Sesame Paste Isn’t Tahini—And It Might Be Your New Favorite Condiment

6/28/2022 10:58:00 PM

Sesame paste, a Chinese pantry staple, adds nutty richness to noodles, sauces, pastries, and so much more:

Sesame paste, a Chinese pantry staple, adds nutty richness to noodles, sauces, pastries, and so much more:

Toasted sesame paste is a pantry staple for Chinese cooking. Here’s how to add its nutty flavor to everything from noodles to baked goods.

Photography by Linda Xiao; Food Styling by Jason Schreiber; Prop Styling by Summer Moore SHARE In the summertime, my parents like to toss cold noodles with a sauce starring toasted sesame paste.perceived inaccuracy.“Three tickets to Minions: The Rise of Gru, please.Climate Week NYC.

One of the first kitchen tasks they ever delegated to me was making that dressing.I shouldered the responsibility with relish—not only because sesame noodles are downright slurpable, but also because it meant digging into a jar of sesame paste and being able to lick the spoon afterward.“Stranger Things,” after all, had seven new episodes available to watch in its premiere weekend, with runtimes ranging from 63 to 100 minutes; “Obi-Wan” had only two, both under an hour long.My childhood fridge could do without milk or eggs, but running out of sesame paste could prompt a late-night trip to the grocery.As of today, the show has officially begun production on its fourth season.Called zhīma jiàng in Chinese, sesame paste is made from unhulled white sesame seeds that are toasted until brown and ground into a thick and creamy paste.“Stranger Things” had the edge here as well, with 12.The versatile condiment lends its rich, nutty punch and deep, earthy aroma to both sweet and savory dishes.As a single-stage event, the Big Climate Thing will mix music and climate programming, and plans to offer talks, videos, and calls to action.

My parents showed me how to layer it into shaobing (a Northern Chinese flatbread), mix it into dipping sauces for dumplings and hot pot, and thin it out to drizzle over steamed vegetables.2 million for “Obi-Wan.The press release also gives the logline: In the ten-episode season four, the sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson moves ever closer.Whenever they cook with it, the house smells like sesame all day—that’s how fragrant it is.Tahini is sometimes listed as a substitute for sesame paste, but in my mind, the two aren’t interchangeable.“Obi-Wan” has continued dropping episodes weekly (the finale premieres Wednesday), and limited viewership data will continue to roll out in the weeks ahead.Though tahini is also made from white sesame seeds, they’re usually untoasted or lightly toasted.Photo: Courtesy of HBO Those wacky Roys are at it again!.By comparison, toasted sesame paste is more assertive and aromatic and also thicker in texture.We’ll have a better picture, though not a full one, of how “Obi-Wan” performed overall when those numbers arrive.” “The purpose of the event is to serve as a unified call to action for artists, fans and the music industry itself,” a Climate Control Projects representative told Pitchfork.

Following my parents’ wisdom, I always have a jar of sesame paste in the fridge—it’s my desert island ingredient !—and use it to jazz up noodles, pastries, and grilled meats.If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make it myself by toasting sesame seeds until golden, cooling them, and then grinding them in a food processor with just enough sesame oil (dribbled in gradually) to make a paste.The terms of success in streaming are changing dramatically, and judging a series’ true value to a platform is consequently becoming knottier than ever.Here are a few of my favorite ways to use the finished paste, whether homemade or store bought.Add Nutty Flavor to Noodles and Salads The next time you’re churning up a dressing for noodles or a salad, start with a dollop of toasted sesame paste in a bowl.They have to help draw subscribers, but increasingly they also have to help convince existing subscribers to stick around and not simply churn out once they’ve finished watching a given show.Thin it out with sesame oil and water, then add vinegar or citrus juice, a spoonful of chile sauce or flakes, and a splash of soy.

You’ll wind up with a sauce that coats whatever it touches with aromatic creaminess.To do that, lots of money needs to be spent on content, but now investors are growing leery of that spending.Try my quick cold or at room temperature—they’re my warm-weather go-to.Mix It Into Dipping Sauces for Meats and Vegetables To make an easy dip for grilled proteins and vegetables, thin out the toasted sesame paste with something creamy and tangy such as full-fat Greek yogurt.To do that, answers will be needed for a lot of long-unanswered questions.My 30-second savory rendition would taste great alongside meat skewers or celery sticks, while a sweetened version would pair nicely with apple slices or even toast: When I was a kid, my parents would often pack me sesame-and-jelly sandwiches instead of the usual peanut butter.Swap Out a Portion of Fat in Pastries A recent revelation about toasted sesame paste’s neverending potential came in the form of baked goods.” We know the arrival of season 4 provided a viewership boost for the series as a whole, as Netflix’s Top 10 rankings have also featured seasons 1-3 since season 4 premiered.

Because of its high fat content, toasted sesame paste can be swapped in for a portion of butter or oil in many desserts, infusing them with extra nuttiness.I think sesame pairs especially beautifully with fresh and cooked fruit in crumbles, pies, and tarts—I can’t get enough of these studded with dried red jujubes, which add a subtle sweetness.1 million hours viewed in its first 28 days, while season 4 has become Netflix’s most popular season of English-language TV ever, with over 883 million hours.Recipes.

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