Senate Democrats Handled Barrett Cautiously, Prompting Some Activists To Fume Over Feinstein - Cnnpolitics

Senate Democrats Handled Barrett Cautiously, Prompting Some Activists To Fume Over Feinstein - Cnnpolitics

Senate Democrats handled Barrett cautiously, prompting some activists to fume over Feinstein

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10/16/2020 11:07:00 AM

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Judiciary Committee's top Democrat, has faced increased criticism from liberal activists, and questions from some of her allies about her ability to serve as the top committee member

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Leftist intolerance LOL.. if that had been Trump.. 'WHERE'S HIS MASK..LOOK AT THE DISGUSTING DIS-REGARD FOR COVID!!!'.. Oh wow.. rules for thee....... Sexism AND ageism.... nice job Leftists. Feinstein is a great example of the need for term limits. She has been in the Senate far too long. She is passionate in her beliefs but not intellectual or quick enough to confound Graham who certainly needs smacking down ( figuratively of course)! ACB cannot be stopped with the GOPcontrol of the Senate We will see if she is bought & paid for by Trump almost immediately

Senate Judiciary sets Oct. 22 vote on Barrett nomination after rejecting Democrats call for a delayThe Senate Judiciary holds its fourth and final day of confirmation hearings for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Watch live and follow here for the latest updates. I've had enough of tRump's MOB. IF IT; Moves thru WH like a mob Obstructs laws like a mob Bands together like a mob. Trust me, this administration is a mob. LindseyGrahamSC DelaytheVote DelaytheVote DelaytheVote DelaytheVote DelaytheVote DelaytheVote DelaytheVote

Senate Judiciary to begin consideration of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme CourtThe GOP-led committee is scheduled to vote on Barrett’s nomination next Thursday, teeing up an expected Senate floor vote before Election Day. Won’t watch on NBC! Boycotting all programs and sponsors! A smiling woman in a purple outfit: who knew this would be the face of democracy dying? She's the correct candidate for the gig. Hire her.

Senate Judiciary Committee Sets Date To Vote On Barrett Nomination Next WeekThe Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination on Oct. 22 — despite Democrats' attempts to delay proceedings. Republicans are hoping the Senate will confirm Barrett before the Nov. 3 election. this is what the left gets for censoring a negative joe biden report Biden Email Scandals How do we organize a collective scream at 1pm est on Oct 22?

Vulnerable Senate Republicans tie themselves to Barrett with Trump's numbers erodingEndangered Senate Republicans have a new running mate in the battle to keep their narrow majority: Amy Coney Barrett. Democrat's are tanking themselves by their behavior at the confirmation hearings and their predetermined vote against a supremely qualified woman Yeah CNN she wants to take away healthcare, set back women’s rights and dog whistles “sexual preference” insults the gay community. They have their hero. A sycophant like them. CNN always on top on these things 🙄 What will happen, when she has to go after them and condam them?

Amy Coney Barrett live updates: Day 3 of Senate confirmation hearingsPressed on any preconceived opinions of the False Claims Act and portions protecting whistleblowers, Amy Coney Barrett says she doesn't 'recall ever speaking about the False Claims Act or the constitutionality of the qui tam provisions.' he always sounds like he got some peanut butter on the roof of his mouth Time for News you won't get on ABC News It sounds like LG is leading the witness. The witness being a future scotus justice? Lol. Plus, did she just answer a question directly?

Georgia poll: Democrats lead in presidential, Senate racesJoe Biden has pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Georgia, and the candidates are statistically tied in Ohio, according to new Quinnipiac University polls released today I think it’s time for an expose on Trump’s kid. To be only fair you know. Why only go after Hunter? It looks like someone needs to put them on the dinner plate now. Just an idea. Its still rather staggering that Trump has enough support anywhere to be statistically tied. VoteForBiden All50State 50StatesForBiden VoteForBidenIsVoteForAmerica. Vote VoteAmerica Election2020 2020Elections