins, horror movies (but her favorite holiday movie isA Diva’s Christmas Carolwith Vanessa Williams), cassette tapes, pointillist painter Jerry Wilkerson, Krispy Kremes when the Hot Light comes on. Dislikes: Large groups, red velvet, camping. She usually picks a word for the new year, but for 2021, she picked a color—blue—because she felt it. She feels these books, too.

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