Senators Tim Kaine and Bill Cassidy Agree There Will be Election in November

Senators Tim Kaine and Bill Cassidy Agree There Will be Election in November

7/31/2020 10:32:00 AM

Senators Tim Kaine and Bill Cassidy Agree There Will be Election in November

Senators Tim Kaine and Bill Cassidy agree that the election should not be delayed as Trump suggested.

TMZ.comThis is unusual nowadays, but senators on both sides of the aisle are in agreement on something --can float the idea of election delays all he wants ... it ain't happening.We got Sen.Tim Kaine-- a Virginia Democrat and former VP candidate -- on Capitol Hill Thursday, and he reassured voters ... POTUS simply doesn't have the authority to push the November 3 election date.

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Now, he admits it might be a challenge convincing the Prez of that, but he also thinks POTUS might have an ulterior motive for raising the issue in the first place.Play video contentFOLLOW THE RULESTMZ.comSen. Kaine has faith members of Congress -- including Republicans -- will make sure the election goes down as scheduled, and Sen.

Bill Cassidyof Louisiana lends credence to that.Cassidy is a GOP'er and went a little softer on Trump, naturally, and attempted to explain where the Prez was coming from when he tweeted,"Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???"

But, he still came to the same conclusion -- Sen. Cassidy tells us there's no need to delay the election, and he'll support the winner, because the U.S. Constitution tells him so.As we reported ... Trump'susing the false notionof rampant fraud connected to mail-in voting as the basis for all this postponement buzz.

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Trump suggests delaying November election — but it's not likelyPresident Trump, trailing Joe Biden in the polls, suggests delaying the November election. At my opinion, I would say that he must be a very bad loser.

Here’s the truth about mail-in voting: fair, safe and honestA political scientist sets the record straight on mail-in voting: 1. Voter fraud is rare overall, and rarer by mail 2. Vote by mail does not give a partisan advantage 3. The public can learn to trust mail-in voting You guys are ridiculous. we are +90 days away from the election and you really think that can be implemented? Lol. What a load of crap. Is it possible you are shills for the Democrats?

President Trump suggests the U.S. may need to delay the electionPresident Donald Trump's Thursday morning tweet that suggested delaying the November election could cause problems for equity investors. 'It sows chaos, and chaos is bad for the stock market,' Jim Cramer said on 'Squawk on the Street.' Trump does not have the power to delay the election by himself; presidential elections are set for the first Tuesday of November by a 19th-century federal law. He is losing 😂😂😂 the only reason he is pulling this stunt TODAY is that he is jealous no one wanted him at John Lewis’ funeral and the spotlight is on someone else. Ha ha the Congressional ruling of 1845 says he can kiss the constitutions ass