Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Kiss for the Camera: Watch

The Internet is about to break.


This just might break the Internet!

The Internet is about to break.

After months of teasing us with their cuddly, cute friendship, Shawn Mendes a Camila Cabello have given us a first proper smooch. “So we saw like on Twitter and stuff, you guys saying about the way we were kissing and how it looks weird. Like we kiss like fish,” Mendes tells the camera in a clip posted to Instagram. “Yeah, it really hurt our feelings,” Cabello chimes in. “We just want to show you how we really kiss,” the Canadian pop star adds. And they plant a sloppy, wet one, just like in the (comedy) movies. Finally. The pair have been getting tongues wagging ever since the release of their hit collaboration, "Senorita." And they’ve been snapped many times, looking very close. Nothing has been as hot as this particular moment. The big kiss isn’t the only hot Cabello moment happening right now. The Cuban-born singer just dropped the cinematic music video for “Liar.” Check out the kissing clip below. Read more: billboard

Oh dang... see I knew they were getting together Someone better teach him how to kiss! Find the mouth, get a rhythm, pull a tiny bit of the lip, swirl the tongue, pull on the tongue, slowly!!! Jesus, these millennial’s don’t know anything!!! This kid is lost fake or not!!!!😉 It was so bad it gave Sam_Darnold14 mono

More like fucking bleach the internet and this is another disaster after the amazon😑 Wahh to sweet 🥳♥️ Wait I thought Shawn mendes was gay 🤷🏽‍♀️ É, vai sim, com a força do nojo e da vergonha alheia né? Lesbians

25 Shawn Mendes Memes Only the Mendes Army Can Relate ToOmg, the fifth one. 😂

Oh it did not for a good reason tho lol 🤮 I hope it breaks the internet so I never have to see that shit again Dats what they wanted to dooioooo Camila really sold ha soul to the devil no? This convinced me Shawn is as straight as his hair Not everything go to internet not everything They have to think they are a million kids fallow him so not good for them


Camila Cabello On What it's Been Like to Fall in Love 'For the First Time' With Shawn MendesCamila Cabello on What It's Been Like to Fall in Love 'For the First Time' With Shawn Mendes Why is this remotely news? LiarMusicVideo

Make beautiful music together!! loads of love and blessings. dontcallmeangel koop stans y’all are allowed to drag them ❤️ all the permissions in the world . reply with fan cams under this The only thing they broke was my will to live🤡 So Being Gay Is Disgusting, But They Had The NERVE To Do That? Have I just seen enough sloppy kisses on tv and in the movies because this didn’t bother me at

break the internet? uh i don’t think so I wish people would stop using the term 'break the internet' so frivolously. It's just some girl sticking her tongue in some dude's mouth who cares

Camila Cabello On What it's Been Like to Fall in Love 'For the First Time' With Shawn MendesCamila Cabello on What It's Been Like to Fall in Love 'For the First Time' With Shawn Mendes Wow Cómo aman llamar la atención, porque es FAKE LALALA

It made my gag reflex alive again camarogirlxo I wonder how drunk they were Idk what it was was, but it was not a kiss y’all care bout celebrities than yourselves Watch them release a video where camila shoves that d!ldo she has up show's a$$ 🤢😷 like this is the kind of promo they want to do 🙄 It also broke my soul

'Riverdale' Star Camila Mendes Reveals She Was Drugged and Sexually Assaulted in College'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes told 'Women's Heath' she was drugged and sexually assaulted during her freshman year in college. PopCrush ah shit here we go again PopCrush I hate hear that this keeps happening to wonderful women. PopCrush Thank you for your courage in speaking up for those who still remain voiceless. I’m sorry that happened to you but know you are loved. MeToo CamilaMendes

In disgust, not in happiness. Broke my eyes I tell thee miajanedetorres yung ship mo babe. watch mo yung kiss. 🤣🤣 Why are they so desperate for attention it was a joke.... I love him but that's disgusting Yo, the man is practicing heterosexuality for the first time. Let him live. :D Disgusting Hey guys, take it from me and do yourselves a favor: don’t watch

Oh please, it’s all about promotion. Some of us are not dumb. Please take note!

'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes says she was roofied and sexually assaulted'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes opened up about being a sexual assault survivor in a recent interview with Women's Health. And that's news because? Swear she smashes every dude in that show What the heck is 'roofied'?

Tortilleras Break the internet? Who are these people? This is d lousiest joke i'v ever seen.disgusting & inapropriate.they shld be role models to children.Camila's image will b ruined by dis act Please Stop promoting this fake a$$ relationship⚡️ you guys used to be so reputable now you’re just as trashy as the gossip rag magazines next to the stale Snicker Bars🧐 Booo ShawnMendes & Camila_Cabello this vid makes yall seem even more fake⚡️⚡️

Kissed like window washers Maybe they want, but we dont, thanks! It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw and now I'm scarred for life.

Camila Mendes Just Opened Up About Being Roofied And Sexually Assaulted In College'That set me on a whole inner turmoil.'

Ew It already did No. Ehhhh more like Namjoon broke the internet , the funny thing is if you click on shawnmendes it’s mostly KPOP tweets as well xhegxozldnb I see, it was a joke! But for me this exposure is completely unnecessary!🤔🤷‍♀️ Bet that Shawn Mendes is going to cut his dick off and transition, it’s only a matter of time ShawnMendes

Can they stop dang😓😭 The racist duo mad lizzo yanked that number one right from their pr beard-ship Homeboy needs to stop taking them supplements.... going to end up the next Chris Brown Internet:

No it won't. this is also dogs lick each other. they already broke the internet Oh please that video was so gross and awkward honestly. Felt pretty desperate. But we all know they aren't a real couple, right? Their pairing literally screams Hollywood made no chanyeol is something literally no one asked for

my internet is perfectly intact I don’t know if I would call it that...

It's 2019 bisexuality is fine why must he keep on Gay man kissing st8 girl kiss. Be careful yea they’re breaking the internet alright it did They’do anything for clout im a sh*wn stan and that’s just ShawmilaHQ Y'ALL ARE MAKING ME LAUGH AHAHHAHAA READING THOSE COMMENTS IS FUNNY LOL THEY CLOWNED AT YOU BACK GUYS LOL

ShawmilaHQ For the wrong reasons Uhmm.. who are these people and why would it break the internet. Weird

Yeah. Almost break my phone too. Purely disturbing. No.... Nope, not even a little More like aggressively licked the internet Homeboy doesn’t know how to kiss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 well at least he is a real man for her and has compassion and u can see in his eyes and in her the glow for each other that is love there and they have chemistry and can have fun making that video than all this fake for show out there celeb relations stuff

KarlaCamilaLove This is way to funny. I'm happy for them they don't care what haters with their miserable lives say. They will go now it's disgusting but wasn't disgusting all their comments about them when they were just trying 2 live their lives? And also, anybody hear the name Mendes and immediatly think 'is he related ti the Mendes brothers (the murderers) cuz straight up he kinda looks like them, they were pretty cute.

Is Cabello really her last name? Cuz i thought that was spanish for hair. So its Camilla Hair.

It actually just broke our spirit down all to protect some twink from being outed as a gaybo. Is it necessary?Poor Shawn and don't need to push yourselves just to prove your haters that you don't care.I thought you guys are wholesome tho.😔 seventeen comeback September 16 It absolutely will not. stan loona to protect u from the hets

TrackingSM dude what the fucking fuck was that Am I the only one who has no clue who either one of these two are? They both love attention please cancel them Don't watch guys. Don't do it to yourself.

What guy with even a little bit of testosterone in his body listens to shawn Mendes? you mean “this might just get them back to 1” Lmao how could they upload a video of them kissing like they act no kids are watching 😑 Can you guys stop making a drama? ShawnMendes Camila_Cabello You already got that 1 spot... 😑😑😑

Bts already have that title sorry lmao (I still love them though this is a joke) Wth w that kiss ... Maybe if they did this Gross, PR bullshit, bored of it now...🤮😴 Break the internet, break twitter, break everything as long as we don’t have to see that shit again 🤔 I’m just wondering if they plan to drink all the booze 🍹🍸🍷 on the table in the background of the video!

How to unsee ☠🤢 🤮 Come on out fam. It’s ok What a charade 😂 Hammadkhan4real Hammadkhan4real tumhe bahut maza aa Raha hai retweet karege hu***u 🤨😅😅 there was no need only bts can do such a thing!! When even all the stans are ewwing at you, you know it's real 😂DisguSTANG the purpose of this video is to make fun of haters, I find it fun

They're attention seekers It's like watching paint dry. Camille would do anything for attention The kiss was yuk yuk It put me off my food & switched to.a better channel Next she be running around the stag nude. Maybe she needs some publicity She's known for seeking publicity. 😂😂😂 Pls god no pls Come on kiddos. They were having a laugh. I thought it was funny and super cute (their having fun with it (not the actual smooching)).

🤮 THEY'VE DONE IT ALREADY AND WE LOVE IT seventeen's 3rd full album comeback 16th september 6pm KST will break the internet!!! no ShawmilaHQ DEBOCHE!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

TrackingSM They kiss like fish alright. Watch them release a video where camila shoves that dildo she has up show's ass 🤢😷 like this is the kind of promo they want to do 🙄 They always kiss for a camera 🙄 Still looks fake beard How to unsee? My eyesight...r.i.p Or not . cause really ffs who fucking cares ?

just after releasing liar’s music video! wow! are we shocked? nooooo Unfollow them now before they start posting porn 😬 i don't know about the internet but it definitely broke my stomach and eyesight well this might anyways Happy Namjoon Day HappyBirthdayNamjoon OurMoonchildRM RMGalaxyDay OurJooniverse

Lmao eating each others faces ew just see Shawn’s recent in instagram ew ew 🤢🤮 In disgust FuckUZayn1

Me when watching the video: 😂 🤢 Well they broke my eyesight, I'm blind now 🤢 ShawmilaHQ I can't say anything 😶😶 Lol It’s just so disgusting . It's pathetic. i wish they didn't 🤢 If the internet is broken, how come we're all still here? Not giving a fuck? 🙄 anyways TrackingSM Guys there also human its pretty obvious that there getting upset of what haters said!.let c & s normally live! I still support them both! As a fan give them privacy and mind your own business! Good bye haters

I thought Shawn Mendez was gay! 😄 Eww it makes sense bc liar mv is out they have promote it somehow 👁️👀 Ughhh Yep. Shawn and Camila trending worldwide already. Loved that little video btw... show it up those haters arses , LOL BigbrotherNai16 Are you serious okay first of all,to those who say Haters gonna hate,no everyone who criticises you is not a hater Im not a hater but this is stupid and cleanly a PR and childish

i cant respect this anymore im gagging 👀

No it fucking won’t No. You might want to show your love to each other but what they did was being exhibits. Of course it's my opinion, but Camila said it herself that she wanted to keep her love to herself so wtf now Like really They hardly would break the internet with something like this 😖 Kabusy sigeg chula

Some days I’m embarrassed of being a heterosexual and some days I’m embarrassed of being a human. I’m sure the dog in my neighbourhood doesn’t feel that way. I stan the dog and the dog only I feel sorry for J-Hope and Jimin. Your crush is gone with jimin's crush.😂😂😂😂😂 I guess they needed some buzz for her new video just released..

Namjoon and Jungkook broke the internet, not Shamilla 🤷🏽‍♀️

Hey dude, you see thist? LiarMusicVideo LIARMUSICVIDEOTONIGHT CamilaCabello eye- SO THE HELL WHAT Update: The Internet is fine. What did anyone do to deserve this This just might their career. No that was disgusting Fake Idc what the message was it was gross to look at 😭

no no shhh nah n e ways stan stray kids literally no one wants to see that cursed video ever again what makes you think- we still don't give a fck luv 😩😩 TrackingSM Not really? Thats namjoons birthday. You're mistaken oomf 🤮 we stan fake relationships 🙌 kicep gw No thank you

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