Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller, Howard Stern

Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller

Seth Rogen on Not Wanting Children: 'That Does Not Sound Fun to Me'

Seth Rogen adds that his wife Lauren Miller, whom he wed in 2011, 'wants kids less than I do'

5/14/2021 9:22:00 AM

Seth Rogen adds that his wife Lauren Miller , whom he wed in 2011, 'wants kids less than I do'

Seth Rogen adds that his wife Lauren Miller , whom he wed in 2011, 'wants kids less than I do'

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The southern Belgian town of Dinant was hit by the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday after a two-hour thunderstorm turned streets into torrential streams that washed away cars and pavements but did not kill anyone.

Good for him! Sethrogen More people should do that than bringing kids into this world & then NOT parent them!!! Thats a good news.

Seth Rogen Has Made Me Rethink My Opinions on Facial HairGenerally speaking, I am of the mind that not every man needs facial hair. Some men have strong jaws that are so strong that it is illegal to hide them under a beard. Others have pillowy lips that look like the handsome Squidward filter on Instagram, and a mustache hides rather than enhances. However, I have seen a photo of Seth Rogen without his beard and his glasses and feel like I have to reconsider my opinions on facial hair, men, and also, Seth Rogen .

Seth Rogen Recalls Hilarious Run-In With Beyonce's Security That Left Him 'Humiliated' - E! OnlineThe comedian was presenting at the Grammy Awards and his attempt to talk to Bey did not go well. Seth Rogen spills the tea on E! News' Daily Pop, plus gives Zac Efron a shoutout.

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3 men accused in Ahmaud Arbery killing plead not guilty to hate crime chargesThe three men already facing state murder charges for allegedly tracking down and fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery all pleaded not guilty to federal hate crime charges. They taped themselves doing it. They were proud of it. It’s sick that they could be this brazen and still pretend they didn’t do it, hoping the good old boys’ jury will exonerate them Yes they shot him. But if you have any street smarts you run away from 2 or 3 men with guns Pretty hard to prove hate crime unless they are admitting to targeting him and shooting him solely because of his race, and not what he was doing or what they thought he was doing

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