Senate Democrats suffer defeat on voting rights after vote to change rules fails

Democrats fail to change Senate filibuster rules in an attempt to use a majority vote to pass voting rights legislation

Senate Democrats Suffer Defeat On Voting Rights After Vote To Change Rules Fails - Cnnpolitics

1/20/2022 6:44:00 AM

Democrats fail to change Senate filibuster rules in an attempt to use a majority vote to pass voting rights legislation

Senate Democrats suffered a major defeat Wednesday evening in their efforts to pass voting rights legislation -- a key issue for the party, which is under pressure to take action ahead of the midterm elections just months away.

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Has it become clear that the country does not want all this far left bullshit REPUBLICANS fail to support VotingRights, democracy. Corrected 😊😊😊😊 And the day after, your website has Trump headlines all over the web page. I recently saw a video on what MLK said about filibuster !!! a tool to deny governing by tools !!!!!!!

Is it “Senate Democrats suffer defeat to change Senate filibuster rules in an attempt to use a majority vote to pass voting rights legislation” or “America narrowly avoids federal overreach intent on destroying a key structural component of governmental checks and balances”? 😁😁😁😆😁 Only 2. But that's all it takes.

This is how weak leaders lead Biggest story in the history of the US - a former POTUS lead a coup attempt while POTUS, with full support and co-conspiracy of the republican party, and they continue to this very day undermining democracy in the US and Big Media is: 'Dems in disarray'! Every American citizen has the fundamental right to vote, and it is a States right to legislate voting laws, NOT the federal government; stop this nonsense and move on

Senate Democrats charge forward with debate on voting rights legislation despite expected failureThe Senate will gather Tuesday to begin debate on a package of two voting rights bills that was approved by the House last week.

Who thinks is GOP had numbers and voted the results would be different Democrats failed to take federal control of state rights. Fixed it for you. How is it that Republicans can pass laws without votes but democrats can't 🤦‍♂️ Voting rights are protected. Anyone that wants to vote can vote! You’re trying to legalize cheating. According to democrats it’s okay to mandate an ID to buy a hamburger but not to vote. Something wrong with that picture!

The term 'Misnomer' is commonly in use by Dems. Voting Rights Legislation, my ass. The only rights they protect are their ability to cause election chaos. Why is your tweet about Democrats failing to change filibuster rules and not about Republicans continuing to obstruct this bill? Black ppl and ppl of color has always been suppressed from equal voting rights You might not want to accept it but it’s true there has always been illegitimate elections in this country because people of color has always been suppressed in some way or another.

No. DEMOCRACY suffered damage here. Stop framing this as a sports event between two teams. Voting rights is about DEMOCRACY. Not Democrats and Republicans. This is good news. Republican Obstruction Continues to Undermine Voting Rights - fixed it.

Senate begins showdown over voting rights as Democrats brace for failureWith 2 senators appearing immovable, and with the GOP overwhelmingly opposed to the 2 bills, the measures are likely to fail. The Senate showdown is less a legislative strategy to pass the bills and more a political strategy to show voters that they tried.

It is awesome to see how great the checks & balances work for the people. Thank you to all who voted against this atrocity. I live in PR, Hispanic US territory where when we register to vote, we are given a VOTER ID so my vote can be verified & counted. Nothing racist whatsoever. Dont worry Trump will clean up the mess! 'TRUMP IS COMING'

Republicans, Sinema and Manchin fail to advance voting rights an the United States of America. Democrats didn’t fail. Morally bankrupt Republicans blocked efforts to protect voters! Thank goodness i accept it, i accept that trump is going to steal the 2024 election, he’ll do away with the two term limit, and stay potus in perpetuity, and america will be a conservative dictatorship going forward, i accept that that will happen, i am positioning my family to deal with it✌️GL

When the Republicans retake the House and Senate,they should bring up this vote again just to watch Dems vote against it. Schumer already gave a great speech on why we should never get rid of the filibuster.

Senate Democrats march forward on their all-but-doomed voting rights billsToday, Senate Democrats will try to get closer to a floor vote on the two voting rights bills that have sat inactive for months in the chamber, despite having no apparent path to victory on the legislation:

Good for Joe and Kyrsten they've kept America safe from the democrats,Long live the Republic! Oh some good news. 50 Republicans and 2 Democrats failed Americans. Imma need Letitia James to look into whose dark money is lining Manchin and Sinema’s pockets. CNN, here’s what happened. Republicans refuse to DEBATE election reforms! This isn’t a failure of Democrats to change the rules. It’s a failure of the senate to debate a bill.

Democrats didn’t FAIL. Republicans BLOCKED it. Not ONE single one of them stood up for the people. Fix your headline. Baby world news North Korea said it produced stamps in 2017 to commemorate the completion of international nuclear weapons. It is a nuclear weapons system that can reach New York and seems very dangerous. The Gulf War in Iraq is like a baby war.

Republicans sustain voter suppression. 2022 election integrity in doubt. No. GOP failed to protect voters rights.

Sen. Graham slams Schumer, Democrats for taking a ‘wrecking ball’ to the SenateSen. Lindsey Graham says Chuck Schumer will go down as one of the most destructive Senators in history. Graham took a wrecking ball to the GOP by his devotion to trump. Where were you on January 6th?

America_England_Germany_ Criminal and thief countries in Iran, Leave Iran with the government of the Islamic Republic Supreme Court ruling is a bitter legal and personal blow to Trump We need something more than profound disappointment. It's obvious that Biden was not the right choice for president. Manchin and Sinema must be censored and dismissed. Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema

Voting fraud legislation you mean Forgetting if the voting rights proposed law is right or not, Manchin’s words are right. The strenght of Senate institution is to have a minority party able to oppose laws unilaterally pushed by the other side, which may happen if Trump is re-elected and Senate majority is GOP

cool democracy Correction: Republicans defeat voting rights legislation in spite of the efforts of Democrats to use the majority vote. lol Democrats do not control the Senate. That much is clear. Why are yall trying to make a big deal of this when you and they knew it would not pass.

Senate Republicans again block voting legislation put forward by DemocratsSenate Republicans once again blocked a voting rights bill put forward by Democrats in the latest partisan showdown over an issue Democrats are urgently seeking to spotlight despite lacking the votes to pass the legislation ahead of the midterm elections just months away. Dems can pass it if they get rid of filibuster. So actually only the Dems stopped the bill from passing.

Your headline is F'ed up! It should say Republicans blocked voting rights for the majority of Americans. You are a huge part of the problem. Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema We The People SEE and HEAR you — You’re NOT for VOTERS’ RIGHTS in the USA. WolvesInSheepsClothing — 2022 elections will turn the Senate to Democratic Majority so you won’t be needed . .

Do you want to learn how to read the glorious Qur'an fluently within a short period of time? Would you like to memorize the glorious Qur'an in the best of form? You wish to know more about the Deen, AL-ISLAM? 👇 AL-MANĀR I. A. Yet another L for Democrats 😂😂 why would anyone change filibuster rules for a President with a 33% approval rating?

You must be devastated. 33% Even when the democrats are the majority they still can't get anything done.. How about a more accurate headline like 'US Democracy Suffers Defeat Because of Anti-democracy GOP'?

Republicans Block Elections Bill; Senate Democrats Turn to Filibuster ChangesBreaking: Republicans blocked a rewrite of the country’s election laws, and Democrats prepared to respond with an ill-fated attempt to muscle through the package with a simple majority by changing the Senate’s procedures Anyone gonna ask them if they’re concerned about undermining democracy with their statements calling future election results into question? Didn’t think so.

'The one hour and 52 minutes of our President Joe Bidens speech on what Americans can do to support and accomplish our goals for a better future are more than any President has ever bothered to speak about in our nation's history and never played a single round of golf'. AWESOME! Why isn’t voter id included? All people have access to an official ID. Don’t have money? Welfare will cover your ID. DMV also open on Saturday. No excuse.

love how we were all guilt-tripped for being critical of all these centrists bc they can get things done! work across the aisle! it’s always been a bs smear campaign against progress. can’t even work their own side to protect a foundational aspect of our democracy. pitiful. Americans failed by REPUBLICANS

Just In: SenatorSinema will be primaried in 2024. She was seen in a Red Dress shaking hands with SenJohnKennedy after voting not to change the FILIBUSTER ! She'll have lots of wine to drink in her forced retirement! God Bless Kyrsten & Joe 🙌🏻. American Heroes 🇺🇸

If you need a license or photo ID to get on a plane, you need one to vote. Plain and simple. This bill weakens the ability to ensure all voters are legitimate. It’s like telling TSA agents to “casually glance” at the ID of passengers instead of thoroughly checking. I wish a more honest headline would make its way to one of your chyrons: Government Split 50/50 still goes nowhere.

Tish James,Georgia,and NY DA to the rescue!! Thank God!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

(CNN) An attempt by Democrats to change filibuster rules in order to pass a voting bill failed amid opposition from moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. The vote was 52-48, with the two moderates joining all GOP senators. After the vote failed, there was a loud round of applause from Republicans.Sinema released a statement Wednesday evening explaining why she opposed the change. The Arizona Democrat said that she maintained her longstanding opposition to"actions that would deepen our divisions and risk repeated radical reversals in federal policy, cementing uncertainty and further eroding confidence in our government."The proposed rules change -- to allow for a"talking filibuster" on the legislation -- would have forced lawmakers who want to filibuster the bill to come to the Senate floor and speak in opposition. Once those speeches come to an end, the Senate would be able to hold a simple majority vote for final passage. The move would effectively eliminate the 60-vote threshold set by the filibuster. The effort by Senate Democrats to change filibuster rules came after Republicans once again blocked a voting rights bill put forward by Democrats in the latest partisan showdown over the issue. Read MoreEarlier Wednesday evening, the Senate failed to break a GOP filibuster on voting legislation that combines key provisions of two bills: the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. At least 10 Republicans would have needed to vote with Democrats to clear the 60-vote threshold to break a filibuster, which was not expected to happen amid widespread Republican opposition to the voting legislation.Voting rights fight shifts back to statehouses as Senate Democrats fail to advance national protectionsThe legislation failed by a vote of 49-51. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer changed his vote to"no" before the vote was gaveled so that he can offer a motion to reconsider the vote. In a show of support for voting rights and changing Senate rules, House members in the Congressional Black Caucus marched to the Senate, warning that no matter what happens, they won't stop fighting to pass it."We want the Senate to act today in a favorable way, but if they don't, we ain't giving up. I am too young to give up," Rep. Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, told CNN.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday defended the Senate's rule and said that Republicans would continue their track record of upholding the legislative filibuster, which he called the"essence of the Senate," the next time they're in the majority."It's pretty safe to say this is the biggest day in the history of the Senate," McConnell said. The Kentucky Republican, without naming them, congratulated Manchin and Sinema for their"courage" and bearing in mind"that in the very near future the shoe might be on the other foot."Manchin has said he will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster and Sinema has defended the 60-vote threshold. Both senators have argued the filibuster helps bring about bipartisan compromise in the Senate. Mark Kelly backs rules change to pass voting rights legislationAs a result, the push to change Senate rules sets up a major showdown among Democrats as the party gears up to put two of its own members on the spot in an effort that appears doomed to fail.Democrats, who control only 50 seats in the Senate, are under enormous pressure from liberal activists to take action on voting rights and President Joe Biden has trained his focus on the issue as other elements of his domestic agenda remained stalled.Biden vowed to keep fighting during a recent visit to Capitol Hill but conceded that he doesn't know if Democrats will be able to pass legislation they are pushing for."The honest to God answer is I don't know whether we can get this done," Biden said."I hope we can get this done, but I'm not sure."Schumer gave an impassioned floor speech on Wednesday and defended the push to change Senate rules. "As we debate this issue, so critical to the wellspring of our democracy, we will all confront the critical question: Shall members of this chamber do what is necessary to pass these bills and move them to the President's desk? It's my hope that courage awakens within the heart of our Republican colleagues before the day is out," he said, adding that if the Senate cannot protect the right to vote"then the Senate rules must be reformed.""Our proposal for a talking filibuster on these pieces of legislation would be the first step towards passing voting rights, restoring this body and breaking the gridlock that we now face on this vital issue," Schumer said.Manchin warns against partisan division In a speech before the votes Wednesday evening, Manchin warned against partisan division and argued that lawmakers must seek compromise even if it is challenging to do so. "Allowing one party to exert complete control in the Senate with only a simple majority will only pour fuel on the fire of political whiplash and dysfunction that is tearing this nation apart," Manchin said on the Senate floor."You don't have to look very far to see how we're tearing ourselves apart. Every part of this country, people are divided now." "It's time that we do the hard work to forge difficult compromises that can stand the test of time," Manchin said.This story and headline have been updated with additional developments Wednesday.CNN's Lauren Fox and Jessica Dean contributed to this report.