Sha'Carri Richardson was Destined to Star in Kanye's Beats by Dre Ad — Here's Why

The attention to detail behind this @itskerrii @kanyewest @beatsbydre commercial is unmatched 💯

7/21/2021 11:09:00 PM

The attention to detail behind this itskerrii kanyewest beatsbydre commercial is unmatched 💯

Watch the newest commercial from Beats by Dre scored by Kanye West, starring Sha'Carri Richardson & read why every detail has an important meaning.

.During the scan of her outfit, West's upcoming track"No Child Left Behind" fades in. The significance of the song choice is evident as Richardson is in no way being left behind even though she'sunable to go to Tokyo for the summer Olympics

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. At one point, Richardson is standing on the track rubbing her hands together in almost a prayer-like position as the lyrics". . . never count on ya'll. Always count on God. He's done miracles on me. . ." echo in the background. Richardson and well as West have both been open about their faith, which is a connection they share.

With Kanye's next album being named Donda (after the singer's late mother), the deeper connection between the two of themprocessing the loss of a motheradds another layer of significance to this collaboration as this is a life experience that they both share. While both have had to work through significant losses in their lives, the essence of moving forward is palpable.

Towards the end of the video, Richardson can be seen about to take a step forward just before the video cuts to the"Live Your Truth" end screen. The sharp cut adds the layer of mystery as to what the next step will be for the runner as well as for what is also going to come in Kanye's upcoming album release. Although we may be on the edge of our seats waiting for both of their next moves, Richardson gave us a great reminder on

."There will be ups and down in life, but it's important to remember to run your own race." Read more: POPSUGAR Fitness »

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Kanye West Confirms 10th Album 'Donda' In Beats By Dre Commercial Starring Sha'Carri RichardsonBeats By Dre released a new commercial starring track star Sha'Carri Richardson, along with a teaser of Kanye West's latest song, 'No Child Left Behind,' and announced the release date for West's 10th album, 'Donda.'

Sha'Carri Richardson Lands Dr. Dre Beats Gig with New Kanye SongSha'Carri Richardson isn't competing in the Olympics -- but she's still making it onto millions of TV, phone and tablet screens across the world -- thanks to a new collab with Dr. Dre and Kanye West. Craving Something Sexy and Sweet?... 😉 Indulge in MY SUPER EASY OOEY GOOEY, EXTRA CHOCOLATEY, CHOCOLATE BANANA BROWNIE RECIPE LINKED BELOW 👇 Its craving quenching good! 😉😉 brownie foodie baking YouTuber YouTube Just love how she's supposed to be suffering but she's gettin bread left n right!🤷🏾

Kanye West Previews 'Donda' Song 'No Child Left Behind' in Sha'Carri Richardson Beats by Dre AdWe have our first taste of Kanye West's new music, thanks to a Beats by Dre ad starring track and field star Sha'Carri Richardson, who found worldwide support when she was suspended from Team USA ahead of the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. DaddyDoge Token. Backed by Elon I used to like Kanye until this: At least 6 Republican operatives, some tied to Trump camp, working to get Kanye West on the 2020 ballot It raises questions about their motives to put West’s name on the ballot Now I could care less 😡

Kanye West Confirms ‘Donda’ Drops Friday in New Beats by Dre Ad Starring Sha’Carri RichardsonKanye West has confirmed that his new album, “Donda,” drops on Friday. The July 23 release date was confirmed during Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday within a Beats by Dre ad featuri… Craving Something Sexy and Sweet?... 😉 Indulge in MY SUPER EASY OOEY GOOEY, EXTRA CHOCOLATEY, CHOCOLATE BANANA BROWNIE RECIPE LINKED BELOW 👇 Its craving quenching good! 😉😉 brownie foodie baking YouTuber YouTube Discover/RT nu vibes BlakMusic ⬇️

After missing Olympics, Sha'Carri Richardson teams up with Kanye West for new adWeeks after a failed drug test dashed her dreams for the Tokyo Olympics, the track phenom surprises fans by starring in a new ad. 🤮 She broke the rules. Period. What you think 🤔 she was just gonna roll over and take her mother's death like it didn't happen. Smoking weed is NOT SMOKING METH 🤣 OR CRACK OR SHOOTING DOPE OR PILLS 🤔 RULES 🤣 THERE'S NO RULE FOR GRIEF 💯‼️‼️😡

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