Sen. Warren Says Bezos Should Pay Taxes Before Space Business Park

Bezos can do what he wants, but needs to pay taxes first ... according to Liz.

10/26/2021 11:00:00 PM

Bezos can do what he wants, but needs to pay taxes first ... according to Liz.

Bezos can do what he wants, but needs to pay taxes first ... according to Liz.

is trying to accomplish with his infrastructure bill.The Senator alludes to that here ... saying Bezos doesn't have an annual income that's easily taxable, which is why she says we've gotta be able to tax his overall wealth for true equity.

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Play video contentWORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE@blueorigin / InstagramAs you know, Bezos has been in a space race of sorts with other billionaires, who all seem eager to get the hell outta Dodge and conquer a new frontier. Read more: TMZ »

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Who said he is not paying taxes? I just don’t understand why the rich doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes…isn’t everyone supposed to pay taxes? We need to stop letting people think they’re above everyone else.. Who cares what Sen Warren is whining about now? He is paying the taxes he needs to pay. For Amazon if they paid taxes they did not need to pay they are breaking the law due to them not acting in the best interest of the shareholders.....

So wearing a mask outside… Has ElizabethWarren her tribal Indian taxes? Doge AryanKhan Covid_19 altcoin FreeBritney ETHPAD nftart_club NFTs Pocahontas is back I deplore this woman, but she is absolutely right on this! Seems kindof like im paying to take money from me. Has the irs not looked over Bezos tax returns? Or Amazons?

I guess the 990 million he paid isn’t enough for Pocahontas

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I didn’t recognize her without her headdress on Space tax to pay for NASA. Ratio Liz

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Pursues Private Space StationJeff Bezos’ space company said it would help to build a new space station, part of a growing bet that many future orbital facilities will be privately owned and operated AKA control stations to run & work the AI ranch “safe & effectively” of digitally branded & GMO subhuman species who “own Nothing but are Happy”... that is if they “behave well”! Feed the hungry, Jeff Hmmm quality is not a pillar of Bez. It will be cheaply built and falling apart. Hard pass.

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Holdout Sen. Manchin agreeable to wealth tax for Biden plan, source saysPresident Biden’s proposals for new taxes on billionaires and companies to help fund his domestic agenda has the apparent backing of Sen. Joe Manchin.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWhy?!? Learn how to make your own water blueorigin because you’re not getting any of ours. Signed: People who want to live in a clean environment here on Earth. Business? What business Isn’t bezos supposed to be good at business? This doesn’t make sense

Blue Origin, Boeing chart course for 'business park' in spaceBillionaire Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin on Monday unveiled plans to develop a commercial space station called 'Orbital Reef' with Boeing , aiming to launch the spacecraft in the second half of this decade. The 1st strip mall in space. fortheonepercent Why does this bring back memories of drevil's rocket in austinpowers?