Senate Candidate Smokes Marijuana In Campaign Ad

Gary Chambers, a Democrat from Louisiana, is hoping the ad will destigmatize the use of cannabis and help make it legal nationwide.

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1/18/2022 7:40:00 PM

Gary Chambers , a Democrat from Louisiana , is hoping the ad will destigmatize the use of cannabis and help make it legal nationwide.

Gary Chambers , a Democrat from Louisiana , is hoping the ad will destigmatize the use of cannabis and help make it legal nationwide.

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Here's a novel idea, compare the pros and cons of Alcohol v. Cannabis *Are they both drugs? *why is one legal and the other not? *What would happen if each were consumed for 8-10 hrs.straight which person would be left standing (cognitive) and/or conscious versus the other? Get elected, Then Go Out And Do The Right Things ! Good Luck

People and plants go together like god is love Using the 'blunt' truth to reach 'high' expectations 🌴 Hell yea Gary smoke that shit Guess that’s why Cartel Administration has opened the borders to crime and cannabis operations. It’s easier to control people with less brain cells- That’s just stupid. Marijuana use doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t affect me. But to broadcast it in a campaign ad?

I’m not a fan of drugs. Doesn’t matter what category you put them in🤷🏾‍♀️ to each it’s own. Honestly more surprised PA LT Gov Fetterman didn't do an ad like for his current US Senate run this given his pitch for years on legalization of marijuana. Trust a weed smoker over a drinker any day He’s got my vote!

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Just read comments and not surprised they're missing the point, which is to break stupid laws. Or is that a minor detail when DC is literally run via one dollar one vote? Look, that knowledge is your second chance to face your responsibilities freely, don't YOU blow that!! legalize EVERYWHERE NORML In the end we get the representation we deserve. sigh

I'm having flashbacks of the 1980s and 'Vito's House' in 'the bad neighborhood'. Not a good look or a place anyone should want to go. Put it in a tablet, prevent the smoking of it, so other people don't have to endure the stench! I'm sure there's some Republicans that would be happy to test that idea out of a few other things that are currently illegal that they like to partake in

Lets get Marijuana legalized it is less harmful to Adults especially when you want to quit Tobacco or Alcohol those 2 I mention Kills Americans Marijuana wont. It's legal here in Michigan. Third biggest cash crop now. Bringing in lots of tax dollars. Looks like a wood too wow

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Lol. I guess this is as Marion Barry for the Z generation as it gets.

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