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Send Your Friends A Gift, Just Because

'Just because' gifts for your favorite friends.

10/17/2021 12:17:00 AM

'Just because' gifts for your favorite friends.

When physical togetherness isn’t an option, phone calls, video chats, and gifts like cozy pajamas or handwritten notes become paramount.

. Sending one irrespective of a special occasion and just because, could make all the difference in a loved ones’ day. The past year taught us when physical togetherness isn’t an option, phone calls, video chats, and mailed mementos are paramount. With life starting to edge back to normal, it’s good to remember this sentiment.

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Here, 18 day-brightening best friend gifts for the special people in your life.A Bedside CarafePost-pandemic, we’re investing more into our homes as work schedules fluctuate between forever-WFH to part-time in the office. Gift your friends a pretty bedside

to help them stay hydrated day or night while at home.Vanilla Bean water carafe and cup set$45Shop NowAn Artistic CandleUpgrade their decor (and set the mood!) with some artful, deliciously scented luxury candles. Loewe took the candle world by storm with their home fragrance launch, and now these artful iterations double as home decor.

Loewe Home Scents Coriander scented candle$102Shop NowA Beauty BuyThe latest beauty products from a favorite luxury brand are chic, thoughtful, and simultaneously won’t break the bank.Gucci 25*​ Goldie​ Red, Vernis à Ongles nail polish Read more: Vogue Runway »

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