'She Dies Tomorrow' Is A Mood

Writer/director Amy Seimetz's darkly, darkly comic meditation on the contagious nature of anxiety and paranoia plays with horror conventions while refusing to embrace the genre's pulpy pleasures.

8/2/2020 11:16:00 AM

Writer/director Amy Seimetz's darkly, darkly comic meditation on the contagious nature of anxiety and paranoia plays with horror conventions while refusing to embrace the genre's pulpy pleasures.

Writer/director Amy Seimetz's darkly, darkly comic meditation on the contagious nature of anxiety and paranoia plays with horror conventions while refusing to embrace the genre's pulpy pleasures.

Bleakly funny, to be clear. Darkly funny. No-Light-Can-Escape Funny. Not-For-Everyone Funny.Consider: To establish that Amy is ... going through something, Seimetz doesn't merely have her moon about her tasteful, newly purchased L.A. home while sighing.

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I mean ... shedoesdo that, yeah, but Seimetz — and Sheil — don't stop there, because they need to underscore that Amy is in arealbad way. So Amy doesn't merely sigh, she launches into crying jags. She trance-dances in her living room ... to Mozart's

Requiem in D.Twice.She leans against her blank living room wall, striking poses of Munchian despair. She sprawls on her couch, reaching down to fondle the grain of her hardwood floors. She drinks, and shops online for funereal urns, and wonders if she could have her skin turned into a smart leather jacket, so that she might be"useful in death."

Watching these scenes alone at home, they risk coming off effortful, po-faced, gravid with strained portentousness. In a theater, however, they'd more easily come off as clearly intended — they'd be a hoot.Jane Adams, as Amy's friend Jane, is perfectly cast as someone whom Amy looks to for steadfast support, but who's seen by her family (brother Chris Messina and sister-in-law Katie Aselton) as a fraying, needy kook. Adams has often played the supportive best friend, the glossed-over romantic interest, and its great to see her getting to use her full range of seriocomic chops here. Jane's desperation ratchets up gradually, then frantically, with Adams fully in control of its shadings.

Sheil is denied any such clear, calibrated arc for much of the film — Amy's pretty much zoned out from the jump — but a few nicely placed flashbacks provide some key insights into how she arrived at where we meet her at the start of the movie.They're emotional insights, not expository ones.

She Dies Tomorrowprovides no answers, and can barely be bothered with questions, and that ambiguity is the point. It's possible to intellectually appreciate that Seimetz is content to toy with conventions of the horror genre even as she withholds any of its satisfying, pulpy delights. What we get instead is more pleasing aesthetically than viscerally — rainbow-hued lighting to denote the presence of the supernatural (or entirely natural, if that's your take), vivid images of blood-microscopy to imply that the ideological disease has a biological basis. It's intentional, that holding back — but it means that the film's ending leaves you not so much in suspense, but suspended in air.

In another era, you'd stream out of the theater and huddle in the lobby in tight little clots of your fellow humans, furiously theorizing.Today, however, you're more likely to turn to the dog sleeping at your feet, or the houseplant in the corner. Both will prove less-than-insightful, vis-a-vis the movie's themes, though the houseplant will probably bring up the menstrual imagery Seimetz suddenly introduces in its closing moments, at which point you will realize you should really go for a walk.

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A movie making fun of paranoia during a pandemic. That's like saying The Lighthouse is a perfect movie to watch when you have been socially distancing for months. It’s comic? If the director can make this comic, she is amazing.

Opinion | 'She Dies Tomorrow' shows what we do when we're afraid — which can be quite scary.In the midst of a pandemic, the window of the foreseeable future has shrunk. The fear in that is fodder for this gem of a film you won't easily shake. THINK Or uncomfortable longer depending on where you’re spending it. THINK If you could know in advance the date and circumstances of your passing, would you WANT to know?

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