Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against İncluding Minimum Wage İn Covid Relief Bill - Cnnpolitics

Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against İncluding Minimum Wage İn Covid Relief Bill - Cnnpolitics

Senate parliamentarian rules against including minimum wage in Covid relief bill

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled against including the increase in minimum wage in the Covid relief bill, sources say

2/26/2021 3:45:00 AM

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled against including the increase in minimum wage in the Covid relief bill, sources say

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled against including the increase in the minimum wage in the Covid relief bill, an aide familiar with the process and two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell CNN.

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The way the Senate drags everything out for no special reason it's evident why nothing ever gets done and they keep collecting their paychecks ! Business would go under. Maybe minimum wage she go by age over 18 $15 and under less. Why would the parliamentarian care?they are probably all white and afluent so if it doesn't affect them! why woukd they care? Really...

And this is a surprise because They should have ruled against the pork too. Parliamentarian While GOPQ are intent on keeping Americans below the waters of poverty level, hellish Hawley CPAC is proud to reiterate he voted against electoral college, forgetting Capitol Hill is still under siege by threats of domestic terrorists

But their vote doesnt matter. Bernie alone choses whats in the bill. Thats why no one has heard of this b4 The Senate parliamentarian weren't elected by the voters. Democrats promised they would increase the minimum wage to $15, the voters will accept nothing less. VP You need to pull all of your power and all of your favors and make this go through now. We cannot wait another 2 presidencies before we get this through.

GOPQ GOPQ Parliamentarian rule must go much like threat of right wing radicalized domestic terrorists encouraged by GOPQ lies threats, conspiracy theories, they should not be allowed to make America ugly, unhealthy, impoverished, broken US needs healing Off course they would rule against it .why would the senate parliamentarian care about that the American people should get a increase in there minimum wage .politicians never have to worry about that .

CNN hiding complaints re Cuomo harassment & his efforts to hide data on COVID deaths in NY. CNN is fake news. Please after cpac. Stop it. Trump is Not president anymore. Owner Finito No increase in 12 yrs. ! There should be an increase annually just for the rate of inflation . In the wealthiest country with the largest economy this increase would give 27 million people more money to spend which means more jobs . It's a win win which GOP don't want for DEMS .

thats what Republicans do vote against everything they themselfs earn a lot of money but normal people can starf If the minimum raise doesnt happen, every one in the country should strike and bring business to its knees. Kamala Harris needs to override. If she doesn't, she proves herself a fraud, AGAIN.

$15 min wage will make prices skyrocket and kill small businesses. CNN is fake news Is this the guy blocking 15$? ... but he doesn’t seem to like dems anyway. Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me

How hard is it to pass a bill with 100% funding going to people in need , problem is every senator has a pet project they want funded to attach to the bill ... talk about not caring scumbags ... excuse my French but thats just horrible , I would vote all of them out , DEM and REP Who cares what the parliamentarian says? We, the people, did NOT elect her. ForceTheVoteOn15

Separate issue!! Don't need another inflation so the wealth transfer can look better outside the country. Nope. Got to make sure there is either no natives left or just be a spoiled hooker. SHITBALLS💩💩💩💩 People still accept jobs making less than 15 bucks? Lol Only approximately 9% of this COVID relief Bill goes for COVID Relief, the rest goes all over the world, it pays back all the Democrats associates.

Just pass the damn bill. Democrats have the 51 vote. And the AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED IT NOW. QUIT BULLSHITTING. Republicans don't want us to have anything that helps us advance ourselves. Well, do it in a separate bill. American needs the economic boom an increase will give across the entire economy. Cry baby cry

The minimum wage increase belongs in a separate bill. In addition, it should be indexed like many other social contracts. The index could be applied every three or five years on a compounded basis in order to keep the wage increases easier to administer for employers and the Fed. Pass the covid bill without it why do things take so long

VP president of the senate can overrule the parliamentarian ruling in the senate, proof? VP Nelson Rockefeller overruled the parliamentarian in 1975. What's that even have to do with covid relief? What does 75% of it have to do with covid relief? The senate parliamentarian makes $171,000 a year Of course you disappointed senator Schumer, because now you’ll have to get enough votes to pass it on its own instead of a relief bill

System is rigged as usual Congress will never fix the wage gap. It's not in their corporate donor's interest and therefore not in theirs. Dems too weak to do what it takes and Reps too greedy/power-hungry to see the need. Keep the population poor, sick, and uneducated has been the play for too long. Separate bill that must be voted verbally so all the GQP have to verbally vote no. I want their constituents to hear they do not support a living wage.

VPHarris: 2 choices- this or kiss Democrats majority GOODBYE starting in 2022... If Kamala Harris doesn’t overrule her, two things will happen 1. Dems will lose everything in 2022 2. The poor will *definitely* eat the rich The right decision. Now they need to thoroughly dissect the bill and remove everything that is not related to Covid relief.

Judas Joe Manchin ithe blue dog Democrat side Moskal Mitch proud boy murderous insurrectionist republican party will not vote to do away with the filibuster support minimum wage will sabotage the Democratic agenda only thing left to do is declare a national emergency 15 hour Ok well pass the bill (relief bill) and make another bill and lets go debate.

It's the ole 'must keep the poor, poor' mentality. A control tool. Keeps them dependent on the government. Fuck the senate let them try to live on $7.25 hr see how fast they cry just being pragmatic here. so the house bill will be DOA. The house needs to be cognizant of that reality, get the relief help they can to the Amercian people asap which means scratch the minimum wage provision. Am I reading this wrong?

That's too bad. I hope they reintroduce it soon. $7.25 an hour is not enough to make ends meet. This is the USA, working people should be able to live above the poverty line. The parliamentarian ruling has no effect they can still do it if they have the balls. If Biden doesn’t increase, it will strengthen unions so companies better get a grip or they will be forced without the government.

They can still include it in the bill. The ruling is not binding. What about the blue state bailouts, the bridge to nowhere and Nancy’s underground tunnel Keep this in mind for 2022. Your $2,000 checks just paid to bomb Syria. Destroy the filibuster to save democracy! can you cover warmonger Biden please Pass it anyways!

Who tf is that and why do we fucking care? It's boring to sit at home alone, looking for someone to spend time with No raise for you!! Woohoo!!