A Venomous Spider Set Up Shop İn A Missouri Woman's Ear - Cnn

A Venomous Spider Set Up Shop İn A Missouri Woman's Ear - Cnn

She thought there was water in her ear. Turns out it was a venomous spider

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A woman went to the doctor with what she thought was water sloshing around in her left ear. But water doesn't have eight legs, pincers and a venomous bite. Doctors pulled a venomous brown recluse spider out of her ear.

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Beds must be cleaned thoroughly . mixing small redundant stories in between fake scripted news stories that are presented as factual but have no fact backing them up PrisonPlanet Great. There goes my sanity. Read the caption, hovered over the play button. Thankfully the wisdom of Bishop Bullwinkle crashed over me like waves on the shore:

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Naomi Campbell Turns to YouTube After Daily Mail Accuses Her of Fraternizing With Jeffrey EpsteinNaomi Campbell, burgeoning YouTube star, first used her channel to teach us how to travel like a supermodel. Her next lesson? How to respond like a supermodel when globally-read tabloid The Daily Mail accuses you of befriending super-villains and pedophiles. Complicit at best, but my bet is on PROCURER She's pedo-adjacent and she knows it! Same goes for the other celebrities. They all knew If you had 12 contacts listed in Jeffrey Epstein's infamous black book, maybe just be quiet?

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National Zoo’s giant panda, Bei Bei, turns 4 but soon headed back to ChinaBei Bei the panda enjoyed a cake made of frozen fruits, diluted juices and vegetables in the shape of a numeral 4 to celebrate his fourth birthday at the National Zoo, as visitors sang to him outside of his enclosure. 🌰🌰 💕💕💕💕 Brain freeze?

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Dua Lipa Turns 24 and Gets a Birthday Kiss From Anwar HadidOne kiss is all it takes for us to fall in love with Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid. He is legit cringing tho lmao

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Hillary Clinton Responds to Lizzo Meme: 'I Just Took a DNA Test, Turns Out...'Hillary Clinton is officially a Lizzo fan

maggieNYT Bad Maggie! Bad girl Poor spidey was just looking for Marvel. Eeeeeeewwwwwww omg !!! Nooooooooo !!!!! I'm never going to sleep again thank you !!!! maggieNYT JubelGantry Jesus. I cannot unsee this. Yikes When spiders die, their legs curl inward. This one was not dead.

Richard Madeley I'm A Celebrity odds slashed as he turns down StrictlyThe veteran TV presenter has ruled himself out of a stint on Strictly Come Dancing but his diary may be booked up

Pregnant Keira Knightly shows off her blossoming baby bump as she buys fruitThe 34-year-old star looks ready to pop and is just days away from giving birth to her second child DailyMirror Can’t see a bump That looks so fake it’s unreal 😂

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