Sen. Warren: Biden could cancel $50k of student loan debt with ‘stroke of a pen’

Sen. Warren on the prospects of canceling student loan debt: “We're going to get this done — President Biden could cancel $50,000 worth of student loan debt basically with the stroke of a pen.”

4/14/2021 5:33:00 AM

Sen. Warren on the prospects of canceling student loan debt: “We're going to get this done — President Biden could cancel $50,000 worth of student loan debt basically with the stroke of a pen.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Chris Hayes discuss the economic and social importance of canceling student loan debt: “President Biden could cancel $50,000 worth of student loan debt basically with the stroke of a pen.”

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Time for him to stop talking and start acting on it! People are sick of hearing about all he was going to do, and yet hasnt! Nothing but cheap talk so far! Cancel all of it. Then I want my money back too, I worked two jobs and eat tuna fish for a year to pay mine She’s a sick person. Canceling an agreed upon transaction to bribe voters.

I certainly hope so. My daughter is a clinical social worker. She is helping so many! Her student debt is holding her back and she needs to find a home. Help her and all those holding us together! Please stop with this BS. Cancelling debt? So is that just federal student loan debt? How about reimbursing people like me who paid out of our own savings for our kids education? Sure...just keep piling up the trillions in spending.

I still say I hope that’s for all of us with student debt and not just a select few who “qualify” because of lower income or whatever. I would very much like to retire in about 8 years. We should forgive medical debt first. College is a choice,fighting for your life isn’t. Cancel? You mean transfer the debt into a tax? I thought government taking over student loans was going to save us money


Sen. Warren: Bezos superyacht gives ‘new round of ammunition’ for wealth tax“Just today Jeff Bezos has given us a new round of ammunition in this fight,” says Sen. Elizabeth Warren on her wealth tax plan amid reports that Jeff Bezos is building a $500 million superyacht.

I am all in for helping people in need; but is the 'pen' going to pay for this? My understanding is there is more than 1.7 TRILLION dollars owed in student debt. He is going to have a hard time getting a 2T infrastructure plan done, but if he does he helps ALL of us not a few. By 'cancelation' they mean the barista with a masters in social justice doesn't pay, the rest of us do.

Go Warren fight 4 the young while the GREEDY get WEALTHY. A lot of people use student debt for purposes that have absolutely nothing to do with education. I'm not for repaying someone for new clothes and nights at the pub. There has to be verification of how the loan funds were spent on actual education expenses. MO

None of Congress has really explained this plan. JoeBiden VP he should to take the stress off of people . These students will vote for him again in the next election or whoever is running SpeakerPelosi WhipClyburn HouseDemocrats Omg y'all been at this for months now the goal post hasn't moved. Biden doesn't care about student loans

By doing this you'd be giving the finger to the millions of us who hold student loan debt that is now held by private companies. That wasn't my choice.

Sen. Warren on the loss of her oldest brother to Covid-19Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why the death of her brother to Covid-19 during the Trump administration made her determined to “hammer home the importance of having a government that is competent … that doesn’t look the other way.” Stfu chokecahontas I'm so sorry for your loss senator my deepest sympathy also lost my mom 🙄

Feel sorry for those who’ve just paid off theirs or those about to take debt on. About the only thing he has done is use that pen because he is a puppet to his masters. Never should in been elected. Not sure he even was but that another story Who pays for it? You can't cancel it, Sen Lie-a-Watha. You can only force other taxpayers to pay it back for them. PS. Your face is getting puffy from the overdone cosmetic procedures. Someone needs to tell you.

Doesn’t people see how this would enable colleges to charge even more money? SenWarren one more time,PLEASE explain to me why we should unilaterally cancel more student debt without any due diligence. Biden already canceled some billion dollars. I am all for helping students with good grades in need but what you are proposing is wrong.

So the taxes paid by hard work truck drivers, fire men etc who didn't take loan to go to college will now be used to write of the loans taken by woke and cancel culture antifa and blm college graduates? Pressure Are the rest of us who paid for our kids $150k student loans, plus FAFSA interest, going to get our money back too? If you take on debt, it’s your choice and you have to pay it back. Mortgages,loans, credit cards. That’s how it works. CancelStudentDebt

And that’s false (like her Native American ancestry). It doesn’t just disappear, someone has to pick up the tab. Wonder who that would be...

Sen. Warren: ‘Americans have had it with Republicans on taxes’'I think Americans have had it with the Republicans on taxes — the tax cuts that went to the billionaires and now just understanding this system is not working. It's a rigged system that works for those at the top,' Sen. Warren says on proposed wealth tax. Well we can’t wait for these tax cuts to come into being! Thanks Joe! Can I stop paying my taxes now ? Somebody help me understand how the Republicans get their taxes reduced but Democrats can’t get their student loans forgiven. Seems to me like Democratic leaders can’t get anything done! But always want our vote and do nothing for us ! Warren needs to change her messaging. Our working class idolizes the rich, even when it's being screwed by 'em. Stop calling it a wealthtax. Call it a fairsharetax. Democrats need to take a lesson from Republicans. MessagingMatters

I just finished paying four kids’ college costs. How much do I get back? I bought a BMW I couldn't afford, I should have bought a Ford, can you pay off my car loan too, I mean its only fair, I made a bad choice, but now I want some else to pay for it.

Sen. Warren: Dems are asking GOP to 'join us' on 'things the country needs''We need roads and bridges,' says Sen. Warren. 'Democrats are saying, 'We're going to keep pushing forward because the nation needs us, please Republicans, come and join us,' but too many are still turned toward Mar-a-Lago.' Oh look warren is still on her book tour. How does she find the time do nothing and still make millions at the expense of the people?!?! Blessed are those who mourn, and they will see God. RememberRighteousness CripplesAreWalking

Sen. Warren says Facebook did what the federal government failed to do: Ban TrumpSenator Elizabeth Warren joined The ReidOut to talk about the Facebook Oversight Board upholding Trump’s ban: “The issue is that we now have this corporation that is so giant, that is so powerful, it even names its review board the Supreme Court … This means we’ve got a corporation more powerful than government.” I'm in no way a fan of Trump, the GQP, the 'Right'... do you understand that *Power* and *Authority* are two entirely different things, especially in this context? Does anyone really plan on facing the future squarely, being utterly confused on the difference? JFC. GeorgePapa19 One thing we can agree w/ Sen. Warren. FB, Twitter, Instagram are too big. Let's break them up. The Government will never stand by and let a corporation be more corrupt than they are.