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Serious Injuries During Birth Could Impact Mother’s Relationships, Study Finds

Serious Injuries During Birth Could Impact Mother’s Relationships, Study Finds

8/1/2021 7:21:00 AM

Serious Injuries During Birth Could Impact Mother’s Relationships, Study Finds

No two births are the same and a studies have suggested that trauma during labor could impact mother's relationships with their baby and partner.

gettyWhether you give birth without pain relief, in a pool, by C-section or with the pain management offered to you at the hospital, no two births are the same. Drawing up a plan before the big day can be a really useful way to bring yourself around to the idea of going through labor. However, that doesn’t always mean that things will go exactly as you wanted on paper. And a new study has highlighted that some people who suffer severe injuries during labor say that their relationship with their child is impacted. 

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, an organization that supports women who have suffered serious injuries during childbirth, spoke to 325 people who said that they had experienced severe perineal trauma when they gave birth. The findings, which were published onHuffPost, add to the growing evidence that traumatic births can leave mothers with serious post-traumatic stress and can affect their relationships down the line. 

They found that85% of people who said they suffereda severe injury said that it damaged their relationship with their child initially. 34% said that they saw their child as being the cause of their injuries and 14% said that it’d harmed the relationship permanently. Sadly, 31% of parents that The MASIC Foundation spoke to said they felt that their children would be better off without them.

Childbirth is often presented as a miracle. However, studies have pointed out thejudgement that some people feelwhen planning their births and others have expressed their disappointment when their labor didn’t go as they’d planned. This can lead to an immense pressure for mothers who’ve gone through traumatic births to set the mental and physical impact of labor to one side in order to focus on the fact that they delivered a healthy baby. 

Speaking toBBC Future, Patrick O’Brien, a maternal mental health expert at University College Hospital and spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the UK said,“Women with traumamay feel fear, helplessness or horror about their experience and suffer recurrent, overwhelming memories, flashbacks, thoughts and nightmares about the birth, feel distressed, anxious or panicky when exposed to things which remind them of the event, and avoid anything that reminds them of the trauma, which can include talking about it.”

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