Senate Republicans Brush Aside Trump Gassing Protesters At White House

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Top Senate Republicans on Tuesday brushed aside the use of force against hundreds of peaceful protesters gathered to demand an end to police brutality against Black Americans near the White House

.“That wasn’t even a protest ― that was a provocation that was created deliberately for national television,” Sen. Marco Rubio , the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told reporters on Capitol Hill.

Shortly after protesters were forced from the area, President Donald Trump walked from the White House through the park to a historic church that was set on fire during earlier demonstrations over the weekend. Outside, he posed for photos with other members of his administration and held up a Bible. The display of force against a peaceful gathering at a public space near the White House, however, didn’t vex most Senate Republicans, who pointed to other demonstrations that had turned violent in the nation’s capital and across the country.

Sen. Ted Cruz denounced violent protesters and said it was important for the president to hold a photo-op on Monday evening to send a message to Americans that “we will not be cowed by terrorists.”“Didn’t really see it,” Sen. Ron Johnson , the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said when asked about the protest on Tuesday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer , who offered the resolution on Tuesday, said McConnell’s objection showed how Republicans “did not want to condemn what the president did” in Lafayette Park on Monday.


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Cowards like Rubio need to be voted out

Do you know what we’re told they did not use teargas news organizations like you that keep claiming that they harmed innocent people their blood their anger is all on you now start reporting the truth hate our president don’t hate our president but report the truth

Why do we let them brush this aside? How can we? What’s the limit? What’s behavior our leaders shouldn’t do if not gassing and abusing peacefully assembled citizens? How can this be a free nation if they can do this and have absolutely no accountability? What’s become of America?

His just as much a racist as trump being a cuban American don't mean shit.



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