Several officers injured by suspect firing in ongoing shooting: Police

There's a large police presence and residents are urged to avoid the area.


Armored vehicle pulls up outside the structure where Philadelphia officers engage with at least one suspect in a shooting incident. Several officers have been injured, according to Philadelphia police.

There's a large police presence and residents are urged to avoid the area.

About a dozen officers were seen taking cover behind cars as other officials surrounded a home with guns drawn.

One woman said she heard over 100 gunshots and saw people running for their lives.

Lockdown is in effect for Health Sciences Center Campus. Seek shelter. Secure doors. Be silent. Be still. Police are responding.

Read more: ABC News

I'm a spiritual helper helping people in terms of their problems and needs you can what's app me now on this number +233246186707 Sad another one.⚓ Praying for the police and the city regrettable Crimes that happen Its causes LAW NOT fixing Racial Discourse Anti-others The solution in Sharia law The inflammatory rhetoric of the left against ICE and law enforcement has lead to this terrible violence and lawlessness...leftists need to apologize for inciting this hatred...

liberalsmurder liberalterrorism Hey ABC get you facts straight. It’s 6 officers that has been shot the suspect who is shooting at cops and terrorizing an entire neighborhood needs to be killed. The Wild Wild West.....LET THE SLAUGHTERING CONTINUE!🙄 This guy is a clown. Watching from Dayton , Ohio . I feel for what they are going through right now

Man threatens to kill a child if he can't use a police officer's phone: PoliceMan threatens to kill a young girl if he can't use a police officer's phone, leading to a car chase in Mississippi. The child was found unharmed. Like TopCat Hum? or Duh? Thats DA Q disgustingggg He must have really needed to make a phone call..

HOW MAYOR JIM KENNEY CARES ABOUT THE PHILADELPHIA POLICE, WHEN THIS HAPPEN. Pump with sleeping gas. Done. Remember, This is the same Police Department that blew up Move Headquarters and a city block. Another unstable violent angry person with a gun... DoSomething senatemajldr Did they identify the shooter

Quick send in the Thoughts and Prays Task Force Sorry not sorry Stay Safe out there people!!!!😱😱😱💔💔 I like this commissioner He’s poised, calm, concise. With all these news conferences, he has been the first who took command of conversation, and showed leadership while keeping the audience calm. I’d like to commend PPDCommish Be safe.

be careful out there and be focused.

Police release photo of Houston man who caused mall stampedePolice in Houston released an image of a suspect they say caused a stampede at a Houston-area mall on Sunday when he jumped onto a table in the food court and declared he was going to kill himself. The picture tweeted out by the Houston Police Department early Tuesday shows the suspect appearing to

Prayerz be up! news media should clear out and give the police space to do what they need to do. Do they really think the cops have time to stop and give an interview? So tragic hope swat can take the shooter out before someone else get shot Please take care of yourself! Didn't the cops have guns? I've been told all you need for protection is a gun...

LATEST: Six Philadelphia police officers have been shot by at least one gunman who authorities say is firing at them in an ongoing shooting incident, authorities say. Is the suspect White or black or Indian Or Hispanic is anybody going to let us know Even good-guys get shot, it seems. Coincidence that realDonaldTrump was just in Pennsylvania, right? BanAssaultWeapons !

I hope Philadelphia is not ‘infested’ or a ‘shithole’.

Chaos Grips Hong Kong’s Airport as Police Clash with ProtestersBearing batons and pepper spray, Hong Kong riot police officers clashed with anti-government protesters who crippled the airport on Tuesday for the second straight day, chaos that underscored the deepening unrest gripping the city Hong Kong vs Mao A coup d'etat is not possible in Fashington. There is no US Embassy. Hong Kong needs a Second Amendment before it's too late.

6 officers wounded! katalin_pota Looks like the usual de-escalation techniques 50 is known for. Wonder what started THIS shit show? Five officers shot, and another police officer was seriously injured in a car crash rushing to the scene. In the Philadelphia shooting incident.😖😎😖🚔👮‍♂️ MyDaughtersArmy the sound of so many gunshots, she says the sound of freedom ? NRAIsATerroristOrganization

Another domestic attack from white nationalists or what?! Is it Frank Reynolds? Hopefully the officers will recover! And good luck to all the officers involved 🙏 Another Wednesday in America thanks to... *checks notes*... video games. Maybe the police unions will support gun control now. get him like they did in Dallas..

Pro-democracy activist: Hong Kong 'eroded and transformed into a police state'Activist Joshua Wong tells MSNBC that riot police are indiscriminately firing tear gas at 'ordinary' citizens, journalists, first aides and protesters. He says the main goal is to stop police brutality and that the citizens of Hong Kong want to elect their own government. VelshiRuhle Chinese are holding up TRUMP signs! THATS WINNING FOLKS! Chinese want their freedom from Leftist dictator! VelshiRuhle Hong Kong Christians! The solution to your problems - Rod of Iron Kingdom VelshiRuhle Looks like they hould have remained with the 'white devils'. But tribalism is in our DNA.

GMA MikeMiss975 MikeMiss975 NatalieEgenolf TyJohnsonNews If only the police had more guns. Media’s fault LATEST: The injuries to the officers appear to be non-life threatening, the sources said, adding that an additional injury occurred due to an auto accident. I’m assuming the Shooters didn’t Legally purchase the weapons. Gun laws are for legal gun owners, not bad guys.

Oh if only there had been a good guy with a gun It's the guns GunControlNow .USSOCOM .us_navyseals should rescue police and public Probably shouldn’t abandon their squad cars in the middle of the street though eh! Witness heard over a hundred gun shots. High capacity magazines? military grade weaponry involved? Once again a police department is nearly out gunned by civilians.

California lawmakers want to ban facial-recognition technology in police body cameraA picture of every California state legislator was run through a facial-recognition program that matches facial images to a database of criminal mugshots, the ACLU of California says. The program falsely flagged 26 legislators as criminals, the ACLU says. Oh Please, or it means ............. Are ya SURE they were not guilty?

A photo of the suspected shooter. Sam Hyde is a right wing extremist and high ranking member of 'World Peace', a white nationalist, sex cult/ militia based out of Tennessee. He is armed and dangerous. Omg, now what’s going on? My bet is it is an extremist left or right, and instead of talking about American Radicalization. We will scream GUN CONTROL. When not looking at the correlation between illegally acquired guns, mental illness, and shootings.

Oh NOOOOOOOO Another one ENOUGH IS ENOUGH senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi CANCEL RECESS & DoSomething GunControlNow NRAIsATerroristOrganization MoscowMitchMassacre NRABloodMoney NRAOwnsTheGOP moscowmitchiscorrupt CONGRESS & MoscowMitch DO YOUR JOBS NOW Look libs, he could just as easily have thrown a hundred knives at the cops. Our gun laws are totally fine the way they are.

WE NEED TO BAN GUNS!! DO I HAVE TO DRAW YOU A PICTURE? I think the Democrats will avoid discussion of this shooting. It involves a group they don’t like to talk about..... GANGS!! A photo of the suspected shooter. Sam Hyde is a right wing extremist and high ranking member of 'World Peace', a white nationalist, sex cult/ militia based out of Tennessee. He is armed and dangerous.

stevenbward smokeydogg777

'Strong possibility' Dayton shooter cased out bar in advance, police sayA new timeline of the Dayton shooting reveals the gunman knew his sister and friend were in the area before opening fire, but police are divided over whether he intentionally killed his sister Elizabeth Warren supporter... Wow look what I found online!! Why isn’t CNN reporting this?!! Brother! Damn CNN you can do better!

Cops in Shootout with Dems, Again Sorry ABC I'm too busy looking at a picture of Bill Clinton in a blue dress... I hate to say it, but this happens every week. IndivisibleMD Poor community. 😢 Deep state false flag to distract from Epstein Why isn’t mandatory liability insurance required for guns similar to car insurance?

I always run out of my house when I hear gunshots, instead of safe closet. 🙄 Yawning

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