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Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion

Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion

8/7/2020 12:07:00 AM

Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion

The 'Make Billionaires Pay Act' would impose a one-time 60% tax on wealth gains made by billionaires during the pandemic to fund healthcare.

Key PointsSens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Ed Markey D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand D-N.Y. introduced the "Make Billionaires Pay Act" Thursday, which would tax tech's top leaders tens of billions of dollars in wealth made during the pandemic.

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The "Make Billionaires Pay Act" would impose a one-time 60% tax on wealth gains made by billionaires between March 18, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021.The funds would be used to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for all Americans for a year.In this screengrab taken from a berniesanders.com webcast, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talks about his plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic on March 17, 2020 in Washington, D.C. Businesses are being severely impacted, schools are closing temporarily and large events are being postponed as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the country.

Berniesanders.com | Getty ImagesTop tech leaders and other billionaires would be forced to hand over billions of dollars in wealth they've gained during the coronavirus pandemic under anew bill introduced by Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Ed Markey D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand D-N.Y.

The "Make Billionaires Pay Act" would impose a one-time 60% tax on wealth gains made by billionaires between March 18, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021. The funds would be used to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for all Americans for a year. As of Aug. 5, the bill would tax $731 billion in wealth accumulated by 467 billionaires since March 18, according to a press release. If passed, the bill would tax billionaires on wealth accumulated through Jan. 1, however.

Under the bill, tech and other business titans who have seen their wealth shoot up during the pandemic would take huge charges. Amazon and Walmart, for example, have both seen their stocks grow as Americans increasingly relied on their services during stay-at-home orders during the pandemic.

That added billions of dollars in wealth for their top shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos andWalmartfounding family, the Waltons, respectively. Read more: CNBC »

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Because foolish ways Democratic cities over spent their budgets, expect someone to bail them out. It is like irresponsible child can’t control their spending and looking for an adult fix it. Need to let the child learn a lesson in life, the hard way. Yup shocking billionairs who sell shares monthly to fund their hobbies like space flight for billionaires are asked God forbid to sell a minimum of shares to pay and to help $40,000,000 Working Americans avoid Eviction and basic Health Care poverty. hosts deriding this.😠😠

This clip clearly proves cnbc anchor only cares about the stocks and the billionaires. They clearly are worried how the tax will affect the billionaires wealth. While the rest of Americans are struggling to pay for medical expenses. BernieSanders Great joke. You work hard, make wealth and than these guys will come and rob. Studip.

CNBC, you coverage of this is an absolute joke. Does anything that Sanders' says matter? Do it! They can just move to another country and slowly funnel that wealth out of US. Bernie gets nothing , US loses what it already has. Why not just flat out BEG 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hmm that's about enough for a couple of F-35s?

Sanders in Wonderland 2 of the 3 probably don’t care . Sanders always wants to steal other people's money. that's what socialists/communists do : Steal. 😆 All these Leftist jokers expect Elon must now be feeling like suckers after supporting the demented brainwashed TheDemocrats Commies Maybe someone should tell Bernie they actually don’t have that in cash!

It's a shake down. The billionaires are now expected to spend millions in lobbying. Everyone involved gets payolla. Bernie gets a 4th home. Act goes away. Do people really not realize that the net worth of these billionaires is almost entirely tied to the valuation of the companies they created? And that to pay these wealth taxes would require them selling off huge portions of their company (which would also rank the market)?

JustPlainHowie_ Here’s how fast they move to another country Donald Trump $0.02 if you use his reported figures now or his real worth after his lawsuits next year! That’s a drop in the bucket for those guys Under capitalism it’s normal to let children go hungry, let banks force people out of their home, let sick people die for lack of access to healthcare, but the idea that billionaires could be just less rich, not poor, not struggling, just less rich is considered radical.

What a joke. Let me steal all of your wealth. Call it the oligarch tax in our American oligarchy. i mean yall really cant be serious naming the bill that.. lol 🤣What a creative name! Why would anyone successful stay in this country when, all of a sudden, Congress just decides to take a chunk of your money like this?

Hmm i see this as a way for people with lots of money to help those who doesnt have a lot of money during this pandemic. People can twist Sanders intention all they want but if you can help then you should. I feel terrible for Bezos he will only have $110 billion left after this tax Never happen. How many rich congressmen are going to vote for this?

unbelievable. No tax is ever one time only. No tax is ever limited to its first target. 🥱 They shouldn't be required to pay taxes period! As it is, they didn't pay *anything*! This will eventually happen as the wealth gap gets bigger and the poor working people will get tired of getting the shaft. Seems like this is just a tactic for Congress to act like they don’t steal from the middle class.

Democrates knows Bernie's idea can fight with Trump. But Trump has won. You posted 100 times just this morning ... everyone seen it! A $170B guy taxed $40 is the end of the world meanwhile $75k American taxed 22% almost 18k is ok. Pure paranoia tactics to the capitalist! Let them take their companies to chime again!

They would literally just move. If you tax unrealized gains you have to provide credits for unrealized losses. This is a hollow proposal founded on fantasy. Mark to market taxation makes no sense and will create an administrative nightmare for the gov’t to apply. Ridiculous. Guys how will they pay for their space ships?!?!

It's amazing (well not really) that so many people are against SenSanders wanting a one-time tax to help millions of people struggling due to no fault of their own due to the pandemic and poor gov't responses. Yeah, the socialists actually wants the tax vs. a blank check! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Bernie Math: 60% tax on $0 in realized appreciation of their stocks = $42.8 billion & $27.5 billion.

So they should , the poor are drained dry ! In 1999, Trump proposed a massive one-time wealth tax to pay down the national debt. Democratic multimillionaires to get tax relief Lunatic socialists always care about someone else's money instead of giving out of their own pockets. Here’s the future. No property tax. No water or electric bill. Nothing. You want that.

Those are what we call in industry “paper gains.” It’s not like a billions hit their bank account and they hid it in a mattress. That’s the most communist idea I’ve heard in a long time. Sanders officially lost it, if he ever had it. What he's suggesting is confiscating wealth. Not even China dares to do something like that. They just ask CEOs/founders to kindly step down, the state takes over the company, but the ousted founders get to keep their money.

Give everyone 1 share of AMZN and 1 share of TSLA These are Robber Barons in our new Gilded Age. These are all unrealized paper gains. For some of you who think this will not affect you, don’t be fooled, you’re the next ones in line to feed the Green Deal monster how much he made during those dates, let's tax him also!

Hey thanks a lot cnbc for reposting the same article so all of our comments are no longer attached to it. Hasn’t someone told you this isn’t tv? Your first tweet is still out there for people to read and comment on, no need to repost. Absolutely idiotic. How DARE your stocks increase in value amidst a global pandemic! How DARE nature inadvertently benefit some companies! We just tax you for your good fortune! inb4 'muh bootlicker' Who is deepthroating multi-billion dollar media company propaganda? You.

How about 'Make Politician Pay Act'? How about 'Make Politician Accountable Act'? Keep up good work:( with bs like that he will lose this year election himself, Trump should be very happy Love people that have never contributed anything wanting to take from those that have. Build something Bernie then we can talk!

Convenient dates It's not only stupid, but unconstitutional. Taxation is theft Good! EatTheRich Does Sanders know that their net worth isn't real money? Can Bezos pay the tax in Amazon shares Stupid idea And. They won't miss it nor are they using it to give back to the community that help make them Billions. At some point enough has to be enough. And the greed is unbelievable in these cases

How bizarre. The stocks are all paper wealth until they are sold. If the stocks go down in value do you have to give them refund? And yet Facebook refuses to remove REPORTED overseas scamming profiles - costing the US in homelessness! Why is there a push to tax unrealized gains? What is wrong with taxing gains when realized and the cash is received. This is like taxing homowners for the increase in the value of their home before they sell it. For most this would mean selling the home to pay the tax.

One would only hope that Bernie could keep his ego in check until after the election. MakeBillionairesPay No, he’ll help put Trump in for another term. Thanks BernieSanders Its truly amazing that no one in Congress has any idea how the net worth of these guys, or really economics in general, actually work. If their share prices go down next month can they file for a rebate? Its an absolute pandering clownshow in DC.

Bernie is a moron. That is like saying I will propose the 'Homeless people cut my Lawn Act'. Billionaires have money so lets take it from them and Homeless have time so we will take it from them. This makes absolutely NO SENCE whatsoever. I find this insane, but can we just make Zuck pay it all? “Make Billionaires Pay Act' after US billionaires suffered huge losses due to COVID-19? They are paying more taxes because they hire more workers who pay taxes. And they pay different kind of taxes such as Income, Sales, Excise, Payroll, Property, and Estate et cetera.

You forgot George Soros. Or is Bernie excluding him? This socialists millionaire (on a civil servant salary) telling billionaires he wants their money. Shut up Bernie. Wait. So he wants them to pull out collectively 800 Billion from the stock market to pay taxes? That can’t end well for anyone. Good How many folks would loose their jobs under Bernie boys proposal? Tax the rich and they don’t create as many jobs for us common folks.

This is such flawed logic. Let them endow charities and create jobs which has a multiplier effect. Simple econ Been. How about we cut Fed benefits to reflect the same average cost to.employees the private sector has....that would be a huge chuck Sounds like Socialism. how bout you guys start donating to the government since you guys are so danm concerned

What socialists fail to realize is that every fee, every tax and every bit of money the government takes from billionaires is rolled down in higher prices to the middle and lower class. And why should they not pay their fair share? Where would this magical money come from? What would happen to this magical money if the unrealized gains turn into unrealized losses before January 1? I want to live in this fantasyland!

they would just waste the money....on big gov. How about Trump? He says he is worth billions, and he is not only making money off the pandemic , but off his presidency. WHY? Just because they started something years ago and has brought fruits of their labour? They have created thousands of jobs? They have made America brand known worldwide? The socialist minded people cannot get off their boots to work? They contribute lots to charities? WHY?

Instead of pay, hire. Darn those white males for driving the American economy. High tech feudalism and the art of an economy by the oligarchs, with the oligarchs, and for the oligarchs. 🤔 The amount of people who applaud this type of extortion is beyond scary. Imagine creating a company that changes the world and having a person who's never worked a day in his life take it from you. WOW...

Isn’t that stealing? In other words. People who worked hard, sacrificed everything, employed many people will no longer be able to chose to donate their $ to charities. Instead the Government will decide/choose the best way to spend their money. Shame to see so many billionaire boot lickers in the comments. BillionairesShouldNotExist

never pass, congress needs billionares money Tax stock volumes instead theough stock exchanges individuals hide money offwhore create UBI for under $35k earners Will BernieSanders be paying the tax too or just take the money from people who actually work like elonmusk Totally wrong..They made that money

Why punish the rich when Powell made them and himself richer. Defund the FED. This guy has absolutely lost it... how about BernieSanders sell one of his homes that he was given by all his donors and bs rally’s? Stupid old fart wants to take other rich peoples money, but hide behind his curtains... socialism

Please get this garbage political hack amyklobuchar off CNBC. “I don’t want to get political.....only knows how to get political” Maybe we should worry more about not putting small businesses out of work. There should be a flat tax. Thanks socialist Bernie sanders is a complete doofus It’s a start Nice Trump bashing session with Klobuchar this morning

This should be condemned for what it is. Theft by a government unable to manage its own finances. Not enuff!!!! we need more beef!!!! Let's go! BernieSanders Make it happen Problem is that it never targets just the tip top, it trickles down to middle class Pay? 😅🤣😂 How about 'how much of their property would be confiscated from them'? Truth always takes more words to explicate

good Bernie Sanders is a cartoon. will never happen. get rid of this clown. BernieSanders Going soft.. Why only 1 time Taking money from innovators who donate to good philanthropic causes and giving it to the government who would ultimately waste it is a good idea says no one ever. Yes Oh, that'll happen.

If politicians got away with this once, only a fool believes a second-hander like Bernie wouldn't be back for more. how about thinking how to create something not to take something. That would not even cover half of the deficit. If Bernie would rather become rich and then put away his wealth. This is the smartest thing I’ve heard all day. We love you bernie! Tax them! Every billionaire is a policy failure.

Force them to sell shares or liquidate in other ways? He realizes they don't have that in straight cash in a checking/savings account right? Lol. “One time” And use the money for what? What good would that do This is socialism at its finest example. That is so stupid. Yes - take all of the rich peoples money and use it to pay for maybe 10 percent of the COVID spending. And not even dent the national debt. Class warfare and nothing else.

My wife pointed out this would likely cause huge declines in the market. I pointed out the govt (and we) have no fricking right to that money. It's immoral to tax anyone that much of what they've earned One shot gun that would be useless: Next year the poverty problem would still be here, even more so that employers would gtfo of the country. Communism is a disease and should be criminalized.

While the government is paying for things, how about a free one year trip to Cuba or Venezuela for Sanders and AOC staff? Upon arrival, American smartphones are replaced with Cuban phones, all American bank accounts taken away. Let them experience the true glory of socialism. Yes, Agree Hahahahahah this guy is such a tool box.

So he want billionaire businessmen to pay for his reprobate existence and inability to run a government and lead people. They did not get rich listening to bumbling idiots. They are headed to Europe. Does he ever have an idea that produces revenue without taxing the ones that worked their whole life and never the broke the law?

So easy to be generous with other people's stuff... Their wealth is all stocks. Make them sell them! WTF do you think that will do? Tank the stock because it can't be bought! Companies tank Chapter whatever bankrupcy, bye bye! If this law was passed it would tank the stock market and wipe out all the gains that we are talking about. there are better ways to tax the rich.

WOW, and I only asked for a couple million,to start over and last for a life time I didn't get it,you think your going to get that much for just a year? It's cute that Bernie believes this could actually happen- good luck collecting $27.5B from Musk, who has yet to pay ANY taxes on most of his current wealth. How about doing some REAL work for a change, Bern? I'd like to get my 37%'s worth......

Agreed Bernie!!! Those fuhkahs getting away with murder. We agree on something! tax federalreserve too! JP made millions on this pump! He should shut up and retire in peace. Just because a guy is really successful doesn’t mean u can slap a huge tax on him whenever you want , if I were him I’d close a few warehouses and move them to a different country to send a message!

That’s state theft. Who gets to keep it? Him? Typical socialist theft They would just make it back. There's no such thing as a one time tax. Lets instead tax homeowners who own more than one residence. Bernie needs yo pay his fair share. Did he even say that. Or is it CNBC playing dirty tricks. Wouldn’t cost SenSanders much less. Berndawg billionaire isn’t hurting for money. Pay up old man.

How would you pay tax on notional wealth It is wrong to try and imply suggest that billionaires should be responsible for such a massive amount, *HOWEVER they have to no longer be given huge tax breaks if at all DO IT!!!!! The problem with any of these proposals is that there is no accountability as to where the money would be going. The real thieves are the people in Congress.

Well that’s the American way! is he aware they dont have their net worth in cash? And wouldn't solve the longterm problem of a miss balanced household. Cut the military budget in half and you get enough money each year to solve many more problems. Those are fighting words 😂 Great idea! Bezos and co won’t live long enough to spend the billions they made with Covid-19! All of these billions are not based on fundamentals but speculation and index bubbles

This communist is delusional sbalatan Threatening the wealth of someone who could easily afford to have you killed is always a questionable decision. Why are people against this? It's not like you guys are billionaires lol. How can you tax unrealised gains. Absurd and insane suggestion. Free enterprise exchange or free commodity order

Good. I mean if you are doing to be a « monopoly » you should pay your fair share for all the small businesses you destroyed becoming one. It's called senility. AMERICANS HAVE FIGURED OUT THAT DEMOCRATS ARE MENTALLY ILL. PELOSI SCHUMER BIDEN WARREN mapoli NHPOLITICS Nice idea but wont dent the deficit which is trillions

This is financially illiterate, does he plan on forcing them to sell stock and give up a controlling stake in companies that they have made successful? I propose a 1 time injection of covid into him This is like having to pay for your increased home equity that’s just a function of the market price of the house and that frequently changes. You can just tax them if they sell their stocks, but such a massive sell off would be bad for their stock as well as the market.

This won't even get to a committee vote, let alone the floor, let alone pass the Senate. Even if it did all those things, which it won't, it would be vetoed by Trump. This is socialist propaganda, not news. You must retire BernieSanders The latest in a long line of “Tesla Killers” 👇👇👇👇 So there went the credibility of the Democrat Party on the Environment: TO ZERO. Glad we finally got that straight.

The proposal doesn’t enough sound sane and fair. Come on US, you can do better than that! 🤔 This is not the 🔑 to your finances. The key is YOU. Improve your financial education by reading/listening/and talking about 💵 Work to increase your income ✅ Budget ✅ Invest ✅ Repeat ♻️ Great idea ....they have made a fortune from the pandemic.....so time to give back a little

This is actually insane. muppet economics.... does he actually realize that the so called wealth is really stocks being held by these people... so in order to pay their taxes they would be forced to sell them thus crashing stock value ...thus evaporating peoples savings and 401k. Democrats How Much Tax Is Sanders Currently Paying And Why Is He Not A Billionaire Since He Loves Tax In That Bracket?

Those two are going to pay the Saudi gangster who had the Washington Post journalist hacked to death do the same to Bernie. Hillary Clinton will be patched in via Zoom to watch. We live in a fucked up world. He’s an idiot Taxing success, risk and entrepreneurial endeavour. Brilliant. It is easy for a Government to step in and take money after all the hard work has been done. Would the Government of stepped in and helped if Musk and Benzos had failed and were living under a bridge somewhere!

Wow. What a joke. Not a very well thought out proposal. It's ok they can afford it Don’t get why people are upset with the Rich people that don’t pay taxes like it’s the gov fault they allow them to do it Lol, 'one time tax' Senile 👍😊 Bernie is just a thief in the night. BlanikZ That is not a taxation, but a state-organized robbery... How can anyone decent support this communist? I am lost for words... One can not believe what can come the the U.S. these days... On one side Trump, on the other such a something...

Lol Great idea, punish Elon Musk, the man that is changing the world for the better. Bernie is an imbecile. One thing about Senator Sanders, is that he has never wavered his ideology in all these years I am not a fan of Bernie Sanders (even though, he is better than Trump) but, I do agree with him on the fact that billionaires should pay more in taxes that could go into programs to combat the Coronavirus and the COVID 19 disease and certain scarifices should be made by the rich

No Love it Good take it all. They don’t care about our taxes You can't fix stupid... Haha hahaha, good luck with that ! And how exactly 60 billion is going to pay for 25 trillion in bebt again? What about Gates? He’s lost the plot BernieSanders This is coming from someone with 3 more houses than elonmusk and drives a more expensive car 😂🤔. Wtf happened to the American dream? 🇺🇸 Dream big become successful get shit on? Is that it?

Sounds about right. There is a big difference between wealthy people's cash flow and wealth calcs. Beware policies that lose the entrepreneurs to other countries. What does Bernie want, a donation If either one of them had to sell enough shares to pay this ridiculous tax, the corresponding drop is share price would bankrupt both of them. This is beyond idiotic to suggest that someone gets taxed on an unrealized profit, like getting taxed when your house increased value.

What a stupid idea. Most of their gains are paper only due to increased stock value. The worst part is probably the starting point. After losing many billions because of the pandemic this plan will tax the recovered loses as well as additional gains. So a one time tax? Isn’t that just confiscation of their wealth? This isn’t a tax it’s a “I want what they have and I’m going to just take it because I think I can” attitude.

So it’s a tax on unrealized gains ? Is that a thing? BernieSanders Although they likely could afford to pay, isn’t this more like robbery than taxation? What’s the problem. They got it Will those rich ceo, founders, billionaire, millionaire etc. have pay that tax, or the poor / middle class shareholders of their company has to pay that tax? Please checkout my link: tax stock shareholders politics Sander

What a fool, why don't you sell everything you own bernie and give that to the government. Lolol sikee I just wish he'd shut up for awhile. The Dumb ass Fox News will grab this. And say it's Joe's plan. Like everthing else. Bernie's not the future Pres. Joe is and this will just muck up the works. Canada is depending on the Joe Biden to get all of us out of this. Thank you

So you can steal it for yourself? I cant believe there's people that take this man seriously. What a joke. Works for me go home Comrade Bernie “One time.” 🤣 After Elected as a 🇺🇸President, together we go to School , home work pending 😉🍃 Why doesn’t this corrupt multimillionaire politician put his hand into his own pocket? Keeps preaching to others but doing nothing himself? He got rich off the taxpayers. The people he targets created value for the world.

We should do an one time tax off 90% on the government so we get our money back they stole from us Luckily for those clowns Sanders has been rejected by the voters. Of Course SenMarkey is all involved. Mr. Ban Autopilot to make cars less safe. Guess what - I don't need anyone paying my out of pocket medical bills. And how about those that can't afford it - start busting their butts to figure something out in life.

This is redic and will never happen 🙄 OMG Bernie is nuts. Can't stand him. He needs to step down already Communists and their Communist solutions. 🙄 Shouldn’t he lead by example and sell his houses and return the money to his comrades? Deal. He's not dead yet? Holy sh*t! And I bet they would keep taxing them afterwards if they were in power.

This fool has been peddling bullshit his when life and people still like him...lolol Uh don't touch Elon Musk at all, but please do take ALL of Bezos' money! The latter has killed too many retail jobs over the years, putting many people out of work as a result! Great, so with a federal government that spends $4.4 Trillion/year ($12.05 Billion/day) Musk’s tax will be spent in 2 days & Bezos’s I’m roughly 4 days. That gets us through almost one week of the year. Maybe it’s a spending problem instead?!

International activities of the Latin America states in combating drug trafficking in the XXI century: what you have to ask this Socialist is what he proposes to do with this windfall. One of the problems imo is that there is NO accountability for how money is spent it goes into a black hole never to be seen again.

Gross misunderstanding of wealth availability. I’m all for everyone contributing their fair share - but this is a bit overboard IMO. investing How about you just hold JeffBezos accountable Nd charge him with insider trade information considering he pulled out 3billi9n within a week before a massive stock crash feb 8th and he just did it again yesterday so if it crashes again he def should be charged.but we know he wont

Why when the fed can just print it out of think air or click their keyboard and it's there. Why not make up a quadrillion lol it's all fake anyways. Obviously crashing the dollar on purpose when you increase the supply so much.xrp coming soon Legal theft? LMAO Bernie is a fool SenSanders set an example by giving away your three homes and 2 million dollars. Also stop taking tax payers money in the form of salary from the government, you are paid way too much for spreading communist propaganda. It’s time to pay back comrade.

Ha ha ha lol... omg, rotflmao... Really? I see senility is setting in.. In order for bezos to pay that tax he would have to sell huge amounts of amazon shares causing the stock to take a nose dive and causing normal people to lose tons of money. Bernie Logic. Bezos and elonmusk should just buy out this punk and send him into retirement.

Expropriation is not a taxation Do it And give it all to state of IL😎😎😎 Yep confirmed! Bernie is a communist! Funny! 19 of the 20 riches Billionaires are Democrat globalist who make their money off of China on the backs of the American workers! Hah hah hah! Good luck with that!🤣🤣🤣 and he should pay all what he has it is only fair , he is old and does not need the money, he does not use it to advance society anyway

Haha. O Bernie... Economics... What is the point when the printer is out of control. You can't take that back,so might as well just keep on printing. Reminds me of the seen from Titanic when musicians just keep on play knowing that they are sincking with ship anyway. This right here is why fiat is absolute shit.

One time and then... 😂 The problem is no one thinks it would be a one time deal... sap1028 It will never make it through Congress,but it sounds gives him a good photo op. I work with people like Bernie, always comes with the great idea, but never want to put the work in. 🦇💩🥴 Bernie 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Sanders is a living Muppett! DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

Pure insanity, force these guys to sell billions in $TSLA $FB stock and then pay tax on the gain they were forced to take to pay the tax billionaires tax. What do the guys with private companies do? Borrow the money? Sooo... theft Do it! So Elon would have to liquidate a large portion of his shares in Tesla causing the price per share to plummet wiping away wealth for thousands and potentially destabilizing the employment of tens of thousands of people. There is a difference between wealth and net worth.

Sounds fair ha ha ha! What would people have done without their services? Capitalism isn't bad. It works when implemented properly. One time. Then one more time. Then one more one more time. Ridiculous. They don’t have B$s sitting around. They have stock in companies they founded. Which would he do: [a] Have them liquidate their stock (devaluing the co.s & dropping both their wealth & co.’s value)? [b] Have Gov accept stock as tax, owning large holdings in companies?

That will encourage entrepreneurs to come to America This imbecile has done nothing , created no jobs and worth millions because he is a senator. Bezos just hired 300,000 people and made things cheaper for us to buy , Musk created three companies. This is why Democrats and dip shits like BernieSanders can’t be trusted

He’s a 🤡 Great idea Wtf is he trying to throw it to Trump? Million or billion? I suggest Bernie pack up and move to the Siberian Home for Aged Communists... Tax that, geezer! is he going to confiscate their shares and then sell them? It’s fed driven wealth...nothing more, nothing less. He wants some of that new, fake money from the Fed to go into the system vs merely going to shareholders. Thoughts elonmusk?

So BernieSanders wants Elon to have to sell his shares which would cause him to lose control over Tesla and therefore weakening the company. Bernie, you do realize he has the wealth in stock. Not realized gains. Big difference. Bernie is a danger to all sane Americans Hey JeffBezos like Bernie's plan?

Lol yeah. Bezos can just walk on down to his local Well Fargo and take out a cool 42.8 billion. Do people not realize his wealth is in his stocks/options? He’d have to sell more than a third of his wealth in options, get taxed on that, and THEN pay this tax. Smart. How can there be people in the world as stupid as Bernie Sanders? He has lived his whole life on the wrong side of history, advocating for Marxism, the same as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler did.

Bernie has lost his gourd It's not like they have cash sitting around. All they have is shares of stock. How does he not understand this? Great idea Bernie. Just make sure to refund them back the difference if the market or their stocks tank. Dumbass. I would think a 78-year-old would know how unrealized gains work. Plus starting the clock after stocks like TSLA took a 50% hit on paper?! elonmusk is probably getting a good laugh at this one.

consumer-$-product-$-corporation-$-head of corporation-$-gov-$-bailouts-$-consumer. If $ stops at the top, the well goes dry. Keep the pipes open and rebalance the American fund. Support liberals socialism you pay Ok. I’m sure the government can spend others money without waste much better than Bezo and Musk. 🙄. More government force. That always ends up well. The government needs to just get out of the way of success. Liberty anyone?

Wealthy or poor, people do not give away money. Why do you think 🤔 the wealthy start businesses; for tax savings. Even the president said “don’t get upset at me if I’m a good businessman and can save money through my businesses. Everyone getting on Bernie should know Trump pushed this very idea about 10 years ago

My god he's stupid. BernieSanders such a Communist 🙄🤦😒 Or, and hear me out on this one.... No. It's always hilarious when a career politician aka Democrats think they know anything about business. Government moocher. TermLimitsforCongress BernieSandersisaCommie Why? If the Fed Gov't would stop playing fast & free w/ current taxes and syphoning off money for personal gain, there'd be plenty to cover the requirements as set forth in the Constitution. It's not the job of our Fed Gov't to offer & maintain so many permanent social programs.

He’s clueless Privileged guy goes after more privileged guys. 😂 sen. sanders doesn’t know how personal wealth works and that by taxing billionaires’ (who’s wealth is in company stock) you’ll be hurting more people than you would be helping. Bernie 'One Time' Sanders. AmyBlondell Unamerican Americans are too brainwashed to defy their billionaire overlords.

US could definitely use that money to help during this crisis Rocket fuel for bitcoin What do you do about year two? I suspect they will be donating to the opposing political party now ...and oh sure it would be a one time tax!!!! don't think this is possible, but billionaires should start to realize that they will be paying more taxes in the near future.

Lol great incentive to innovate. 🖕🏻 Ouch..ooh that hurts..and yet they would never miss it. That, sir, is called “theft”. Bernie 🤡 Why put this forth knowing it would never pass. I’m going to make an offer of $100 bucks at a Ferrari dealership ship tomorrow. Is it any different? As sure their $$$ is safely protected in off shore accounts Berny/Biden will just tax the little guys..

Do it!! If Sanders would have gotten a Dem nomination, Trump would run away this November. Even an honest Dem thinks this is awful Last time when the US had high taxes on Billionaires it was effective just because it forces them to invest all earnings back into their companies and do not pay those taxes if understood it correctly.

How those guys gonna pay for this ,they got to sell massive amount of stocks to do it !!! you don’t have to be a genius to relaize how bad this will efect the market ,Seriously whats with the Democratics and there weird tax plans ? Last time it was wealth tax and now this !! Omg...i needed a laugh😂 So tax unrealized gains? What if on Jan 2, 2021 stocks drop all the gains made during this “pandemic time”? Theyd have to selloff major stakes in their companies. Theres a word for this absent in socialists/communists dictionary. Its called “theft”

How about shrinking government and cut spending? Being austere would do wonders. How do you tax on unrealized gain? It’s pretty clear the wealth gain he is taking about is due to increase in share price of those companies, but none of the ceo sold any stock. So because some Senators can’t get a deal done to get the government to cook up some dollars from thin air, they want to take another persons dollars from thin air?!

Robbery This isn’t tax, it’s theft. Tax is on profit/income, this is force seizure of company ownership. Like what they did in communist China and Russia. Thoughts on this elonmusk ? Hah lol... Bernie. And then we are still nowhere close to a balanced budget. He can charge Bezos that, but not Musk. 😅 Yo how about a 1 time tax on BernieSanders 1/3 of his money. Why not

You can’t target individuals for being successful, it will never solve the problems you preach or the hatred in your heart! lol thats why he never be a president 🤣. Delusion could become a dangerous phenomena 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not Tesla Bernie. This is who you need to tax : Amazon, Facebook twitter, YouTube, Netflix etc - all platforms that rely on the interweb. We all deserve a dividend from this public infrastructure which these largely automated companies leverage most and rely upon, intrinsically.

🤡🤡🤡 realDonaldTrump Democrats plans will ruin economy Somebody get the hook. Get this idiot off the stage. How much will it cost socialist multi millionaire bernie? If there wealth was gain in stock its not a taxable gain. You dont like these guys getting rich during this then don't use Amazon and Facebook.

No chance Taxing unrealized gains(which isn’t income) is basically the dumbest fucking idea idea. You are literally just stealing stocks for the government. SOUNDS LIKE MARXISM! Lets increase taxes to stimulate the economy. Nice! He should form his own party. LOCO. Lone clown. Bezos and Musk.... In jobs created, millionaires created, taxes paid, instituting major changes (lowering prices, electronic autos), charity donations, etc... Not one person in DC has helped America/The World like they have.

Let's punish Jeff bezos for deliveribg household necessities in a low-risk way during the covid pandemic Why is sanders still talking? Why is this 'news'? One time, are you sure? I wouldn’t trust Democrats to manage my money, not for a second. Damn, that’s nuts!! I wonder if their wealth on paper goes the other way, when they have to sell half their assets to pay the tax, if they get a tax deduction for their loss in wealth?

This is such a publicity stunt to brainwash the poor uneducated. Sanders cannot legally tax unrealized gain and he knows it. Bezos is PAPER RICH, so technically he didn't gain $billions during 2020, thus Sanders can't tax anything. Another Donald Trump style politician, shameful! There is never a one time tax. Bernie knows that this is the first one time tax. Socialism has never worked at any time in history. Only those at the top like Bernie benefit

Just those two? Expropriation of speculative assets? Hahahahaha! Right. Dumbest thing I’ve seen all day. Elon should not have to pay, he is doing very good things with his money and he doesn't control how much he makes unlike other CEO's Sell one of your 3 houses colonel😷😷😷 Does anyone really care what this fool says anymore?

I'm sure the low level of this tax is just above the networth level of Bernie How do you tax unrealized profits? Silly old man. Control you spending, stop dumb ass project and spending! Why not congress and the senate take a 20% pay cut. Improve education and you would have more elonmusk sand JeffBezos in the world!

How bout... ...cut spending? How about him? Would he have to give up one of the beach house? Not nearly enough to cover DC spending What's a one off tax that'll raise a few hundred billion going to do? National debt is 27 trillion. Politicians have no abilities to think outside the box. All they can do is ask for money from people. Reduce costs is unthinkable by them. Americans are seen simply as a money pit. Bernie. It's time for you to move out of the 20th century.

It is a great idea and let’s see how your congressman vote for this but why to tax them while we can print all that money. Has Bernie completely lost his mind? Would you force them to sell their shares so you could tax them? Elon has said several times his money is first in last out. Too bad I supported Bernie but this doesn’t make sense.

So will that be enough to solve our economic problems? No. We have a SPENDING problem! Stupid nonsense. Bernie has lost it. Tax paper profits. Ridiculous My favourite Martian This is so backwards. Do people actually think the government is capable of redistributing wealth effectively? It's the policies of government monetary institutions that are actively inducing this very wealth disparity!

Good eattherich This is by all means stealing . “ a one time thievery “. Then we’ll leave you alone - until we need more money. What an as shole . “One time tax” my as*!!! Next year they will say “ well, maybe just one more time”. 'One time taxes' are just like bridge tolls. You are told that after the thing is paid off, the tolls will be removed, so you pay for the bridge one time. But in reality, the tolls are never removed because they now just need this money to fund everything else.

And why not SenSanders give also part of his wealth? Why socialists always like to give away others people money and never their own? Good for America that this kind of socialist dinosaur is out of the presidential race. SocialismKills What difference does that make, the Govt will waste it as always. The Govt has got this Country so fucked up finacially, we deserve a currency collapse!

Robin Hood had same process 1st problem the name ie make somebody pay. 2nd he’s trying 2make success evil. 3rd it just smells bad. He thinks he’s robinhood. Despite the fairy tale, robinhood wasn’t a nice guy. 2day it’s make rich pay. When that is not enough it will B the less rich etc till it’s all people.

Ofourse he does. This guy that contributes nothing. I'm telling ya. I propose that this socialist dig a hole and put himself in it, forever Dumb liberal hypocrite SenSanders The single stupidest idea ever. Con man BernieSanders Thanks for not becoming the president. What!!! elonmusk can you send this guy SenSanders to Mars? I will pay for it.

I'm sure they'll be voting for Trump. If a billionaires company stock goes down during this time are they going to get a refund? Good luck!! Who the F does this guy think he is? King of the Anti-Capitalism Empire? One time... 🤣 tech Silver shortages are here. We can’t source enough silver. Tesla, Samsung, Apple and solar (my industry) needs lots of silver. Tickets: MAG, SAND and SILV! Guys, buy bullion and mining stocks!!!!! Reminds me of 2011...

70 billion from productive to no productive use... Lol 🤣 lol 'one time'. Until the next time. Sanders is a joke. That's why Biden is the nominee. Do they even give to real charities for starving, or homeless, or poor people? Or just for the arts. Tax the fxxk out of them. Brilliant people make it, politicans take it.

Lol What is Presidential candidate Joe Biden's opinion on this idea? Oh yeah, HidenBiden refuses to speak or take questions or do interviews. Bernie Sanders may be the worst senator of all time. And he almost got elected president. This guy Bernie is a communist robbery...... Dangerous road to tax on unrealized gains. Every homeowner in US should oppose this.

How much for sanders? Is that fair to the shareholders of these stocks?! Elon is hero for trying to make the planet a better place. Every American is lucky to have Amazon during the pandemic. I bet millions more dead without Amazon. Bernie Sanders wants to punish people for coming up with ideas that make out planet better.

Insanity. Good Pretty sure that man has dementia and that's not legal Oh because you did so much for that money and really deserve it. Because the government is great at managing money and in-acting programs that are awesome and not at all detrimental for Americans.....NOT Quitstealing Socialismsucks Crazybernie Crazydemocrats

This guy is really insane! Good idea realwillmeade No This action is the worst of envy politics. Biden should run ...not walk... away from any association with this notion. 'one time'. Nothing more permanent than temporary government policy. Just like the Democrats you go in penalize people who are creating jobs in a very innovative for something they didn’t do. You should be going after China China should be paying for all the expenses for this Chyna virus

And some people are going to reject this idea. 😂 They probably forgot that Jeff Bezos made $13 billion in one day! Just two weeks ago! Heck, his ex-wife made $4.8 billion dollars on the same day! July 20th. You could look it up. $AMZN BernieSanders Amazon employs millions of Americans with a livable wage and should not be required to pay any tax whatsoever.

Yes, forcing them to liquidate their equity holdings and wiping out the market. Genius Bernie. Dead on arrival. Meaningless unless he can get it passed. Unlikely... Notice how now that BernieSanders is a millionaire he does not want to tax millionaires anymore? Dumb and where exactly would this $$$ go ? Into the pockets of lazy morons who don't want a job and feel entitled to government handouts ?

Free market capitalism is all good and well on a small scale, but absolutely nobody on earth needs a billion dollars of profit to themselves. I don’t care who you are. We have to admit this is a problem. Is this man hell-bent on turning us into a third world nation? Attacks the symptom and not the root cause

Taxing unrealized gains, which could change dramatically is a slippery slope that would hurt everyone. Especially middle class because that would be next How the fuck do you tax theoretical wealth. As soon as you propose this the stock market will tank and boom the governement havent made nearly what they wanted

One time,so funny There goes our return to the moon and Mars for the next 100 years or more. Taxing the rich unfortunately will not do very much. What we need is middle class Americans to build more healthy financial habits. And UBI. Do it! These cats are getting richer and richer off the pandemic. Time to pay their fair share.

One of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard from an elected official. And that’s saying something. SenSanders adds zero value to America. Nothing. How do people like this wind up in office? What a curmudgeon Idiot. Greedy bastard Sounds fair. Warren Buffet will gladly pay too. How much will Wilbur Ross kick in?

Bernie is a lunatic commi I swear a politician can propose some wild shit that wont stick and use it to get reelected I love it this is not liberalism. How musk going to pay that? Hes 1 billion dollars in personal debt lol It's never 'one-time.' Would be funny if it was a joke but apparently he’s serious? No! Stop these communists from ruining our lives.

Yeah good luck on that one. Go back to VT. No. Elon doesn't have the cash.. He has shares that are worth alot that he can't/won't touch and 1 billion of debt against the shares. He doesn't have both the shares and the money.. I have no problem taxing rich ppl but 'fining them' for not breaking any laws? I asked Senator earlier, why was Wal-Mart ALLOWED to sell 'non-essential' stuff (say a TV) while BestBuy was closed? Not Walmart's FAULT - it was govt's for ALLOWING it. Should Amazon have CLOSED?

Forget the formalities let me just take yo shit lol 😂 No. I'm no friend of the rich but wouldn't this just drive them away? Yeah, because the government is going to do such a better job with the money than them. STFU Bernie!! Yep they will be voting for Trump. Amazon needs to pay How is it that many lifelong (public servant) politicians are millionaires?

So punish them because they have money? Shouldn’t we want people to succeed? Great idea Bernie! You are really showing your age and your lack of care for long term change in this country. If you really want to make real changes have the billionaries give up 60% of their wealth to train people how to eat healthy, learn new job skils, and get off welfare!

I believe Senate, Congress & State governors should serve a 4 year term, like the President. After 2 terms, they are done. They should focus on fixing corporate tax loopholes so that tech companies pay an effective tax of more than 0-5%. I am all for increasing the tax on billionaires. But this one seems foolish - Elon's wealth tripled because $TSLA tripled, and is mostly UNREALIZED gains. If next year the stock goes back to $500, and Elon is $40B poorer, will IRS give back the $27B tax money

Government spending of taxes!!🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤣🤦‍♂️ What a total psycho. “One time” my ass. If they ever succeeded in this, which they won’t, it would be in the playbook forever. Bernie is a disgrace to the human race That's a shit load of property to steal all at once. I’ll never understand this assault on the super rich. They’ve created jobs for millions and without them, the economy flatlines. Just because you’re jealous of the accumulated wealth, doesn’t mean they should be penalized for it.

Seems constitutionally dubious. Valuation of partnership interests, land, and other assets would be tied up in court for years. Horrible idea that wouldn’t fix inequality issues or solve deficit. noahsurvived MacKenzie Bezos only got $38 billion from Jeff in her divorce, and she had to sleep with him for twenty-five years. If Bernie wants $42 bil from Bezos he’s going to have to bed him for at least three decades.

WHAT WOULD IT COST THIS CRACKHEAD? I guess he would be exempt!! A man who has no idea how stock ownership works Why does this goon get to tell anyone what to do? Never started a business, never ran a business, never created a job. Rightttttt.... a 'one-time' tax my ass.... While he's at it, he should have the government confiscate two of his three houses.

Bernie consistently fails to understand stock appreciation. They didn't 'make' money during the crisis. The stock they've long held in companies that they personally founded is worth more than it was in March. It's also playing the results-- they lost billions b4 making it back How about this one time cut all government spending by 30 percent. Stop funding “feel good” things and get back to the primary roles of government. That would work a lot better.

LOL and then they’d beg the rich to come back and be rich again. Also known as wealth confiscation. Bernie is a true Marxist. Shit! That’ll only leave Bezos with around $150 billion. You can’t expect the man to be able to live off of that. That would be completely unworkable. The valuation is based on stock prices. If Bezos and Musk had to sell ALL their stock the market wouldn't be able to absorb such a sale. They might forgo the stock to the IRS, but then the IRS would have to sell it. This is stupid thinking.

If these billionaires haven’t established offshore domiciles yet, they’d better start soon. Let Bernie and his communist friends pay more taxes. Will Bernie give up two of his three houses? Unrealized gains though. Won’t be one time. Won’t stay at 60% He measured from the bottom of the market to form up with his figures. If he had his way, losses won’t reduce your tax liability.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF? LMAO Is Brilliant Bernie thinking again? We all are responsible for voting 🗳 incompetence year over year. So when the collapse finally comes its on you, own it!!! Kiss him or her goodbye and know only you could have elected the uncool, bow tie, financially responsible candidate.

I’m from Canada and we are VERY NICE ok? Bernie is a COMPLETE Imbecile if this proposal was in fact REAL !!! Thank God he’s no where NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE 😳😖😳 elonmusk Teslarati Tesla I like Bernie in general,but 1) that's insane 2) they didn't make that much...so they'd have to liquidate shares to pay the tax? Bonkers

The government is doing so well at managing the country's money...lets give more! Yeah tax them til they have to sell their factories and other assets just to pay the tax man good idea That’s great if they had that kind of cash. But what’s happening realistically with a tax like this is a force sale of their company shares. Unpatriotic

crazybernie and his radical socialist ideas!! This is a “theft” tax pretty much. What a piece of work this BernieSanders guy. This is only a preview, so vote for realDonaldTrump chinajoe sleazyjoe So when these billionaires all the sudden have to dump tens of billions of dollars in stock to pay the tax and those of us invested suffer the loss. 60%?

Works for me! Why is that different than those in Congress making millions as Senators and Reps off of the USA stock market? How much is Pelosi, Obama and you worth now Bernie, you Socialist As an addict, I can assure you, there is never 'one time' So They would sell their stock and someone has to buy.. so an equivalent amount of cash gets removed from the economy...

People who support this bill have no idea how the stock market works. I like Bernie but this is ridiculous. And this is why nobody wanted Bernie.. Boy, if fossils could talk. Oh, guess they do! That's called stealing, Bernie. Nothing with the government is “one time”. Once we give them the power to do anything they will try to do it over and over again.

Are we turning into communism just because Bernie thinks of these crazy ideas? Why don't we just tax them in the 1st place with a Vat transactional tax since they can get around our tax laws and not pay taxes. Also VAT transaction tax on trades made over a certain amount so we can tax the 1% and all their trades.

What about Powell? SenSanders needs education on unrealized gains. I got a better idea. How about they try to get the interest on the national debt down to zero. Bernie is propped up there to divert attention from bad spending, taking pressure off the people who decide where the money goes. Can't fix bad spending by taxing people.

friendsrule13 Ok..this works!! Bernie 'Debs' Sanders is a millionaire socialist. 3 homes and worth 2 M. Hypocritical, no? The largest wealth transfer already happened and it was a lot more than 42 billion and nobody noticed. Nobody cares. Keep shopping 🛒 What a buffoon. Yup. One time, this time. Then one time, next time too. SMH

Under capitalism it’s normal to let children go hungry, let banks force people out of their home, let sick people die for lack of access to healthcare, but the idea that billionaires could be just less rich, not poor, not struggling, just less rich is considered radical. Bernie don’t forget the rest Apple, Warren Buffett, all the hedge funds, Vote for Biden tax plan everyone will pay

Here is the man that should had been our pick this coming November. This is why democrats are against Bernie. He will tax the wealthy. Saying things like this prey on the ignorant and uninformed! A one time tax? So just taking money arbitrarily Absurd!! Hey give us your money! Taxation is ridiculous as it is but this is baffling.

This communist clearly does not understand capitalism Doesn’t this IDIOT Bernie do any work for a living other than LEACHING other people who work hard to make a living? “One-time tax” Socialism is jealousy codified. They already paid their taxes. Make their corporations pay the taxes - not the people. Quit pushing through blanket corporate welfare programs and you won’t have this issue. But going after billionaires that earned their money is just theft.

How about a 60 % tax on Senators and Congressman's assets and income Bernie? Taxing unrealized gains in stocks? So because these stocks went up during the pandemic, the government is taking a chunk of their company from them? Fix capital gains taxes, estate taxes, and gift taxes. Make it hard to realize ridiculous gains and keep generational wealth.

Just go freaking rob them.... They can write it off Excelent Idea of 1950... Sanders proposes stealing because he and others have failed to do their jobs. BestButterCup What an insane proposal. Lol these guys are trying to run these guys out of the country What are you going to buy with $70 billion exactly? Federal budget deficit is above $2,700 billion this year alone. LMAO, learn math Bernie, you're embarrassing.

He’s the moderate. The rest of them will propose 100% confiscation. Don’t these idiots realize under communism there will always be elites? The only difference is there will be a total blackout of what they own and what crimes they commit. Sounds like robbery to me. Then how often do they do this? 🕊️ Okkkkkk

Good luck with that Bernie is going to cost Biden the election. This is a joke right? I’m speechless with this absurd this is. If so, what would you do with it. It seems a lots of loose money moving around with our politicians? I’m in favor of a 95% tax on books sales of politicians who become millionaires

✈️ A drop in the proverbial bucket for both those guys. Net Worth Bezos 185 billion Musk 70 billion Uh Did when u stop printing money I invent a thing or organiz thinking on a subject an yuo tax me kuz I scrapped cash into a pile grant not included ... Yuo can’t even make money or see value only take we tax and we cant be military nation Who u pay the interns at White House

The Federal Reserve won't like this How much would Trump have to pay. Nothing because he only borrows or steals money . He is a man of straw. Bernie has no clue how markets work. This money that they have is coming from the action of the FED and his puppet Powell who undermining the futures of many generations.

And watch them leave the country so they can never do it again. Why doesn’t he just register as a communist? Cool. Give me at least $100M of it after taxes direct deposit ACH Just confiscate their companies and have all the revenue go to the Treasury. Pay their fair share Tell Biden I call on all my followers to avoid voting for any Democrats. I’ve worked my fucking ass off and they are coming after all of us next. Enough is enough. By the way I will NEVER vote for another Republican in my lifetime.

Dumb Taxation is theft Up He can propose anything he wants. So, we're officially eating the rich? Hurting Musk is a mistake, because he's trying to help us get to space. Will Sanders suffer from Clintonitis in the near future? Ok so flood the market with shares and crater retail investor assets. This would likely hurt mid and short term retail investors, i.e., Americans that've spent their own cash on stock and otherwise have day-jobs and contribute to the tax base already.

And crazy Bernie donates 2 of his 3 houses to the poor 🤣🤣🤣 I love it but it will never pass. This would return some of the $2 trillion GOPTaxScam money taken from the US Treasury by SenateRepublicans for the super rich. I’ll be trippin if I was bezos like what you mean this not rent or payments They went online and wanted that I’m not making you or forcing you to buy anything

I expect bernie to sell one of his three homes to help the state.🤔 How much will it cost Oprah? More like a confiscation than a “tax” if we’re being honest Wow. Bernie fixing his pay cut by taxing billionaire.😂 I refuse to believe he's this much of a fucking idiot. So he's either pandering to his base and knows full well this would never happen or he's genuinely ignorant of how the stock market works.

BernieSanders So we're slowly becoming a socialist country? I don't get why you are punishing the rich. Most of them have the majority of their wealth in stocks/shares. They're unrealized gains. Don't look for easy way out simply b/c you/gov't can't figure out a better solution. Now do the non-tech billionaires on both sides of the party affiliation spectrum

Trump once proposed a massive one-time tax on the rich to pay down the national debt. This is what I think of Bernie... Dumb. Oh, elonmusk would shit a cyber brick :) That would pay for unemployment benefits for millions of people. Yeah, but it's just this once. Why is there a push to tax unrealized gains? What is wrong with taxing gains when realized and the cash is received. This is like taxing homowners for the increase in the value of their home before they sell it. For most this would mean selling the home to pay the tax.

Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! BernieSanders isn't smart enough to understand how bad this hurts the middle class through their 401k's , this is a terrible idea and would crush $spy . This is why u can't vote for JoeBiden if u are aN investor as the far left has too much influence over him , insanity

Bernie the Bozo Hes an absolute lunatic Elon is an American hero and has made life better for the world. Bernie should retire. Someone grab this delusional senior citizen and return them to their nursing home thank you It’s just additional theft one time, come on everyone. 😄😂🤣😅 Yeah right player Bezos is going to move to Mars lol

And they would relocate to another country the day this is announced. 😂😂 I wonder how much of his own millions would be taxed..🤔 This guy is a nut Go Trump Bernie is still alive who knew 💭 Everyone knows this won't happen, including Bernie, but I love that Bernie is saying it. The rich have refused to pay taxes since 1980 and it's about time they become patriotic citizens again. Political pressure ladies and gentleman. TaxTheRich

Don't care because just like the stimulus and denied SSI benefits...I won't see a dime...moving along. Ha, will never happen. get that foot in the door...never to close again... So stealing with the threat of violence, par for the socialists. Seems well thought out..... So 467 individuals in the US added a total of $731 billion to their wallet in the last 4 and half month. Come to think of it, there are prolly only less than 10 countries on the face of planet thats got more economic output in the same span. Insane

Make it until July 31 otherwise the market will mysteriously dive in December. Bernie trying to steal from a working man... Yes, steal from the wealthy, that will fix everything. Oh wait, what happens when we run out of wealthy people to steal from?🤔 Tax should be on the CCP Hiroshima 150K Dead Nagasaki 75K Dead And the world must never forget: CCPVirus 710K dead 19M wounded! WarRoomPandemic HoldTheCCPAccountable

Here's the thing... The smartest lawyers and accountants are in the private sector, not on Capitol Hill. Before this proposed haircut can get out of committee, the presumed targets will have their assets brilliantly and legally protected. I'm extremely disappointed in Bernie.... Populist idiot. One time? Tell us another one.

JeffBezos and elonmusk on the mud Sounds like a far left Democrat. Always trying to take other peoples money that they couldn’t make. Well the Democrats cast him aside in a rigged election for Biden so who cares anymore? don't be dumb., look how many jobs they've created. be fair or get out of government.

He's got that much in his couch cushions. This is why he did not get the Democratic nomination. One time. I promise. Just one time. Stfu BernieSanders and go catch Covid or something. I’m a massive Trump hater and hater of all things Trumpism but Sanders is just as extreme in his own way. Whatever happened to moderation being the wisest path?

Kill the Successful! Pocket change 😂 Bernie is either ignorant or just doesn’t care. Symbolism over substance. This wouldn’t help anyone from any income level. Plus, it wouldn’t retire 1% of the national debt. Does Bernie understand the impact of forcing simultaneous multi-billion dollar sell orders in every major company? Is this man out of his mind ?

Like most of Bernie's ideas, he didn't think it all the way through. the mass stock sales required to do this would drive the entire market lower, hurting nearly everyone in one way or another. Go fix 'estate tax' and other loopholes that truly could make a lasting difference. Lol. Marxist economics fail every time

I propose we sue China for this virus! So many people have lost their business, loved ones, and most of use have been put in a bind! ChinaLiedPeopleDied This is the equivalent of taxing someone a third of the value of the house they live in because it inflated in value. Bezos owns 170bil in stock, doesn't have cash or income lying around to be taxed

After that, shoot the head of those who have two cows. Not a bad idea but it wouldn't even begin to put a dent in the Trillions our gov needs. Democrats love spending other people's money Tax the greed Bernie Already exist, it is called theft. Not only is it unconstitutional, this plan is also moronic. Can't force people to sell assets (stocks, real estate, etc.) to pay a 'wealth tax'. Tried in Europe and never worked. Capital just flows out of the country and only hurts the country even more. Bernie economics 🤦‍♂️

So you can waste it on the green new deal. Bezos and Elon Musk have created great companies providing thousands of jobs. Why don’t you retire & live in the PRC. See what they do to you if you speak out against the CCP! Everyone gets a Trophy Bernie hates people who make more money than him. How many Homes does he own? How much has he made writing books about communism & socialism?

That would absolutely annihilate the stock price. AMZN and the like underpin the IRAs of millions of Americans. So in conclusion, lol. Seems Reasonable! 😳🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 In other words make private citizens pay for the governments incompetence. Why not just get the Fed to print some more money?

That’s great Bernie! Let’s punish hard working people so that you can put a band aid on the financial fuck up you and your cronies created over the last 35 years! You’re the poster child for term limits! Hurry up and retire! How about the Chinese? Tax them the same 60% since they created the pandemic, that’s $900 Billion. Back to Bezos & Co, they would have to cash in their stocks in order to pay the tax. How much would the gain being taxed go down by when that happens?

What a retard

Sen. Tim Kaine ties sexism to 'ambition' criticism of potential VP contendersSen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's 2016 running mate, reflected on the vice presidential vetting process in an interview with ABC News' 'Powerhouse Politics ' podcast, and discussed how the women on former Vice President Joe Biden's shortlist may be feeling ahead of his pick. The Lol

Sen. Tim Kaine ties sexism to 'ambition' criticism of potential VP contendersSen. Tim Kaine reflects on the vice presidential vetting process in an interview with ABC News' 'Powerhouse Politics ' podcast, and discussed how the women on former Vice President Joe Biden's shortlist may be feeling ahead of his pick. 'Are you a junkie?' O'Biden If JoeBiden is as committed to black causes as he purports then why doesn't he step aside and ask the Democratic delegates to nominate a black leader as the party's presidential candidate? Selecting a black running mate is just pandering for votes. BlackLivesMatter

Sen. Lindsey Graham holds one-point lead in tight SC race for reelection, poll findsThe poll found Graham with a one-point lead in his quest for a fourth term, which is within the survey&39;s 4-point margin of error. How is he even in contention? What is wrong with SC? The swamp thing may be going down! What's up with the weird Hitler haircut?

Sen. Loeffler: WNBA Players’ Support For Election Opponent Is Proof Of 'Out Of Control Cancel Culture'Players on the WNBA team co-owned by Loeffler wore T-shirts supporting one of her Democratic opponents in an upcoming special election for her sear, Raphael Warnock. Oh man, they’re gonna influence all 8 people who watch the WNBA Didn't conservatives say they'd boycott the NFL over Kaepernick? nobody's watching anyways (especially women)

'Strike three, this President is out': Sen. Merkley on Trump leadershipSen. Merkley on coronavirus response: “The president is so disconnected from the reality on the streets of America.” “Strike one, strike two, strike three, this president is out of action in terms of national leadership while the nation is suffering.” Why arent talking bout this Usual bs from a do nothing he would be if you got SpeakerPelosi to introduce House bill to transfer 25th Amendment trigger from VP to bi-partisan group of Ds & Rs...and make SenateGOP defend 25th as is would you like to defend 25th as is Sen Merkley? neither do your R colleagues make them

Sen. Lindsey Graham holds one-point lead in tight SC race for reelection, poll findsJaime Harrison, the first African-American chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, has raised nearly $30 million, according to filings with the FEC, allowing him to improve his name recognition through massive ad buys. DUMP GRAHAM Bill Gates Gives to the Rich (Including Himself) via thenation Americans everywhere want Leningrad Lindsey OUT of the U.S. Senate. He is a lying, enabling, menace of the White House criminal and he is causing massive problems for Americans.