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Sen. Ted Cruz calls for criminal investigation of Twitter over alleged sanction violations

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling for a criminal investigation into Twitter for alleged violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

5/29/2020 8:43:00 PM

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling for a criminal investigation into Twitter for alleged violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Sen. Ted Cruz called on the Treasury and Justice departments to start a criminal investigation into Twitter for alleged violations of U.S. sanctions on Iran. The call to investigate Twitter comes against the backdrop of an already tense week between the White House and Twitter.

Key PointsSen. Ted Cruz said Twitter is violating U.S. sanctions against Iran and called for an investigation into the company.Twitter allows Iran's leaders to make accounts, though the platform itself is blocked in the Islamic Republic.Cruz said that violates sanctions in place to prevent providing services or goods to Iranian officials.

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The call to investigate Twitter comes against the backdrop of an already tense week between the White House and the social media giant.U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) takes questions from reporters on January 29, 2020 in Washington, DC.Samuel Corum | Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called on the Treasury and Justice departments to launch a criminal investigation intofor alleged violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran.Ina letteron Friday to Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, Cruz centered on the accounts of Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Twitter allows top Iranian leaders to have accounts on its platform, which Cruz said violates sanctions in place to prevent providing services or goods to that nation's officials. Twitter is blocked in Iran."The cohesion and legitimacy of our laws rest on their equal application to all citizens and entities, no matter how large or how powerful," Cruz wrote. "The Department of Treasury and the Department of Justice should investigate what appears to be Twitter's blatant and willful violation of IEEPA and E.O. 13876 by providing services to Khamenei, Zarif, and other designated Iranian entities, and, to the extent appropriate, enforce any violation through sanctions and by seeking civil and criminal penalties."

IEEPA and E.O. 13876 refer to the International Emergency and Economic Powers Act and Executive Order 13876, which imposes sanctions, respectively.Axiosfirst reportednews of the letter.Cruz called on Twitter to revoke the leaders' access in early February, though the company said it was not violating sanctions.

Twitter declined to comment on Friday's letter. Read more: CNBC »

Freeloaders in Senate do not know how to run a company Ted the lobotomy personified Cruz is a waste of space Really tedcruz ppl are struggling to put food on the table 30+ million without jobs, economy in shambles an just because they slapped trump for promoting violence you go off on some Boy Scout trip! Tell you what show ya your actual proof then we’ll believe you till then SHUT UP!

Cruz is an idiot. america is not a law-ruled country anymore Somebody needs a hobby 104,000 dead 40,000,000 unemployed. Go ahead CNBC, tell us about this nonsense The master of Clowns wants more tax payers $ spent in bullshit ..... this guy has no brain .... what about an investigation on the White House Failure to protect the People against The virus and failure to provide testing before opening .... clown

🤔people want to see facts and receipts and not the word of mouth from someone else and politicians. Another senator who ought to lose his job. Ha! I hope these politicians drive this cesspool of a platform out of business. Seriously though...tedcruz did your Dad kill JFK? GOOD!!!! And you USEFUL IDIOT RUNNING DOGS FOR THE COMMUNISTS IN CHINA

🙄 So now Cruz is an anti private enterprise guy calling for government intervention in a spat between a private firm doing quality control on their platform and a vindictive brat of a government official ? THIS is what “government overreach” looks like, Soviet-style. Another man in government with mental illness.

The Twitter & Facebook issues are a great thing for the GOP and help distract that more thank 100K have died from COVID and the number is growing. It's the ol' 'look over there at that other thing...' Ted Cruz is a terrible husband Hey, where is the fact check here? This party needs to quickly end up in the dust bin of history.

Retaliation to fact checking?! It is a good thing to be fact checked...helps you make better decisions and gets you closer to the truth. This tells you that these guys don't care about making good decisions for the country nor do they care about the truth. I think the FBI are still busy looking into the fact (well, the President said it!) that Cruz's dad murdered JFK.

Este perturbado mental es un lameculos Senator Ted Cruz wants Twitter investigated. Did he say anything similar about Minnesota cops? AND his beard sucks. As hominem but accurate. When is the DOJ going to investigate all the innocent victims of the Bowling Green massacre? A criminal investigation into this serial killer is a better use of time

Violations that happened *after* Twitter started following their guidelines with regard to all users? Or is this just retaliation? SenTedCruz LYIN' TED GOP tedcruz hugeturd Breaking: Useless Texas Senator becomes fed up with thoughts and prayers. TedCruz TwitterFactCheck Of course, Rafael always has to step in and defend the man who called his wife ugly and implicated his father in the JFK assassination. Talk about not having any balls. SenTedCruz

Shut up Ted Cruz. Trump called your wife ugly on Twitter! Why would CNBC allow this pathetic example of a man pollute the air waves and peddle this trash? tedcruz SenTedCruz is a feckless and immoral wimp, just like his twin bro in the WhiteHouse. He a ZERO credibility. Lol...amazing how these guys are fine when Facebook is spreading mass disinformation and Cambridge Analytica is feeding Putin American data, but when Twitter slaps Trump on the wrist they want to destroy the entire company.

He is gonna loose the next election 100% The do nothing Republicans still gossiping how about help the Senate pass the HERO bill 🤡 Why did Ted's daddy shoot JFK? These folks. No comment on The Pres's consistently questionable behavior, but oh can they grandstand to please him. What has HAPPENED them? Sold their souls for THIS GUY?

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I’d like a criminal investigation into Cruz’s father’s role in the assassination of JFK.

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Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto pulls name from Biden running mate considerationNevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto announced on Thursday that she was withdrawing her name from former Vice President Joe Biden's search for a running mate. Good. Because no one knows who this is.and she wasn't going to get it anyway. It's like my mom saying that she's withdrawing from consideration. Damn... it is too bad that my name is not on the list

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto withdraws from Biden VP considerationNevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto said Thursday she does not want to be presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick Joe Biden’s a Central Park Karen. All white Democrats are Central Park Karens TAKE BETS ON THAT! That’s like saying you don’t wanna go to the party when you were never invited in the first place. Who the fk is she

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Test Indicates Sen. Tim Kaine Had CoronavirusSen. Tim Kaine said he and his wife have recently tested positive for antibodies to the novel coronavirus, making him the second senator thought to have had the Covid-19 illness. You can’t really say that anymore can you because the tests are just not there yet, they have been more wrong than right. Hopefully they’re working on an antibody test that actually gives correct results. Half of us have had this stuff. Well would look at THAT.. Further proof 0.5% death rate lockdown is a sham