Serena's Hubby Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Reddit Board, Fill My Seat W/ Black Candidate

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The 37-year-old says it's all in an effort to help the black community.

's board ... and he says it's all in an effort to help the black community.

The 37-year-old -- who co-founded Reddit 15 years ago -- said in a powerful video statement Friday he's urging the company to now give his spot to a black candidate. Ohanian also announced he's donating any future gains he obtains on his Reddit stock"to serve the black community" ... beginning with a $1 MILLION donation to"It is long overdue to do the right thing," Ohanian said."I'm doing this for me, for my family and for my country.

Ohanian added,"I believe resignation can actually be an act of leadership for people in power right now, and to everyone fighting to fix our broken nation, do not stop."Alexis Olympia


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I’m beginning to think TMZ is a CIA front for race baiting, cause all of these celebrities are full of crap.

Is he going to live off his wife? Serena’s going to be like...

One job is going to help the black community? I'm skeptical. Apparently I'm missing a huge chunk of information here to get to that conclusion.

Pandering billionaire virtue signals with meaningless gesture.

Serena’s hubby dame you guy’s act as if we all know who she’s dating 🤦‍♂️‼️

Apparently he suffers from whiteguilt

I nominate Candace Owens.

This dude slick back makes me think he's about to go hit a meth pipe. WhitePeople

I've come to the conclusion that celebs are just trying to out woke each other


Live HarveyLevinTMZ ... Now Hire Van back on the show.

So don’t bother looking for the best person for the job. Minorities like asians and hispanics need not apply.

Soooo we can hire based on race again?

'Because what's important is the color of your skin, not what's in your head'...🙄

Realizes you only need to get rich once.

I want to puke

Think Serena should’ve made him listen 👂

thought it was illegal to racially discriminate when employing people? apparently you can now just employ blacks only for positions.

So brave. So strong. He just defeated all the racisms.

Racist and against the law.

Give this two week and normal service will resume

BOLD IDEA: tech companies hiring people base on credentials, qualifications & merit. All big words.

Nice now help blk ppl gain wealth

So don’t choose the most qualified. Why don’t we eliminate Congress and POTUS and just make a black King?

I fixed racism with more racism!

Collecting unemployment and living with a wealthy black woman that's the life right white man

The logic Now he realizes?

Tell Dennis to stfu and he'd make a terrible lawyer. He and every other nonmelonated person who say that shi make the others look bad and make the men look like punks

I appreciate his gesture, and I mean no disrespect, but as a black man, this ain’t what I’m looking for. I don’t a job just handed to me, I don’t want anybodies money, I just want racism to end, especially in law enforcement. Done. Speaking for myself.

This is great, but why has it taken recent events for him to understand the need for diversity at his company? Boards don't need black people alone: they need people from all minorities, who can offer different perspectives and also make important decisions.

LAME stunt.


As he should

Race quotas it is then. Forced agenda. seems its ok to show racial preference after all!

Can u also donate ur money while ur at it not just a job? Thanks.

His wife and baby are black. You know he about to support the cause.

Kissing ass at home and at work lol

serena can i please get some coochie tonight you saw what i did right

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