Sen. McConnell Says Americans Must Have 'No Stigma' In Wearing Face Masks

Sen. McConnell Says Americans Must Have 'No Stigma' In Wearing Face Masks

6/30/2020 1:22:00 AM

Sen. McConnell Says Americans Must Have 'No Stigma' In Wearing Face Masks

The leading Republican in the Senate was the latest in the party to break with President Trump and urge Americans to wear masks to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Imagestoggle captionBloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walks back to his office after delivering opening remarks at the U.S Capitol on Wednesday.Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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A growing number of leading Republicans are publicly embracing expert-recommended face masks as a means to slowing the spread of the deadly coronavirus, in the wake of more than 125,000 Americans killed by the virus.In recent months, the topic of wearing masks has become politically divisive, despite official health guidance that they are one of the best defenses to restricting the spread of the deadly respiratory disease, COVID-19, from one person to another.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell endorsed wearing face masks as part of a"new middle ground" between a return to normal life and strict coronavirus restrictions. Experts have said they are effective in slowing the spread of the virus but mandates have been criticized by some Republicans as economically damaging and an affront to American ideals of freedom.

"We need new routines, new rhythms and new strategies for this new middle ground in between. It's the task of each family, each small business, each employer and all levels of government to apply common sense and make this happen," McConnell said.

"We must have no stigma, none, about wearing masks when we leave our homes and come near other people. Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting ourselves. It is about protecting everyone we encounter." Read more: NPR Health News »

Lol these idiots need a late pass . So they ignore all scientific data that was given to them months ago . And now , 100k plus dead , they want to wear a mask lol I smell a tough campaign looming for Moscow Mitch. This statement is purely for self preservation come election time. A bit late. Your base thinks the virus is a conspiracy.

Too Late! Vote him out this Country needs needs new people to move us forward Ass Oh now its OK to wear masks. I thought they made you look weak...... Or is this just a re- election ploy NEW MIDDLE GROUND!!! Why in this screwed up world that you helped make would you decide a mask is a good thing. Wake up! Make it mandatory for all states. Do something good!

Just a comment here. The size of the virus is 0.02 microns. The best N95 mask will only stop viruses 0.2 microns and bigger. If the N95 mask won't stop the virus from spreading, no cloth mask is going to do it. Mitch ‘the bitch’ McConnell needs a healthy exposure to COVID-19 senatemajldr So, the SUPREME HYPOCRITE suggests wearing masks? We all know this is not because this soulless piece of shit cares about others. It's all about money and power! It's difficult to swallow anything he says. After all, his leadership has contributed to much suffering!

A little late, like Pence. Too little too late Mitch. A little late, Mitch. Anything for a photo opportunity. Actor boy Finally he gets one thing right. Really!! & this is new news? 4 months into this nightmare and now this is news? MoscowMitch is a disgrace. about time...or a day late and a dollar short...

So after he realized he might loose to a woman? The only people who are worried about being stigmatized for wearing face masks are Trump supporters, who would only be stigmatized by other Trump supporters. Get over yourselves & do the right thing. We’re quickly approaching WorstCaseScenario . MaskUp COVIDー19 coronavirus

A MASK is like DEODORANT; you don’t wear it for yourself. On your average day, I don't agree with Mitch McConnell... but this is the type leadership I wish we could see more of. Masks are not a partisan issue! its news when an ignorant racist repeats what medical experts have been saying for 6 months during a health crisis... but yes what elected this corrupt pathetic racist must be told by their exact reflection, what elected this turns my stomach

The turtle is only endorsing masks out of fear and pandering to the middle ground. Stay focused America and vote with science and common sense. Too little, too late. 2L2L Finally, too little too late in my opinion but what a if only Trump would wear one to unify the country!!! The GOP is full of evil people, but they’re not stupid people. They see the polls. They know they’re on a sinking ship.

the stigma he and his party helped to promote? Five months too late Mitch ! You know things are going bad when a wizard takes his hood off and puts on a mask to blend in. Read that again, and let it sink in, ‘Murica. McConnell just threw in the towel and declared mask-wearing the new normal because our economy and rich class won’t survive 4-6 weeks of actual lockdown. What is he not telling you about the fragile foundation of our economy?

He's 129,000+ dead Americans too late. Middle ground? What a great idea! Go Mitch! You are a smart mad! God bless yo FuckMitch it is not a 'new middle ground'.... ... senatemajldr IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION AND HE KNOWS A MARINE FIGHTER PILOT IS HARD ON HIS ASS!!! Time to crash-n-burn, MoscowMitch. It took him 3 months!

He needs a second one as a girdle for his neck. Shut up mouthpiece for the democrats Because he’s finished stacking the federal judgeships, he can now dump Trump his job is done Gee now only if the president would act like a president... Political. Not because they suddenly know science. Now wearing masks is way to rewrite the narrarive for Nov. to mask their failures.

Oh hi science! Turns out you’re not political at all. You’re just science. MoscowMitch is also a little late for Kentucky citizens. “Middle ground.” After 125k people have died, you’re acknowledging there might now be “middle ground” concerning this? What a imbecile... The toothpaste is already out of the tube. But nice try moscowmitch

senatemajldr Wearing a mask is not middle ground. Wearing a mask is logical and rational. Not wearing a mask is moronic. I will not compromise between moronic and logical. There is stigma in GOP still rallying around their POTUS who is not only a clear and present danger to this country, but a traitor. By silent association- they are, too. At least he is espousing masks. Which is no small thing.

The only reason they're changing their tune is because of this. McConnell has to make this statement every day for the next two months to drill it into peoples heads. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I think Mitch just figured out that he's more likeable when you can see less of his face. Way to join the club there, Mitch. It’s about time. 🙄

Finally doing the right thing after it is too late will not fool us or make us forget what a trecherous traitor and miserable coward McConnell is, was, andwill continue to be. Ass. Why did it take so damn long!!! We wouldn't be in this situation!!!!!🤬🤬🤬 What does that even mean? Kind of late to the conversation, Senate Majority Leader. We’ve had enough of you too.

So he ‘endorsed’ face masks after ignoring the best medical advice offered promoting their use for weeks? Let’s be real. He grudgingly agreed to take a stand different than trump when the pandemic reached red states. Whatever MoscowMitch Welp, I guess we know the breaking point for ol' senatemajldr. 100k+ dead and fear of another 100k by Nov 3. Hard to keep stuffing the pockets when AmyMcGrathKY takes over. TrumpResignNow MoscowMitchMustGo RepublicansforAmy

So now that Republican run states are getting hit .... FuckMitch I don’t get to say this often but thank you McConnellPress wearing a mask is literally the simplest thing we can do and since you’re in the high risk group, it’s an easy way to stay a little safer. MaskUp StayHealthy No Mitch, you don't need to wear a mask.

Wow. Middle ground? Masks should NOT have been a political statement in the first place! Thanks McConnell for encouraging your base of mouth breathers to finally cover their toxic mouths. Only took you months and an unreal amount of needless deaths. Good job 👍 When a leader doesn’t lead. The people already began without you because they listen to science.

So he finally figured out that we can’t successfully open the economy unless people start wearing masks. BREAKING: Turtle comes out of his shell. More likely because his party of sycophants is about to crushed in November after 4 months of pretending the virus was a hoax Welcome to the party MoscowMitchMcTreason you’re a little late and you are going to go down with the rest of your cronies in the TreasonousGOP

🙄 whatever a little to late fool he only does this because he thinks it’s to his political advantage. what does he see coming down the pike? senatemajldr WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump Why didn’t Mitch do this from the start? We really could've saved three months by adopting this approach sooner...SMH Weird. He’s acting like it’s an election year.

There was a stigma? This isn't like mental health where if you have major depression or panic attacks you are looked at as broken beyond repair (personal experience...). This is literally what the rest of us have been saying this whole time, Mitch: sure, let’s try and open things up, but we’ve all gotta wear masks to make it safer. A little late there, sir.

Oh thank goodness Mitch is on the case! he's a little late to the party... If there’s anything that could convert me to a maskless freedumb fighter, it’s this asshole telling me to wear one. (I’ll still wear one.) D, u H Wow he’s so brave!! Too bad the Turtle did not do this 2 months ago, when it could have prevented this current COVIDー19 debacle. Covidebacle

Wow! It's super cool that Mitch is four months too late. Clown Hack. FINALLY Something historical may be happening here..... damn cracker Tell POTUS that... Lol ok. Thanks for pitching in complicitmitch Hmm.... Do I detect the early stages of a schism between B*tch McConnell and Scrotus Maximus? *looks to sky for flying pigs*

Unfortunately, it appears that late isn't better than never, for those who selfishly put their freedom over public health, are taking their cues from tRump. Vote this asshole turtle out! Too little too late, frankly. Entirely a move out of self-interest and not any care for the rest of us. MoscowMitch, right?

About time but 'Too little, too late' Mitch. DitchMitch This MF realised time is running out First sensible thing I've ever heard you say. I am not a fan of his, but I'm so glad he said this. Don't believe this traitor. He's like Trump he wants your votes.. Ditch Mitch! Only took them 3.5 months and 125K deaths to figure this out.

To think, our government told us that masks wouldn’t protect us. Told us not to buy them. They manipulated us to control the supply and now people don’t believe them. Imagine that?!? He's about six months too late with that advice about wearing a mask . . . in the meantime, thousands have died senatemajldr can you tell that to the President.

Where were you in March, April, May and nearly all of June when the people need to hear from you? Nice going Moscow Mitch. Why did you listen to your worthless trump boss and send 130k Americans to their death? Please resign. Biden 2020. BLM. BMAGA. MLK. Daddy is going to give you demerits for this. He’s like a baby, parroting what he has heard everybody say! So disingenuous

Since when have you believed this, MoscowMitch ? Who is paying you now, covid drug companies? We all knew this truth long ago. ByeMitch Well what do you know! Too little too late. He is a horrible, horrible, horrible person. Sure Jan! MoscowMitchMcConnell Too late. MoscowMitch is only speaking up now cause he sees how badly the GOP is polling. He’s a traitor to his oath, this country and to his fellow Americans

Finally, agree! senatemajldr senatemajldr MoscowMitch MoscowMitchMcTreason Who is worse than this geezer Muppet? Like anyone will listen to him, everybody knows it's nothing but diarrhea that comes out of his mouth. He is a disgrace to America The shithead turtle man said that? A little late to the party bud. This leadership would have been great months ago and would have saved lives. Your silence to this point speaks louder than any of these words.

This really feels like the party prepping for Pence to be the nominee. They had him break w Trump on masks first, now MoscowMitch 'follows.' They'll pretend Pence has been a leader on the virus. When Trump sees them masked he should be very afraid. It’s about freaking time! But not his boss apparently?

Lets start with 'no stigma' of Asian Americans. As Obama purportedly said, “I don’t want a country in which the president of the United States is actively trying to promote anti-Asian sentiment and thinks it’s funny. I don’t want that. That still shocks and pisses me off.” F*ck Moscow Mitch and his newfound wisdom on protection from Covid-19. Why is NPR trying to normalize his actions by posting such a headline?

Mitch is trash. Anyone waiting around for his COVID-19 advice is also trash. I hate McConnell and I love this. Coup d'estat? The COVIDIOT is a little late with this announcement. It's like he got his judges approved and he doesn't need to please his fuhrer anymore. McTurtle finally caught up As the polls turn worse for Trump, the rats are leaving the ship.

MoscowMitch mask is really just his chins pulled up over his face COVID WearADamnMask Finally, but lives could have been saved if he woke sooner. Breath deep turtle boy McConnell, deep breaths I detest him but okay nice job. Better late than never. 😷👍🏼 Is he going to make a habit of making sense now or is this a one off?

Good for you, McConnell. But I still want to see you get the boot come Nov! Please wear a mask to save my career. . .then I can continue to try n take away your health care 😎 This is how we know we are fucked. (and the GOP recognizes it’s all their fault) McConnell and Pence were obviously given permission to promote masks at the same time. Further evidence that McConnell works for the WH.

He doesn’t have to wear a mask...he can just go back in his shell. I bet he tested positive Tell that to your boss Again too little too late Mitch. Too bad senatemajldr doesn't care about protecting the american people any other time. When McConnells on the right side of history Moscow Mitch, your words are worthless, you had your chance, step aside and let the professionals take care of this situation.

And I need to win my re-election.... senatemajldr , mandate masks before this July 4th free for all weekend. There virus isn't going anywhere, but you may be if you catch it. Little late MoscowMitch hopefully Kentucky will take to pills and vote you out. Jesus Mary and Joseph. Kentucky PLEASE vote this satanic crypt keeper out of office. For the love of all that is holy, we are counting on you.

It’s truly insane that Republicans seem to need permission to breathe. How did we get to a point where Americans willfully refuse to use common sense and reason, and instead allow THIS PARTY (which doesn’t care about people) to tell them what to do? The Russian bank must have stopped cashing his checks lol .

senatemajldr most of your trump base, except for the 1% who represents 99% of your real 'constituents,' won't understand 'stigma.' He needs his constituents to vote. Someone probably told him that many of his voters will be sick. As long as they can stand outside for 20 hours with shortness of breath and diarrhea will his blind followers will vote for him. 🤣

He’s hoping to get more votes by saying this ...don’t fall for it Kentucky.... Vote him out!! Too late Mitch ....😱 He’s done and he knows it. I guess better than never, but man.... senatemajldr thinks it's a 'stigma'? Maybe Trump and Pence should wear a mask too. Just saying. This should not be political. Science verifies that masks reduce the spread of the virus. Wear a mask everyone. Trump and Pence should lead instead of being privileged.

They let this go on for too long. Those GOP followers are just going to say it’s a plot of the deep state. 🙄 Now he talks. MoscowMitchMcConnell trying to fit in with normal people now? Sad Little late there, turtle I applaud Sen. McConnell to lead by example and verbally declare wearing face masks in the midst of a dangerous pandemic, so that we can all protect each other WeAreInThisTogether and eradicate it. We need more leadership on both sides of the aisle to speak such words.

Where've you been! Yeah, there's a Pandemic. And the President refuses to wear a mask! He even wants to take away healthcare coverage from poor people. Can you imagine? There are a few million Karens completely confused about this, now. Biden was weeks ahead of them. I guess the white people in his state started dying.

Mitch now afraid of fewer live voters in November? Mitch actually looks better with a mask! One of the best protections we can do as Americans is to vote him out! Thanks Lincoln Project! RealMenWearMasks Hahaha moscowmitch saw the writing on the wall regarding Trump. Evil Mitch will step on anybody for his gains.

Suspicious. What’s he up to? A little late to the party, Mitch. This is a scam. It is. Enjoy! FEAR EVERYTHING!!! The test are actually probably giving it to you. A nurse sent a brand new swab to a lab came back positive. They dont have accurate testing. Pass it along. Facts. Too little, too late. PATHETIC.

Mitch doesn’t give a shit about American lives. He’s advocating for masks because Goldman Sachs wants a mask mandate so the economy can recover. Uncontrollable viral spread is bad for business. Profit People is the GOP mantra. What say you, Mr. Drumpf? The only reason he makes the statement now is because he realizes he can die from COVID, it doesn’t care what you had for breakfast an old fool like mitch will die from it.

Something you could have said THREE MONTHS AGO. Well look who’s trying to save his job now... Empty gesture, too little too late Three months. It's taken them three months to start publicly saying what health experts have been saying all along. It took the deaths of 125,000 Americans, the decimation of our economy, and absolutely no progress in our fight against this pandemic for them to finally do it.

They care for other people even less than they care for themselves, that’s why the don’t wear masks and vote for people like Mitch McConnell. Kind of nice not seeing his despicable hag face What kind of America would it be today if he and his cronies said this back in March? What would the world be like today if they didn't enable an infant as President?

He's so courageous You are 4 months too late, It must be because so many people with physical proximity to the White House & Senate have been testing positive. When it’s HIS ass that’s on the line, masks matter. 6 months late bro Sigh..'It's not about protecting ourselves, it's about protecting everyone we encounter' smh... You have to know your audience Mitch, you just lost the room.

NPR! America knows the science behind the mask & social distancing, Mitch needs to speak to the President! The President’s new Racistican Party ONLY follows the President’s direction and without their compliance, the President’s execution of Herd Immunity on America continues! Lisajeanapple the thing is this. a mask DOES protect ourselves .... everyone says it like I'm doing a favor for other people it's my own well-being I usually think of first

Kool-aid can’t be undrank! Out of left field MaraLiasson Trump will be pissed that he said this. Sudden pseudo-interest in public welfare as their polls tank. He should have said this, like half a year ago Oh man. Like Constantine converting to Christianity in his deathbed! How could anyone possibly believe McConnell now?

Someone’s afraid of losing their seat to Booker4KY Too late. You are as guilty as your science denying boss. 🤨 And here we are about 4 months late Republicans have FINALLY shifted from “it’s a hoax Democrat fear mongering” to “oh shit, this real, ok guys I was playing before but now for real put the damn thing on please”

😆 We’ve know this since the start 😂😂😂 Sure Moscow Mitch. Your boss daddy has politicized it already. Too late.

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones on the passing of the last 16th Street Baptist Church bomber: 'Blanton's kind are moving and fading away'Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama to talk the recent death of Thomas Blanton, the last of the three Klansmen who bombed Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963. The church bombing marked a significant event in the early civil rights movement. The jack ass trump was right . America is number one. ONCE A GREAT COUNTRY LEADING THE WORLD. NOW WERE GARBAGE 👍 The Administration is only concerned about retaining power. Nothing else. How's your buddy you voted for, AG Barr doing?

'It would help' if Trump wore a mask, GOP health committee leader saysSenior Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander says he thinks it would 'help' if President Trump wore a mask because it would eliminate political stigma around doing so CNN fake new It’s too late for that. No duh

Q&A: Are Face Mask Requirements Legal?'State and local governments have really quite broad authority' to mandate the use of face masks during a pandemic, says the head of American University's Health Law and Policy Program, Lindsay Wiley. Many places nationwide have signs stating “no shoes, no shirt, no service.” Many restaurants require men to wear jackets & ties in the dining room. What’s the difference? There is no difference. Ponder carts.....seatbelts BWJones I’m sure The Police will do a great job policing mandatory masks and everything will be great.

Chase Rice Faces Backlash After Playing at Concert With Thousands of Fans Despite Coronavirus Concerns - E! OnlineChase Rice returned to the stage for a concert and is facing backlash after thousands of fans were seen not wearing face masks or practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic Yeah. That was really dumb! Who gives a shit? Really, NO ONE CARES! Never heard of him , but hope he gets sued for millions $$ when people end up with Covid

Another 'Karen' Has Grocery Store Meltdown Over Masks, Throws FoodA new 'Karen' has emerged at a grocery store in Dallas, and she ain't happy about having to wear a mask either. She had too many items for the express lane anyway Jesus Christ

Top Democrats Push For Nationwide Mask Mandate, Trump Pushes BackJoe Biden has said that if he's elected president in November, he will use federal power to require all Americans to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of coronavirus. What for? Biden is going to make us all wear masks? because of TrUMP we'll all HAVE to wear the masks. That's the big difference. One caused this scenario, one is protecting us from this catastrophe. US is 4.6% of the world pop. yet we have 25% of C19 virus deaths. Trump's denial, his cult's refusal to wear mask/stay home, and push to prematurely reopen is killing Americans by the thousands. Trump & cult are not just irresponsible, but a clear & present danger to our nation.