Sen. Rand Paul continues making unsubstantiated claims of 2020 election fraud

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Rand Paul appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

1/24/2021 6:25:00 PM

“This election was not stolen … there were no type of irregularities that would have changed the result in one state,” Chris Christie says, adding that Republicans making the claim are trying to score 'political points” with people Trump “lied to.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Rand Paul appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Alex Edelman/Pool via ReutersDays after President Joe Biden took office and the Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate, Sen. Rand Paul wouldn't say Sunday that the 2020 election wasn't stolen and called for an investigation of fraud without providing evidence.

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"Sen. Paul, let me begin with a threshold question for you. This election was not stolen, do you accept that fact?" ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Paul on"This Week."He responded,"The debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur, we never had any presentation in court where we actually looked at the evidence. Most of the cases were thrown out for lack of standing, which is a procedural way of not actually hearing the question."

When pressed by Stephanopoulos the lack of evidence behind his claims, Paul pushed back."There were lots of problems and there were secretaries of state, who illegally changed the law and that needs to be fixed, and I'm going to work harder to fix it and I will not be cowed by people say, 'oh, you're a liar,'" Paul told Stephanopoulos.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., responded to Paul's remarks in a separate interview on"This Week.""As I listened to Rand Paul, George, I just kept thinking, 'man, this is why Joe Biden won,'" she told Stephanopoulos."American people right now are struggling. They need pandemic relief," Klobuchar continued."I thoroughly believe that we can handle this impeachment trial and -- just as the American people are doing -- juggle what we need to get done."

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Rat Why would we believe anything you say? Yes we need more honest Republicans telling America they were lied to by Trump. Otherwise things will only get worse. Can we publish a social media 'event', This Sunday, 1/31/2021; giving Americans the opportunity to state publicly that they intend to Vote AGAINST senators who vote against impeachment?

. Who is the one lying? Who HAS been the one lying🤯 Better question WHY is main stream media protecting them? 🤔 genesimmons Pennsylvania judge had no right to allow late votes to be counted. Trump won this state but they new if they kept counting Biden would win. Christie you are dead wrong. Due to WorstPresidentEver selfserving ways has directly caused actual carnage. Are we all agreed on that? MAGA Are we clear? Crystal? BillKristol CNN TheLeadCNN TrumpLiedPeopleDied ImpeachmentTrial MAGAIsCancelled ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump ConvictAndDisqualify

FACTS, TRUTH All Christie doing is trying to earn points with anti Trump republicans. He would be worst than Trump as a president. He thinks he s a bully. 🐍 Standing up for democracy. It’s never too late 👊🏽 Mr. Christie, I was a fan of yours, however you lost your way. You have shamed those of us who believed in you. True colors really surfaced, yet you backed groups who burned pillaged, stole,beat, even killed people who backed a Pres. who wanted America to be great. TURNCOAT

CoolZed68 Chrissy-boi needs to go sit in the corner with his thumb in a Christmas pie and STFO. Nothing to see here GovChristie claimed on your media without rebuttal that “there are bad people on both side” the reverse of Trump good people on both sides in response to a Jewish person almost in tears with remarks of 6M Jews killed not enough shame on Gov.

Too late, Chris. You should have spoken out LOOOOONG before this! how is Chris Christie a voice of reason Never though seeing ChrisChristie going up against Trump. If there was one thing that Kushners did correctly, it was alienating Christie enough so that he would finally find his true self at long last. Still, People like Christie do need to make amends for that by speaking up.

THE REAL REASON TRUMP TWITTER ACCOUNT DELETED!!! proof of election fraud: Trump followers: 80 million Biden followers: 26 million What's wrong with this picture? Fat a$$ sucking balls. genesimmons Yeah right 😄😄. Day 1 they wanted him out. Chris Christie is just NOW saying this? Where was he when the White House was being terrorized by Trumps goons?..

Absolutely agree! Intelligent citizens knew that the election 'was stolen' was the worst FAKE NEWS of all. I am so happy that the American People DUMPED TRUMP!!!!! Duh gtconway3d Uh wasn’t this chameleon in on the lies from time to time? He’s right, but this doesn’t change the fact that he was one of trump’s chief enablers.

It doesn’t matter if it would have changed the outcome. It’s illegal and even Ray Charles can see the fraud RINO He should hook up with Pritzer and start a tag team Sumo wrestling league. Christie isn’t trying to stand up for the truth, he is trying to make sure that he has lucrative gigs on network news broadcasts for the indefinite future

And you're not trying to score political points? Finally 'Out Of The Darkness' and 'Into The Light', better late than never. Lol. From the Enabler in Chief gtconway3d Shameful that they still holding their jobs in congress and senate . Accountability must be served . Fake news with a fake Republican Sensible words from Republican Chris Christie. Let`s hope there are many of them so they can make America normal again to the best for their Party and people`s future.

parlertakes I saw RandPaul with GStephanopoulos refuse to say the election wasn't stolen Na i vodhet me pabesi. We're all just supposed to assume that Chris Christie is definitely not full of shit this time and is definitely speaking from the heart just because it's something we want to be true? gtconway3d Christi looks like you still have your soul

KNOW sickness of hearing that Biden and Harris stealing ELECT come on get over it and get along with life dearly are we going to hear it for 365 more days to new year 2022 2023 DON'T BELIEVE the NEGATIVE BITCOIN news that has been coming out! 🙉🙈 The Biden administration looks to be BITCOIN FRIENDLY in the stock exchange. Huge investment companies are manipulating the news to keep the prices low till they can invest; ie Guggenheim, Blackrock, Valkyrie!

You know it's bad when Christie is the honourable party member.. parlertakes GOP “reform” amounts to more voter suppression and less paper ballots that are hand counted. But yeah, at least he’s calling out the cultists’ BigLie. All the people saying the ELECTION was not stolen ate liers. gtconway3d Thank You. We need more conservatives to speak the truth, their the only people that can break thru to their voters.

Fatso is a rat 🐀 You're telling me that there was not a single invalid vote... after 150,000,000 voted by mail? So the Democrat Party was lying when they suggested Russia was interfering in the Election? I find that impossible. Nancy Pelosi wouldn't lie. Christie had no credibility. A year ago , he was waiting in line with Graham to suck off Trump and now jumping ship. We have an election DAY not months and mail in ballets are to easy to manipulate encouraging fraud

kenjeong Never forget that it was Kris Krispy’s idea to have Trump act like a manic during the first debate, in an attempt to throw Biden off. Never mind that it made us an absolute laughingstock to the rest of the world. gtconway3d Monologue: Bye, Propecia! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) via YouTube

gtconway3d SenTedCruz SenHawleyPress HawleyMO SenateGOP GOP_Ethics GOPLeader newtgingrich AZGOP I believe he is addressing you. Ok. Still glad to see dementors have started on him for normalizing donald early on I remember late January 2016 when Rubio had some momentum and a soon-to-drop-out GovChristie played assassin on a debate stage in NH.

gtconway3d Look who’s running for prez in 2024. RehabilitationTourBegins Just another swamp rino that is ticked off because Trump didn’t select him for attorney general.. gtconway3d Republican party needs to stamp trump and his followers out. Making them unimportant and an irrelevant fringe. Otherwise the whole of republican party is doomed.

His video background includes everything but a cutout for his face? Where he at fr such that you can’t show anything but his head? 😂 gtconway3d ... GovChristie There is no redemption for you Everyone knew what trump is and would be You supported him You fanned the embers of his burning evil desire You did it seeking political and personal advantage Blood of this nation is on your hands .

gtconway3d ChrisChristie - have you alerted the trump worshippers? Maybe you can get through? RESlST45 Wow! GovChristie! Looking great! Guess you lost enough weight to see that you have balls! Chris Christie and George Stephanopoulos must be good turncoat buddies. gtconway3d RandPaul is this one of those partisan Democrats you're talking about?

gtconway3d Christie distinguishes himself in the growing field of wanna-be GOP 2024 presidential hopefuls by telling the truth about his rivals. Possible inference is that Christie's vote detector/crystal ball indicates that Trump supporters will fade by 2024. Right! Let us see his results if he runs. Maybe that will tell the real story

gtconway3d A Republican attempting to act “responsibly” by speaking out two months after the election and 4 days after the WH changed hands...... gtconway3d Little too late, ChrisChristie gtconway3d Glad the covid scared the sycophant out of GovChristie I don’t understand how Christie became part of ABC after he was a serious Trompeteer in the beginning of the Trump Regime. I personally don’t trust this man.

gtconway3d I wish George would have asked RandPaul that when he was going on about election irregularities. Ask Rand Paul if he’s going on about false election irregularities to keep tRump voters around. That’s is what they are all doing. Just playing with voters who believe the sh!t. gtconway3d GovChristie Thank you!

Of course it’s shameful. gtconway3d Timely retweet, George. 🤷‍♂️ gtconway3d GovChristie Thank you for having some integrity! I remember an incident about a fat piece of lard sitting at a closed beach ... 🤔 Next your gonna try and convince me he’s The Wizard Of Oz Too late ChrisChristie Thank you GovChristie

It's odd they're not questioning election results in the states that T**** won. Mere Protector of Rigged Election Yes it was stolen Chris! ChrisChristie 'Tales From the BurnSide' thank you for standing against the Wind for what is right. It's amazing how people still want to pander to a liar that turned on his own Vice President to be Assassinated to get his way. To have the same done to Nancy Pelosi,

I believe your lying. I have witnessed your media fabrications firsthand. Please don't insult my intelligence. Chris Christie can’t win his home state. Never forget that. He left office with the lowest approval rating of any governor in New Jersey history. Oh, and the county in which he lives voted for Joe Biden.

🖕🏾 BBirgist It's not over until the fat guys sings. Was he paid in Cheetohs for this video? Are you on some biden crack rock or do you like him sniffing you Says the pillar of political virtue from the most corrupt state in the nation. Fess up Oreo Man, you were right behind Trump coattails when visions of AG danced in your head. Now you’re angling for a new role in Republican politics. Won’t work dude. Bridgegate burned you.

Do I go STRAIGHT to hell for liking a tweet from ChrisChristie or is there some form of purgatory waiting room first? Lmao, we're supposed to believe this clown who New Jersey ranks as their worst governor ever. That's so funny. Hey Christie, have a seat at the beach. CO VID COVER election rule changes. Rules were changed for this election. Did they already line your pockets Christie? If you are doing this because you want to be president in 2024 dont worry no one will vote for you anyway.

Biden has 25 million Twitter followers, not buying it.. 🙄🙄🙄 Thank you for making a stand for truth.. Looking good Chris looks like you are taking care of you..good deal GO TAKE STACY ABRUMS OUT AND GET A COUPLE BAGS OF CHEESEBURGERS !!! I'm sure Trump will have no problem with Christie's comment. Lord knows Trump never gets angry about such things. GodHelpUsAll GodsWillBeDone ItIsWhatItIs

ABC is desperate for fake news. Chris Christie is ignorant if he thinks there was no fraud. Still there waiting. No swamp. You didn't raise your voice. American people see it. Republican voters see it. When there were brave men/women coming forward who job, life they knew would be screwed. You stayed mum. Now it's even more disgrace you double down on 75 million people.

Ask him about hunters laptop phxlifestyles I had to turn it off during the argument with that loony senator. Why do you guys put up with that stuff? Chris Christie enabled Trump's worst behaviors right from the very beginning. He knew what he was capable of and continued to support him. Birds of a feather. He was the worst Governor in NJ history and he is a horrible human being. Shame on you for to giving him airtime.

Thanks Chris. Better later than never. Glad to see you came to your senses. nebraskaredrose Why is lied in quotes? HE LIED TO EVERYONE. OVER AND OVER. AND OVER. Uh oh, CC is going to be the enemy of the people. 😁 Why does Chris Christie look fried? He looks like a ghoul in a silent film. He help spread these lies so he needs to shut himself up.

Thank you for speaking your truth! Trump scares me, we are being overtaken by a thug and bully. Kissing ass I guess it took the trump plague to get GovChristie lips off of trump’s ass. Own by China you traitor, change parties please We all saw Trumps Base on January 7 not enough to win elections. Guess who wants to run for 2024...

Christie is only saying this because he was already cast aside by Trump. He was more than happy to play along with all his misdoings and whatnot until Trump threw him away like the TRASH that he is. Go eat another sandwich. Absolutely. X I never thought I’d agree with Chris Christie but never forget who he is and what he was. He is responsible for what we went through.

Why is he all about democrats now? He sways whichever the wind blows. never liked the fat fuck , even when in NJ he ruined it. The dufas we have not is better but almost neck to neck. Chris has about as much credibility as a bank robber telling you nothing is wrong while he stuffs his bag with cash. Well done ABC — that’s really a scoop.

There should be a legal investigation don't you think? like the accusations on the Russia Collusion? Fair enough right? Obamagate Even tho Christie is narcissistic like Trump, he is not as dangerous. I applaud him for his honesty in this segment. He comes across as a mix of the worst (Cruz & Hawley) & the best (Kasick & Hogan) that the Republicans have to offer. Maybe he’ll be their guy in 2024.

GovChristie we see you and we know who you are: you jumped off the trump train right before it went off the tracks. No redemption. GOPHypocrisy GOPTraitors crookedjoe chrissupportstraitors offtogitmoforthem riggedelection bananarepublic weallknow wearntstupid riggedelections outvotesdontmeananything

STOP the LIES the only steal was attempted by DJT🤥💩 1st by bogus law suits then pressuring state legislators, then begging the GA Secretary of State to commit felony vote tampering, followed by threats to GOP congressmen senators & Pence to block certification then insurrection Despite the fact that Trump lost 61 lawsuits claiming election fraud Republicans like SenRonJohnson Rand Paul and GOPLeader continue to push the big lie that the election was stolen.

Dude focus on your weight. Seriously, it should be priority number 1. Wtf. Kris_Sacrebleu enlightenedrog1 Too late. Bye fat boy. You’re going Dow with this ship When I linked into twitter today and saw Chris Christie trending, my mind thought, 'Okay, maybe today there's something sane coming out of a trending Republican. Christie makes sense sometimes'. Props to Christie for doing the right thing.

GStephanopoulos, inviting people on your show who you KNOW are going to lie is the opposite of being FairAndBalanced. Your JOB is to surface TRUTH, not give equal time to liars and seditionists. DoYourJob SeditionHasConsequences TruthMatters ThisWeekABC You’re a liar Here we go with another one trying to turn the page on his behavior. This man was involved. He’s not innocent.

حاكموا_الانقلاب Saying it on abc isn’t gonna cut it GovChristie. Get on fox and tell the people that need to hear it Thanks ABC for letting rand spew the lies again today Another turncoat madflavor your favorite politician Forgive us for thinking that you would say that to down play two pronged if you did admit it would futher degrade our trust in the democratic process second the reactions to thoughs actions could be ugly for everyone . And you would lose positions of power ethier way 🤟😉

So incredibly brave of you. Where were you in Nov? Dec? How does he know? Suddenly he’s an authority on this. He has zero credibility. Lmao there wasn’t an investigation into the fraud. Why was that? Why is Arizona trying to not audit their votes? More bs Christie is being honest. Pres Biden won fair and square. Democrats legally outmaneuvered the Republicans with absentee ballots. I'm still Republican.

ChrisChristie sir you had your chance during the four years to speak out about Trump and to denounce his actions, but you stood by him and defended him like the rest of the gop. Your actions in the last two months and weeks do not erase the past. Your ship sailed with Trump. Exactly!!! GovChristie is a Rino we see him and 75m will never vote 4 him . Those who believes the election was not stolen - should be behind a complete audit of ballots matching voter records and signatures. Not fighting censuring. LaraLeaTrump DonaldJTrump

It was stolen when trump won, Pelosi tweeted that verbatim Discussions will return with Iran, and Huawei will return to Souq He's trying to remain relevant. It's not working.