Senate Republican seeks power to subpoena Comey and other Obama-era officials in FISA probe

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The Senate committee chairman leading the probe into the origins of the FBI's Russia investigation is asking for broad authorization to issue subpoenas to a number of top former Obama administration officials, including former FBI Director James Comey

The list of 35 officials who could be subpoenaed for records and testimony includes many top national security and law enforcement officials from the Obama administration. Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who's the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said Thursday that his committee will meet on June 4 to vote on a motion authorizing him to issue subpoenas"with the hope that subpoenas won't be necessary.

Read More"In some cases, we are already working with the agencies and individuals identified to obtain the information we need to do our work, and inclusion on the list should in no way be interpreted to suggest they have been noncompliant," Johnson said in a statement."I am asking for this authority to ensure the committee has the ability to quickly and efficiently seek compulsory process should it become necessary.


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Just challenge the summons in court like trump did and delay it for 3 years

Tell him he's dreaming!

Of course. I’d suggest 2 everyone including Mr Trump to watch a documentary called Active Measures. Once watched even the most ardent MAGA Karen will pull that Jabba the Hutt look alike out of the White House and hang him 4 treason & Send his kids 2 a Siberian Death Camp!

Oh FFS... not right now. Give it a rest!!

Desperation thy name is Trump.


Oh please, Subpoena Putin

ObamaAdministrationCabal CabalToGitmo

Will they hold the hearing at the Kremlin?


Enough it!

This may be an actual witch hunt

About time!


Unfortunately those individuals are protected by Executive Privilege like all the individuals subpoenaed in the Russian Probe and Impeachment Trial, even individuals no longer working in the government. Or is EP only used to prevent realDonaldTrump from being held accountable?

Just the next shiny to distract us from TrumpCoronavirusFailure , TrumpGate, and RussianElectionInterference.

get the subpoenas on Trump too if we are going v to do this under oath and let’s see everybody in court .

100k dead, 40 million unemployed... economy in shambles.... riots over racist police murdering a hancuffed man..... But by all means focus on Russia while the country implodes.....

This is a two way street, right!? We can do the same to Republicans!!

Tell this joker that trump has set the precedent. No one needs to respond to subpoenas anymore and would be fools if they did.

Guess he has nothing better to do.

Ya he’s busy that day...

Egg all over your face and blood on your hands CNN.

That will be very interesting hearing.

The police is on fire in Minnesota.

Anything to Distract!!! Dump Trump AND Ron Johnson WISCONSIN!

It's all executive privilege. Isn't it? trumpburialpits

For 3 years Obama planned and executed a coup against Trump. CNN collaborated with Obama operatives helping them to attack Trump thereby being accomplice in the coup.

In other news, the country is dying either fromna virus, police, or potentially our military shooting our citizens, per realDonaldTrump suggestion. So yes, at this moment, we are VERY interested in this investigation, so interested, fuck me. AmericaOnFire Dying Trump

Oh for heavens sake...he seems so intellectually limited and wants so to please djt.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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