Sex Education: How to Dress Like Moordale's Resident Baddie Ruby Matthews

You know you just want to dress like Ruby Matthews on @netflix's @sexeducation 💄

9/24/2021 12:17:00 AM

You know you just want to dress like Ruby Matthews on netflix's sexeducation 💄

Sex Education's Ruby Matthews (played by Mimi Keene) has had quite the character arc. The quintessential baddie of Moordale Secondary School started out as the

Sex Educationseries three, we get to see a softer side to Ruby, and while she embraces her vulnerabilities, her style becomes more colorful and disarming.As someone who doesn't shy away from attention, Ruby is often seen wearing psychedelic florals and check prints in bold colors. Although she might not always be as confident as her style makes her out to be, Ruby loves mixing-and-matching contrasting patterns to create outfits that capture everyone's attention. While her style is girlish and playful, it's also a bit sexy and preppy. To channel your inner Ruby, you'll need a couple crop tops — preferably a denim bustier and a knitted option. And when she's feeling a bit more professional, Ruby reaches for a smart blazer to remind the unpopular kids who really runs Moordale.

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