Senate Republicans distance themselves from Trump on coronavirus masks

Senate Republicans distance themselves from President Trump on coronavirus masks.

7/1/2020 10:45:00 AM

Senate Republicans distance themselves from President Trump on coronavirus masks.

Senate Republicans have stood by Trump through controversy after controversy, but the rampant spread of COVID-19 is emerging as a breaking point.

But Trump has remained defiant, insisting on appearing in public without a mask on, planning campaign rallies inside massive arenas and demanding an in-person convention without social distancing measures in Jacksonville, Florida. In May, he retweeted a message linking to an anti-mask column that read"masks aren't about public health but social control."

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But even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., a man so close to the president that Trump often refers to him as"my Kevin," told Fox News on Tuesday that it would help if the president were seen more often in public wearing a mask.

"For the Fourth of July, we could show our patriotism with a red, white and blue mask going out there," McCarthy said.When pressed on whether the president's handling of the pandemic deserved praise or was hurting Republicans politically, McConnell ignored the president's efforts completely.

"Well, I can tell you is what Senate Republicans did was respond to the crisis by beginning to write the CARES Act in my office, which ultimately became law without a single dissent, which has done a great deal to prop up the economy," he said.

A few of the president's most die-hard supporters are still casting doubt on expert recommendations."It's important to realize that if society meekly submits to an expert and that expert is wrong, a great deal of harm may occur," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said at Tuesday's hearing. And House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., last week warned the committee's ranking Republican, Jim Jordan of Ohio, one of the president's most vocal supporters in the House, and other Republicans that they wouldn't be recognized to speak if they continued to refuse to don masks in the hearing room.

On this issue, those supporters of the president are increasingly isolated in their own party, a dramatic shift from the first three years of the Trump administration, when Republicans broadly stood by Trump through investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the impeachment trial and a long list of incendiary tweets and comments.

Download theNBC News appfor breaking news and politicsSo what's the difference? The botched response is so bad that Republicans are increasingly worried that they might lose.Since April, the Cook Political Report has moved ratings for Republicans in red states like Alaska, Georgia and even South Carolina, where Sen. Lindsey Graham has a stronger challenger and a tougher general election than he has faced in the past.

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Those seats are still likely to stay in Republican hands, but the shifts underscore just how hard the going is in true toss-up contests in Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Maine. Cook also moved Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont., into the toss-up column for a seat Republicans previously weren't as concerned about. And a Des Moines Register poll showed Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, trailing Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield by 46 percent to 43 percent.

The slide has come since the coronavirus first made its way to American shores in late January. In the most recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll, 51 percent of respondents said they would choose Democrats on a generic congressional ballot, while just 40 percent said they would choose Republicans. The 11-point lead is almost double the 6-point lead Democrats held on the generic ballot in January.

"You don't have the president of the United States and his re-elect running ads in Georgia if things were fine," said Antonia Ferrier, a former McConnell spokeswoman and longtime GOP strategist, referring to the thousands of dollars in ads Trump's campaign is running in a state that is usually reliably GOP.

"The drag on Republican senators is frankly the president's approval ratings that are not very good, and a lot of that is surrounding his handling of the pandemic," she said.And for a president who staked his re-election campaign on a strong economy now battered by the coronavirus, failing to address the public health crisis is an existential threat many Republicans say has left them frustrated.

"It actually would help restore the economy if we contain the disease. And the better the economy is, the better off the president is, I would think, running for re-election," Alexander said."So it makes no sense."CORRECTION(June 30, 2020, 10:45 p.m. ET): A previous version of this article misidentified Rand Paul's state. He represents Kentucky in the Senate, not Tennessee. The article also misspelled the first name of a senator from Iowa. She is Joni Ernst, not Jon.

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Its about time SmithBlindlib5 They realized, oh shit, most of them are in the high risk group. It's not about health. Ah, the scramble begins to get on the right side of the issue. Too late though. Their reticence to push masks despite the science will not be forgotten. Better late than never. BoycottTrump Don't tune in on the 4th of July. Ruin the ratings.

But not treason, election interference, subservience to a hostile country, emoluments, etc. They’re in lockstep with those. A day late and a dollar short... Been seeing a lot of ‘GOP distancing themselves from Trump on x’ headlines lately. Is the GOP gonna be okay guys? It is such a timid step of distancing themselves from Trump. Still tied at the hip

FINALLY . . . Election year. Gotta show you care until November third Too little too late. Distance donald from his current title, say forever feet away!!!! yes, to be safe they are staying like 6(million) feet away 🙄 Great news, but creepy that he has chosen a school skirt to make his mask from at his age!

Distance .. get it ?😐 So they had to wait for the bodies to pile up before they did what they should have been doing months ago. Senate Republicans distance themselves from President Trump on coronavirus masks. If they 'distance themselves' then they don't need a mask. Ask Fauci who is the so called 'expert'.

BFD....they should be distancing themselves from him...PERIOD JuddApatow They only wear them because their lips are so chapped from kissing Trumps ass. It’s about time Funny how 3.5 years in, GOP senators realize that tying their dinghy to the Titanic wasn’t the best move MSNBC Propaganda Hahahaha Funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Republicans are pretending to keep a distance from Trump! Hypocritical Republicans! kasie It’s about time people. Please stand for America and not for a man who hugs flags just to fool you all. He is no patriot. Check his tax returns. He took much more from the country than he ever gave. He has never served the people.. ever! Yet 40% of us blindly support him

Fake news!! Watch ... Febuary 18th 2020 1 disease control expert Dr. Fauci says wash your hand but skip the mask. realDonaldTrump the fake news make story about our president.President always said to follow&put instruction in place to follow.President doesn’t want to give the fake media the pleasure of wearing mask but advice American to follow their states for covid 19

Watch ... January 21st 2020 1 disease control expert Dr. Fauci says Covid19 is not a major threat and nothing americans need to worry about . Wussies When you describe republicans conduct it would be more accurate to stop referring to it as 'standing by' the president which implies some sort of moral strength. Refer to it honestly - as abdicating their responsibility for informed action. Please already stop enabling them.

Well, look at all the Globalist cockroaches coming out of hiding behind their Republican label. We knew this would happen. More to come. It's ok. Makes it easier to vote their asses out. All of the GLOBALISTS NEED TO GO! TREASON! Who cares over 127,000 dead, virus spiking nationwide, McConnell refuses to pass relief bill 2 and the republicans are going to take a principled stand - don't make me retch. This is for publicity only and will affect n o t h i n g

Now how about being actual human beings and denouncing his incompetence and hateful behavior? How about finally leaving the corrupt party they've been colluding with? Republicans defy Trump, simply because their lives are on the line. Not this guy ! He LOVES his pillows ! To late you idiots Distancing themselves from the Russian weapon!

Trump has failed at this crucial moment in American history, when the entire country is counting on Washington’s Coronavirus pandemic response. He is responsible for so many deaths. He won't even model wearing a mask! kasie They know he’s losing and they’re trying to save their seats. They all deserve to lose for not removing him after he was impeached VoteOutTheGOP

Do republicans really think if trump put a mask on. It’s going to make a difference? That’s as stupid as them waiting for trump to make this perfect speech. To wipe away 3.6 years of insanity marcorubio & SenRickScott - now help Floridians. Your party wanted DeSantis, now help us because he won’t. They're afraid that whatever Trump might have is contagious

No they don’t. Just the backstabbing RINOS like LamarAlexander do. Because of election time. Too late! We have watched the Republicans support Trump throughout his years of committing crimes. Wearing a mask is good sense, however, the Republicans have not worn masks for quite some time. Influence some other group besides Democrats!🇵🇷

Outing themselves as the rinos So there is something they value more than re-election All you young people put your lives on hold, so these politicians, who lived a long life, can live a little longer About blasted time. Too little, too late Racial Dialogue must address acceptable conduct of black youth hanging around stores shoplifting breakage intimidating customers one reason police get called. Then issue becomes how police react

COVIDIOTS too late for them now we can't take another day or 4 years of these people they have ruined the country. AGAIN! marchtothepolls VoteOutTheGOP all of them! 💄Sheritha Aww... Look Ma! We can Science! latetolunch meltingsnowballs Please wear a mask! God Bless you. COVID19 distancing themselves is one thing but are they distancing themselves from the fact bounty money to kill American military or are they protecting Trump again. This is treason SenateGOP must take action now to remove Trump

Republicans would stop supporting Trump if they really wanted to distance themselves. They are as bad as Trump. Mary Trump recounts in her book the appalling way Donald Trump, Fred Trump’s favorite son, dismissed and derided Fred Trump when he began to succumb to Alzheimer’s. Who the frick cares is the Orange Man wants to wear a mask or not? This is not news usual

For more cartoons subscribe to Only about 3 months too late. Between ignoring science as over 100k died and ignoring Russian bounties on American heads, they all deserve to be voted out. VoteCongressTrueBlue Remove the RedMenace TraitorTrump MoscowMitchTraitor LindseyGrahamLiar GOPincompetenceKILLS TrumpCrimeFamily

They should wear paper bags covering their whole heads... Because it might affect them personally they finally speak out? Morally bankrupt, all of them. Not far enough Getting worried guys, it’s a little late. Devil worshipping democrats are going to get massacred at the polls in November. Could it be that they are growing a brain?

More fake news. McConnell's statement doesn't mean they're distancing themselves from the president. FAKE HEADLINES!! You're dead late. Forthcoming 300,000 deaths? How did you all get so crazy Like we’re going to foget that the entire GOP has been in lock step enabling Traitorous Tyrannical Trump for the last 4 years? That the Cons stood back and did nothing while the pandemic raged? I don’t think so.

Election stunts Too little too late. Fuck them all! They must be voted out, all of them! It’s a start. Some of them are facing tough re-election campaigns. IS AMERICA GREAT AGAIN YET ? Oh they're going to own it.. it's going to be hung around their necks like an albatross. They need to distance all of us from President Trump by convicting on this High Crime violation of 18 USC 2387.

How fucking brave of them. Was reading a post earlier and someone finally gave a believable theory why Trump doesn't wear a mask. It's his makeup. He wears make up and he knows it'll stain the mask and embarrass him. Remember the Tulsa rally? When he returned with his tie off, his collar was smeared orange

Too late motherfuckers. GOPCowards We are talking about defunding the wrong people. Why aren't we defunding ALL parties? They should also learn how to wear them. No!!! Say it ain’t so!! FinallyYaBastards How brave! Only doing the minimum right thing in order to improve their chances for re-election.

It's almost as if they have spines, but not quite. All bad news, all the time. I sorta miss the days when half the internet was cat videos, and the other half was endless 'buffering' circles until you gave up. The American people will be distancing themselves from devil worshipping democrats on November 3rd.

Too late. GOP is complicit in all the virus deaths. They should be tried for murder.

Senate Republicans squeeze Trump over Russian bountiesSenate Republicans are vowing to get to the bottom of bombshell reports that Russia offered bounties to Afghan militants for targeted killings of U.S. troops overseas — and suggesting that retaliation against Moscow may be in order What's he going to do, start quoting Bible Verses like a tool.... Retaliation should also be against trump. I wish the Republicans were serious and that for the first time they will hold Donald Trump accountable for his actions without being afraid of him. I can’t comprehend the mentality of a man that fears another man.

With Senate Republicans ‘MIA,’ Pelosi And Schumer Urge McConnell To Restart Stimulus Negotiations Immediately“It is unacceptable that the Senate would recess without addressing this urgent issue.” Time to begin reparations legislstion to close racial wage gap relocation benefits so families can start over away from racist cities towns and find work This forbes garbage has really become nothing more than the mouthpiece of the DNC. journalism Shit ill take another stimulus check even tho i dont need it lol

With Senate Republicans ‘MIA,’ Pelosi And Schumer Urge McConnell To Restart Stimulus Negotiations ImmediatelyHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to immediately restart coronavirus relief discussions in Washington as the U.S. faces an alarming uptick in Covid-19 cases by theothersarahh theothersarahh Why is our government infested with such compromised shady politicians man wtf happened theothersarahh Congress should probably do their jobs... this isn’t a partisan issue theothersarahh It’s like a chess play - COVID, BLM, John Bolton, LGBT, Russia, COVID again, COVID, then DACA, COVID, inflation, come on, we all know your moves.

Abortion Rises as a Pivotal Issue for At-Risk Senate RepublicansSenator Susan Collins is facing the most difficult campaign of her career, in large part as a result of her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The new Supreme Court ruling has now once again put that vote at the center of public attention. Pa fuera!!! Baby lives matter!!! 👶

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