Senators demand answers from Trump administration on Iran threat

Democrats accuse the Trump administration of taking reckless steps that could lead to war with Iran.


Senators from both sides of the aisle demand that the Trump admin. explain why it had evacuated US diplomatic missions in Iraq and brief lawmakers on the alleged threats from Iran that prompted the move.

Democrats accuse the Trump administration of taking reckless steps that could lead to war with Iran.

The Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho, said a full briefing for the entire Senate was"in the works."

He added:"I think there are a lot of people in my shoes that are going to support standing up to Iran but we need to understand what we're doing."

The move came days after the administration said it was deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and bombers to the Middle East due to an unspecified threat posed by Iran and its proxies to American interests in the region.

U.S. Central Command issued a statement disputing the British general's comments.

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Ask LindseyGrahamSC LindseyGrahamIsATraitor NO RESPECT from WH but they demand repect. RESPECT IS NOT DEMANDED IT IS EARNED. Now you want answers? you played the 3 monkeys (see, speak and hear no evil) and let DT do whatever he wants. You let the Genie out of the bottle, and you think you can ask it to go back in the bottle? Maybe if you stomp your feet it will help!

Republican senators created a monster and now want it to answer to them? As long as leaky Schiff there it might not be a problem. Loose Schiffs sink ships 🚢 Ppl are so sick with hatred they actually are trying to find something bad in trump taken caution to protect Americans after a threat was made do you realize what cowards you are

That's different The media and the weak should not cast doubt on trumps move your so stupid it sounds like you support IRAN and theirs threats your cowards step aside and let the president to his job thank you president for taken cautious care of our American families To Senators both sides & are allies. There no real reason in world that free world has put up with Iran attaching tankers or any ship's! Time wake up!

Shouldn’t you all be asking Putin, since Barr and Trump works for him 🙄

Trump admin hits Iran with new sanctions on metals industryPresident Trump has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, added sanctions and designated the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group. As they are. Lemme guess Ilhan and the rest of her peeps will be defending the Revolutionary Guard now too? Good news NK fires off a missile, we send a battlegroup to Iran..LOL

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Because he has not forgotten Benghazi and what happened there proven terrorist can not be trusted trump did the right thing just because some of congress have no balls trump is right Iran made bullying threats no president should take chances with ppls lives right move How about cause Iran is threating American lives and unlike Hilary Clinton we want to protect our people across the sea

Good luck with that... If you actually think he has a reason for his actions...other than pure IGNORANCE and're going to have to wait a while longer... Demanded, what a joke. My guess is Putin and Bolton. One of the two. Trump can't do this without the approval of Congress. Trump walks all over Congress and they don't blink an eye. Congress is the one in charge not the President.

Thank you. I'm interested in their answer, too.

'SNL's' GOP Senators Would Back Trump Even If He 'Gay-Married' ISIS Leader'SNL' calls out GOP senators on blind backing of Trump. 'We'll always be ride-or-die bitches' for him, says Beck Bennett's Mitch McConnell. Sad that it’s hardly an exaggeration. Who watches SNL? Kate McKinnon as graham is hilarious!!

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Asks GOP Senators What It Would Take To Stop Supporting TrumpSaturday Night Live returned to politics this weekend for the cold open -- after previously taking on Game of Thrones -- by posing the question to Senate Republicans: 'What would it take for President Trump to lose your support?' Kyle Mooney played Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd and began What would it take for SNL to focus on being funny instead of political? What if he was to grab all who illegally wasted the country's money and attempted to frame a sitting President and through them into jail? Probably get reelected! Why is this on my news feed?

GOP's farm belt Senators back Trump as China takes aim at U.S. agricultureRepublican lawmakers in the farm belt are standing with President Donald Trump in the wake of an escalating trade war with China, which retaliated on Monday with more tariffs on agricultural goods. Thousands of businesses are going bankrupt because of Trump's ridiculous tariffs. Tens of thousands more on the way. Since Republicans hate socialism so much, why are thousands of their farmers accepting taxpayer bailouts. Taxpayers demand that money back. MAGA thumbs up As long as they take their welfare checks

GOP senators raise alarms, criticize Trump as U.S.-China trade war heats upThey say tariffs are hurting their rural constituents, and they’re considering options to aid farmers. He's embracing socialism. Everybody hates on Trump even when he does nothing wrong. FakeNews MAGA Trump2020 🤔

Daily Beast: Trump Administration inflating Iran intelligenceThe Daily Beast reports that “John Bolton and other Team Trump hawks are trumpeting intelligence that Tehran is readying attacks on U.S. forces. They’re exaggerating the threat, officials tell The Daily Beast.” Distraction They want a war and Venezuela isn't working out so good.

Trump tells Iran 'call me,' playing good cop to Bolton's enforcerCNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. Making the 'Death to America' chanters come crawling back. Hilarious. Keep it up He wanna show 'em fire and fury thing

As Trump escalates pressure, experts fear Iran will strike backThe Trump administration’s strategy of ratcheting up diplomatic, financial and military pressure on Iran is increasing the likelihood that Tehran will use its proxy forces to strike U.S. targets abroad, according to several former intelligence officials.

Donald Trump stokes Iran war fears, warns 'they will suffer greatly' if they 'do anything''We'll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it will be a big mistake,' President Donald Trump warned at a White House press conference.. Which is why they will do nothing besides clandestine operations. Trump knows what he's talking about, here. He's been making Americans suffer him greatly for two years. It’s good he puts so much thought into the words he’s using threatening war. Ugh

Trump Administration Officials to Meet on Iran and North KoreaTop Trump administration national security officials were planning to meet Thursday for discussions on mounting security challenges posed by Iran and North Korea, according to officials. Idiots and warmongers meeting? What could possibly go wrong? Amateur hour. Iran has no choice but to become a Nuclear Power. Absolutely no choice!

Trump says it would be big mistake for Iran to try anything against U.SU.S. President Donald Trump warned on Monday Iran would 'suffer greatly' if it targeted U.S. interests after Washington deployed an aircraft carrier and more jet fighters at a time of rising tensions with Tehran. 'We'll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it will be Iran is not afraid of a draft resister. It's costly in keeping peace but if it result in war then it's not managing but bullying.

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