Impeachment Push İn The House: Live Updates

Impeachment Push İn The House: Live Updates

Senate Democratic leader says Capitol rioters should be put on a no-fly list

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer demands that pro-Trump rioters who stormed the US Capitol last week be placed on the TSA's no-fly list as a way to contain possible future threats

1/12/2021 9:45:00 PM

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer demands that pro-Trump rioters who stormed the US Capitol last week be placed on the TSA's no-fly list as a way to contain possible future threats

House Democrats plan to vote Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Rachel JanfazaRep. Elise Stefanik Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images/FILEGOP Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York was removed from the Harvard Institute of Politics Senior Advisory Committee Tuesday for her role in perpetuating baseless claims about voter fraud in the November 2020 election.

Trump moves to lift some Covid-19-related travel restrictions, but Biden plans to block the order Texas man who stormed Capitol accused of threatening to shoot children if they turned him in Capitol riot suspect plotted to sell stolen Pelosi laptop to Russian intelligence, authorities say

The decision comes following calls from students and alumni – includinga petitionsigned by nearly a thousand Harvard affiliates – to remove Stefanik from the committee.Pleas for Stefanik to step aside had been brewing since the election, but this specific petition was started early last week in the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol on Wednesday, when Stefanik objected to the certification of the election results, even after the violence.

“I spoke with Elise and asked her to step aside from the Senior Advisory Committee. My request was not about political parties, political ideology, or her choice of candidate for president. Rather, in my assessment, Elise has made public assertions about voter fraud in November’s presidential election that have no basis in evidence, and she has made public statements about court actions related to the election that are incorrect,” Douglas Elmendorf, dean of faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School, said

in a letterto the Senior Advisory Committee of the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School Tuesday.“Moreover, these assertions and statements do not reflect policy disagreements but bear on the foundations of the electoral process through which this country’s leaders are chosen,” Elmendorf added.

According to the letter, Stefanik was asked to step aside from the committee, but declined that offer and therefore was therefore removed from the committee.Megan Corrigan and Jacob Carrel – both students at Harvard Law School – were in a group chat texting as the violence at the Capitol unfolded.

“We were both aware Rep. Stefanik had this position at the Institute of Politics, and we felt that with her continued support of these false claims of election fraud she was enabling this violence. And we felt like she should no longer be a part of our institution or hold such a high position within our Institute of Politics,” Corrigan, a 28-year-old second year law student at Harvard Law School and an author of the petition, told CNN.

“She continued and objected after the violence… and from there, the petition just took off, even faster than we imagined,” Corrigan added.In addition to the petition, undergraduates also sharedan infographicon social media which explained why they believed Stefanik “should not be an IOP senior advisor.”

Trump to lift some Covid travel restrictions, a move Biden quickly rejects Rudy Giuliani voted with an affidavit ballot, which he bashed in failed effort to overturn election The Latest: Biden won't end pandemic travel restrictions

“Through her promise to oppose the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, Rep. Stefanik has demonstrated that she is not suitable to advise our student center any longer,” the students wrote.“We were so happy that the University heard us and took this step to hold her accountable this morning,” Corrigan told CNN Tuesday.

Stefanik responded to the Institute of Politics’ decision Tuesday with astatement on Twitterin which she said, “The decision by Harvard’s administration to cower and cave to the woke Left will continue to erode diversity of thought, public discourse, and ultimately the student experience.”

But, according to Coorigan, “This isn’t a free speech issue. This is a case of legislative action taken contrary to our Democracy.” Read more: CNN »

Democrats to take Senate as Ossoff wins runoff, CNN projects

The Democratic Party will take control of Congress for the first time in a decade, after Democrats the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their Senate runoffs in Georgia, CNN projected Wednesday.

Oh yeah Schumer what about the real terrorist BLM antifa Democratic party which supported them and they're burning the murderer looting INteresting Hello..hello...hello...hello...hello...TwitterChamber...TwitterChamber....TwitterChamber...TwitterChamber... Forget the no fly zone law...These animals crapped and urinated all over the capital!! And in different senate offices.. Hopefully somebody picked up samples of DNA. And should get prison time for that!!!😡

Hollywood back in business! They all should be charged with man slaughter some with murder Impeach Trump. Lock him up Can you expand that list to the rioters and looters who ran around this past year? And all the politicians who did nothing and said nothing about them. Double standards, impeach yourself Schumer.

Not COTU alone. A X-sectional and a longitudinal audit of all state organs will reveal the need to not only reform the presidency, but rotation as well. Abuse of tribal dominance has ruined us at near beyond redemption. Don't forget the fools that have committed treason in this country for the last year We can start with Biden and Pelosi

luvyanez What about BLM and Antifa. Will those terrorist who destroyed cities be put on that list too? Just asking for a friend. The real question is why did they do it? It was fear! Who gave them fear? Now the new question is, how to get rid of the fear. How do you stop these kind of actions, it's not by a no fly order. It's showing all people that we are on the road to recovery! God please send your love

Populisme is the white extremisme equal to the muslim extremisme, so bad for the first democratic country of the world,Trump shouldnot have been allowed by the GOP to represent the Républicain. And is he also demanding that all the people who rioted and looted in Seattle and Portland and all the other cities be put on the no fly lists as well Of course not he and the democratic party approved their bullshit protests!!

He is not leader yet try and get something right for a change Why has the media focus shifted from the voting fraud issues People are coming forward but nothing is being reported on.. This is a huge distraction to the real truth.. and an attempt to stall the court cases untill the 25th Agree, but they’ll just drive there.

They should be on the no fly list. Suggest also the no drive list. Thugs should not be able to assemble to damage property and hurt people. Those who want to hurt folks should just go their separate ways and consider all the rump’s lies What about the people that burnt down American cities during the summer? Hypocrites

I don't like them and honestly most those people are just as brainwashed as the left is. The whole 'line drawn in the sand' fiasco is going to blow up. lol that old queenie Schumer so old he doesn’t know about cars Middle east coast terrorists oh my god now do BLM I have a hard time accepting a travel ban. These people must be charged and convicted. Once they’re charged they will not be allowed to travel without a judge’s permission. I believe this is the proper route as it stops their travel w/o violating their constitutional rights

In America When homes , Businesses, Churches and Streets are set in flames n chaos it is called peaceful protest When the Capitol hill is attacked is called violent protest I like it. Straightforward and works for me. Known violent terrorists are routinely placed on the 'no-fly list:. Foreign or, as in this case, domestic.

weren't there buses? The moment we realized that this is a staged psyop Explain why the “Viking” guy is only being charged with misdemeanors and out on bail This is scary AF! If you show up to a protest in somebody at the protest does something radicle. You are equally responsible. Also you lose your job, your friends, your freedom of speech and ability to travel. This will definitely unify the country.

Including lawmakers that helped to spread this further then it should have gotten!! SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi TheDemocrats Prosecute them as terrorist too. CNN, could you please explain why I have not heard of anyone being charged with Felony Murder regarding the deaths of the woman and the officer? Mr braveheart

They should once convicted be prevented from leaving their counties and states. Well, he left the W.H. to the border wall....Lock the doors, & don't let him back in! MAKE IT SO Good call We will see more of them crying in the airports grind it chuck grind Oh come on Clown News Network, you even edit the lady who cursed him out? You’re ZERO fun, with all the charm of a Puritan rector. Bah.

Seriously, domestic terrorism is a blind spot They should all be designated terrorists at the very, very least What about the people that destroyed Minnesota,Chicago, LA? Let me guess, that was a “peaceful protest”. People need to open up their eyes to the evil that is about to unleash. Why is he on the street?

So if we said the rioters and looters should be put on a list what would be chuck’s first word out of his mouth “Racist” And imprisonments! How about, on arrest list Definitely this should be done immediately! No plea deals for terrorists!!! Smartest thing I've heard yet. Stupid they should be in jail period with no chance parole

How about the terrorist who tore down are monuments and killed 2 police officers But antifa should be flying planes, right shumer? 100%!!! There you go again... Cancel Culture ...Shame on our leaders. If you don’t agree with them, eliminate them. This is worse than racism, communism... So sad... 😪😪😪 'count me out, enough is enough,' Lindsey Graham is on Airforce One with Trump right now because enough treason is NEVER enough with him.

Until he calls for prosecution and the same for everyone involved in the riots over the summer he has what he’s always had no credibility WE demand you shut your face and retire or just pass away.. Why a leader gives a speech in the middle of a street? Whose idea was that seriously? Isn’t there an office or at least a hotel conference room? And somebody interrupted obviously? And now what, what happens to the rest of the message?

I totally agree. I believe Trump & his family should also be placed on that list.