Senator Grows Emotional Recalling Photo Of Dead Father And Child At The Border - Cnnpolitics

Senator Grows Emotional Recalling Photo Of Dead Father And Child At The Border - Cnnpolitics

Senator grows emotional recalling photo of dead father and child at the border

'If you weren't appalled by these pictures, then something is dead or dying in your hearts and in the heart of America,' Sen. Mazie Hirono said


'If you weren't appalled by these pictures, then something is dead or dying in your hearts and in the heart of America,' Sen. Mazie Hirono said

Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, grew emotional during a news conference Thursday recalling the photos of the father and young daughter who drowned crossing the Rio Grande, as well as the conditions she saw children facing at the migrant detention centers on the Southern border.

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Turn around. Don't drown. They wouldn’t have died had they entered the USA LEGALLY! don’t like the laws, then change the laws! But stop pretending the laws don’t exist and that the primary job of the POTUS is to uphold the laws of the USA! I guess Crap News Network doesn’t comprehend the basics! So what CNN and this b**** is saying the parents are endangering their own children by trying to cross the border which is illegal. We also have laws in this country protecting our children from endangering the welfare of a child. We're country of laws! Don't like them don't come

Where was her outrage and tears when people died trying to cross under Obama's watch? Fake congresswoman! Stop these people from risking their children's lives! They are supposed to ask for asylum in Mexico! She should just SHUT UP!!! She too can go back. Clearly something is going wrong in this world. People blaming parents for endangering their children, but what is worse: plague or cholera ?! 😢 I still have hope, but we need representatives to take their responsibilities and act quickly! Please stop this

Republicans control government - 2017 no border crisis, no new immigration laws Republicans control government - 2018 no border crisis, no new immigration laws Democrats control the House - 2019 immigration crisis is all the Democrats fault. For all you do nothing politicians it's time to sit down and shut up!

Had they remained in El Salvador they'd be alive now.... And if you had the power to do something about it even more appalling

Sen. Schumer will donate campaign contributions from accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to charityNew York Sen. Chuck Schumer will offset more than $7000 in donations from accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein by donating to anti-sex trafficking and anti-violence against women groups. Comment? Guess he should resign also SenSchumer must resign.

I was appalled a parent would attempt with a child they love Kate Steinle First they came for the brown people... It still breaks my heart. Even Obama said for these people to not attempt bringing their children over. Sadly it’s the fathers fault. Alot of Fake Tears Does she know that the pics were from when the Obama administration was running the show. Maybe someone could slip her a note to let her know. It makes her look stupid. Help her out. Or maybe she should just sit down and shut up like she told every American male.

Shame on you and your Party for using the horrible image as a political tool! Exploitation of a dead family to bring more hatred and division! How about late & post term abortions? Does that not hit your radar? ....then you’re already HEARTLESS Easy. Change the immigration laws. Hacks. All of them.

Elizabeth Warren is taking chances, and they seem to be paying offMSNBC’s Garrett Haake, The Root’s Jason Johnson, NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla, and former Congresswoman Donna Edwards on Sen. Warren’s momentum rising as she announces an impressive fundraising total for the second quarter, despite not hosting any big donor events Warren might have a chance if she gave up eliminating private health insurance. Doesn’t liberal media actually think people actually believe their propaganda? This is interesting

Yet they sell their children to get money to pay a coyote to illegally enter the US. They don't give a hoot about their kids. Otherwise they wouldn't have left their home country. Just in the heart of America, ma'am! Latin American hearts are in good health, just some cholesterol in the arteries, but feeling ok!

Army slogan: 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes'. If you drag your kid through hundreds of miles of desert and then try to swim the Rio, causing your death and the child's death YOU are responsible. Not Trump, not the GOP and certainly not America. Either that or you're familiar with how communist propaganda works.

It is sad that the father put the life of his child at risk and that they both paid the ultimate price for his recklessness. If he had survived he'd be criminally charged. You only get one chance to avoid a fatal mistake - he alone is responsible for the tragedy Should have took swimming lessons before entering the water

The pics are appalling and devastating. I wonder why these parents put their children at risk by sidestepping the legal process to become an American citizen. This coming from a person whose spouse entered legally. You make a mockery of our commitment to choose legality. I agree, horrendous photo. So what are YOU going to do about it? What have you proposed in regards to immigration reform. What has your party done? Is it to much to ask you to do your job? For the good of all people?

I was appalled when the illegal raped the woman American citizen, i was appalled when the illegal killed the deputy sheriff. I dont recall you ever mentioning those or other incidents of illegals committing terrible crimes Where were you then? Sen. Mazie Hirono not appalled by homeless American citizens. She is not appalled by homeless and sick American veterans. She is appallaed by the treatment of illegals. Sen. Mazie Hirono is a paid Soros operative. FuckMazieHirono CNNisFakeNews FuckLiberals Trump2020

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan To Reform Immigration, Overhaul ICEThe proposal tackles everything from decriminalizing unauthorized migration and banning for-profit detention centers to offering undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship and reversing the Trump administration's hardline immigration policies.

What a out the kids in this country starving and no help or veteran's that are home less take care of them first maziehirono where was your disgust and outrage when the pictures were published in 2014? The issue of migrants have turned some Americans into even bigger assholes - which is saying a lot because they were big before but now they're really big.

People watch Hallmark more than CNN, Bahahahaha! It's a shame but the blame is on the father for deciding to try and cross the Rio with his hold instead of waiting for his asylum to clear. Place the blame where it belongs. Is this? We are tired of YOU...get off tv and do your job. You control the purse strings....REMEMBER WE DO AND YOU LET THIS CRISIS HAPPEN Good talk

And u had the information and power to change this... and u did nothing I'm not appalled by them.. nobody forced them into the water.. billions of Mexicans are doing good in Mexico.. this guy in the picture coulda stayed there.. Invasion.

Fighter pilot Amy McGrath fought against Al-Qaeda. Her new mission is to unseat Sen. Mitch McConnellEverything you need to know about Amy McGrath, the former Marine fighter pilot taking on Sen. Mitch McConnell in the 2020 elections.

HuffPost is now a part of OathThis nonsense is meat to The Trump base. Do better. Way too early to roll out the ‘better halves’.

HuffPost is now a part of OathLmfao no one cares because the women’s soccer team is physically repulsive at an amygdala level Equal pay in terms of Dollars or Percents? Lol, odd flex but ok.

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